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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Syrian City Of Raqqah On August 30, 2017 (Map Update)

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US-led coalition, are working to drive ISIS units out of the Old Raqqah area in the city of Raqqah. SDF units have recently seized Mansour district from ISIS and advanced inside Thakanah district where clashes are now ongoing.

Military Situation In Syrian City Of Raqqah On August 30, 2017 (Map Update)

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ISIS fighters in Raqqah have apparently no chance, but don’t give up?! How can this be explained? Is there a mind control program by secret services that uses modern mind control techniques in combination with religious convictions that are so good, that even such incredible results can be achieved?


This is a pattern that can be seen in Mosul and other places.

It is a combination, imo, of drugs, indoctrination, very harsh discipline and, as some claim, IS being something of a death cult.

Very motivated forces do not give up either, even without the above mentioned. In Kobane defenders fought on, even though the situation was thought to be hopeless and experts like Erdogan proclaimed them lost.

In history there are many examples of forces that did not gave up and fought till the last.


I would like to add that in general ISIS has behaved like animals towards anyone they captured, which in turn meant that surrendering ISIS members can expect and do expect the same treatment in return. Also, let us not forget all those stories of French and British special forces on the lookout for their nationals who have joined ISIS, and with orders to terminate them, as their governments really don’t want them back.

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