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Military Situation In Syrian City Of Deir Ezzor On June 10, 2017 (Map)


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have repelled another fierce ISIS advance south of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. The SAA and the NDF are  in control of the Panorama Roundabout and the Panorama Base, and are now clashing wih ISIS terrorists in the surroudnings of the Panorama Roundabout.

Military Situation In Syrian City Of Deir Ezzor On June 10, 2017 (Map)



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  • Thegr8rambino

    Very nice :)))))

  • VGA

    Lob a FOAB on that area, there are no civilians there.

  • Ono&Dsz

    Heroes !!

  • John Brown

    Expect all ISIS near Palmeria and possibly the Kurds to be ordered by their master, racist supremacist Israel to attack Deir Azur and the link between Iraq and Syria at the border ASAP. The SAA in the Palmeria area should be ready to advance right behind them from Palmeria all the way to Deir
    Azur so ISIS and possibly the kurds don’t have time to overrun Deir Azur and the Iraq / Syria border link before the SAA can get there. It may be a good idea for the Iraqi PMU and Russian and Syrian paratroops to drop into the town of Al- Bukamal before ISIS can hand it over to its Israeli master and USSA ally.

  • stevenclark1977

    I have wondered this for a while but how far is between the area’s ??? I do know they haven’t got the heavy machinery needed to hold it anymore but am pretty sure they will see the SAA in a few weeks or so !!

    • Bill Wilson

      They’re not far apart. Perhaps 1/3 mile to 2 miles. The SAA’s problem is having sufficient forces to maintain control of that area. For now it’s been a killing field for ISIS fighters.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The ISIS forces there have some new US equipment seen one with a new government issue M4 or could be a C8 another with a sniper rifle and another with an lmg , where are they getting this stuff and uniforms and all new condition . Wondering if these guys are actual ISIS or FSA in the region working with ISIS ?

  • mark123456

    Make it enlargeable please.