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Military Situation In Syria’s Abu al-Duhur Area On January 25, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the area of Abu al-Duhur. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have been working to secure their recent gains in eastern Idlib, including the town of Abu al-Duhur and the Abu al-Duhur airbase. As soon as this is done, government forces will be able to clear the remaining militant-held pocket in northeastern Hama.

Military Situation In Syria's Abu al-Duhur Area On January 25, 2018 (Map Update)

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That Daesh pocket mush be cleared otherwise will grow like cancer there?!


I don’t think it will spread much, as ISIS is a spent force. This enclave was lucky that it didn’t bother the SAA (quite the contrary in fact), so they ignored it, and Al Nusra did not have the means to eradicate as well. Methinks the remaining Green Daesh forces will probably merge with the Black Daesh forces into a single pocket, but that’s probably the limit to its growth.


Yes, giving the lie to the myth of the respectable US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers.

You can call me Al

At present, it seems that there is more fighting between IS and HTS (or whoever); black and green is easier as the big red blob of Syria has received reinforcement. For me, I would let it be for a week or so or unless there is an outright attack against the red blob Syrians. My view only.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have ongoing military operations in the south and will possibly attack from the west and east also.ISIS will likely prepare to make a break to the west from the pocket any let up will allow this to happen, so bad idea. ISIS intention is to attack when the SAA is preoccupied elsewhere as Turkey has a major push on SAA lines being led by HTS/FSA Islamists in next several days.One must understand the entire map or you will become overtaken, but as they say slow and steady wins the race.

The QSF have fought ISIS in the last pocket and because HTS/ISIS attacked in a coordinated assault , they were able to push through before the lines were reinforced. Let’s hope no repeat happens as that occurred during a ceasefire to get their families out.

You can call me Al


Deo Cass

The most pressing urgency is to clear the Eastern al-Goutha area from where shelling continues at the heart of Damascus killing innocent civilians. That is a much more dangerous cancer.


Except the Jihadis there are not going anywhere and are not really posing any long term danger to the regime. Thing is, East Ghouta is a hard nut to crack for little long term gain. Yeah, it removes some shelling to Damascus, which to the regime is at worst a minor nuisance. In Idlib however there exists now a golden opportunity to eradicate the biggest concentration of Jihadis and the biggest Jihadi territory to be regained. The Jihadis there are also the most radical and the most numerous, as this was where Al Nusra was the strongest. Their foreign backer however has now become distracted in its own war against the Kurds, creating a window of opportunity for the SAA too good to be wasted. I wondered myself as well why the SAA was going for Idlib and not East Ghouta, but it would seem that Damascus knew that the Turks were gunning for Afrin, so they went for Idlib, not East Ghouta instead.

You can call me Al

The BBC had 10 minutes of SAA + Russians bombing al-Goutha yesterday showing the same kid that was in Allepo ….. Pathetic

Gary Sellars

What does one expect from the Biased Bullshit Corporation?

Cherry Tree

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have limited military equipment and manpower to deal with the ISIS pocket and without Russian air support it will a be a slow slog. But it needs to be eliminated so they can concentrate on the rest of idlib.

You can call me Al

I do not think the equipment is a problem after the last shipment a few days ago; but manpower yes.

For me – if I were fighting out of my armchair, I would feel safer if they took it out, but maybe in a couple of weeks after some rest and the effers killed each other.

Cherry Tree

The main problem with Idlib is that there are many Turkmen siding with Al Nusra there. But if Turkey is kept busy with kicking out the USA and taking over territory away from SDF/YPG/PKK Syria can take Idlib with easy.


If an assault on manbij happens, the SAA could use the opportunity to attack Morek or ghouta ands take it.

SAA was prevented from capturing these areas when they had the advantage before because terrorists poison gassed civilians nearby and the western media and western leaders quickly blamed Syria, threatening to go to war on humanitarian grounds, unless the SAA gave up their offensive. This is how these areas survived.

Turkish attack on manbij would would preoccupy western media and political threats with turkey.

Tudor Miron

Many commenters here seem to be a bit inpatient :) I don’t blame – we all want head chopping scum to leave this planet as soon as possible. But it was similar with closing of that pocket and liberation of air base – it looked like SAA is too slow, hts was counter attacking here and there etc. But in reality that was just SAA taking all necessary steps and preparing its moves. When everything was ready Abu Al Duhur was taken and cauldron was closed in one day. Jerky moves is not a feasible way for SAA (considering their limited resources) but thorough preparation and covering all the bases before dishing a decisive blow.

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