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JULY 2020

Military Situation In Syria’s Afrin Area On February 15, 2018 (Map Update)


The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and teh Free Syrian Army (FSA) have captured the villages of Qude and Durga from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Syrian area of Afrin, according to pro-Turksih sources. Despite the fierce resistance of the YPG, the TAF and the FSA steadily make gains in the area using their advantage in the firepower and manpower.

On February 15, the TAF’s general staff also released a statement saying that 1,528 ‘terrorists’ had been ‘neutralized’ since the start of Operation Olive Branch.

Military Situation In Syria's Afrin Area On February 15, 2018 (Map Update)

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  • Barba_Papa

    So the Turkish victory strategy seems to be to rely on brute force tactics, Jihadi cannonfodder and overwhelming firepower to defeat the YPG. I wonder what the YPG’s victory strategy is? Make the Turks bleed for every inch in the hope that they will give up? This will not be Kobani 2.0 though. The Americans will not come to their aid this time, and the Russians and SAA will only come if they submit to rule from Damascus. And certainly not if their Rojava brethren keep on annoying the SAA in Deir Ezzor province.

    • Behold a Pale Horse

      Putin is 25 chess moves ahead.

      • Barba_Papa

        I really hope so.

      • Joe

        What? I think he is having a very very big migraine right now . Everyone fighting are either his friends or great enemy like USA … the only force Putin fights is ISIS and they are no more around in many places.

        So you see him very very quiet.

    • Michał Hunicz

      This strategy perfectly sides with Assad’s point of view – the liberation of Idlib will be a lot easier.

    • Bob

      The Turk’s have publicly admitted to around 30 actual TAF casualties in Afrin campaign. But they didn’t officially mention was these were largely TAF Commando’s – with the 10th Commando Unit taking brunt of casualties. The list was leaked on Twitter:


    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Those are DMC and ISIS but not SDF as they have moved troops from the region as was planned by the US as they have been trying to create the New “ISIS” Army with the former so called enemy of US/Coalition.

    • Maisara Mualil

      I hope, the SAA will get back what is belong to them to Syrian people. If the kurdish backed by USA withraw from the turkeys boarder things will be different.

    • VGA

      The YPG in Afrin thought the US would help them and that there would be an international outcry against the turkish invasion. None of that happened, they were fooled.

  • Akar

    So the turks controll 7% of afrin and according to turks they have killed over 1500 kurds. So that means by the time they take 50% atleast 9000 kurds will be killed.. and by the time they take 100% I asume its 25 000. How is that possible since the YPG force in afrin is around 2000-5000?

    • Bob

      Your equation is deeply flawed as it assumes an equal spread of Kurdish YPG fighters across the entire Afrin territory. Fighters mass at the front lines of actual contact – and that is where critical mass of casualties always occurs. If YPG front contact lines in Afrin falter there will be very few localized YPG reserves sitting behind.

      • Akar

        That still does not proof your case because Afrin city is where the price is and most of the kurdish fighters, that fact that only few villages has been taken at the loss of 1500 means this is all made up by turkish militaru and media to make the turkish people happy that they killed so many in syria.

        • Bob

          Take a look at a map of actual Turkish strategy – they are ringing the province and working inwards across lower terrain – with intent of forcing YPG to spread and diffuse their defense forces far and wide.

          • Sohbet Ismailaga

            I believe we are working through the higher plain,mountains,to the lower plains valleys..thus eliminating danger from high and up behind you

          • Sohbet Ismailaga

            it would be not wise to storm and drop paratroopers in Afrin,from onset and leave ypg entrenched all over the place behind you.it would look spectacular,but not i wise move//then you have to turn back to clean up all over again,better the slow method..the only danger is Afrin being handed to Syrian army before we get there..oh well

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            In that war (Syria-Irak 2011-2018) the only strategy that works is to target the ennemy with more power than him. Unless you are Tiger Forces. They entrenched sin, the Sin miraculously. Remember from Mosul to Raqqa, Iraki Tiger Forces launched the final attack against bewitched ennemy. They passed under.

    • Maxime St-Jacques

      Because they will come from all around in that trap.

  • Maxime St-Jacques

    Turk erase the Afrin Kurds villages as the arms deposits of conflicting fire are destroyed, Iran warns U.S. to withdraw on Syria. The Assad regime and the eolienne framework to be continued…