Military Situation In Syrian City Of Raqqah On June 22, 2017 (Map Update)


ISIS has recaptured the southern part of the 17 Division Base north of Raqqah and attacked the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Bitani.

An intense fighting has been ongoing in the besieged city since the SDF reached urban areas controlled by ISIS.

Military Situation In Syrian City Of Raqqah On June 22, 2017 (Map Update)

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  • Wahid Algiers

    Imagine if all ISIS fighters would have stayed. Some here insist that the kurds will be the best fighters. Ridiculous. Pathetic. Fairy tales.

    • Concrete Mike

      Indeed, kurds got nothing on the Deir ez zor garrisson

    • Free man

      SDF is fighting ISIS not ghosts.
      Like SAA is fighting ISIS in Deir-Azur.
      If you write again and again that ISIS escaped from Raqqah it doesn’t mean that they really ran away.

    • mark123456

      Its not just kurds fighting, they have arabs too and lots of new manbijj mcouncil recruits with relative inexperience. They are good fighters…. they were surrounded in kobani when isis was isis and they sent down chechen groups there, and they still massacred a whole isis brigade and made it a jihadist graveyard. Give em their due props even tho they are zio puppets. Up there with hzb and tigers and rep guard as the best.

  • dutchnational

    SDF is doing fine in Raqqah. The south bank now has almost completely been secured, they just have to build a little strategic depth there.

    As for the city, allowing IS to fight in the army base can be a good thing for the SDF. It provides a killing ground of IS forces without them having a human shield.