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Military Situation In Syria On September 5, 2019 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Syria On September 5, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Redadmiral

    I read on AMN News that the Kurdish malcontents are again interested in “talks” with the Syrian Government in Damascus. If a deal is to be done, it must ensure the integrity of the Syrian state and it’s institutions. The Kurds make up 2% of the Syrian population and are presently controlling almost 30% of the State with most of its natural resources. It is land locked to the North by Turkey in the west by Iran and Iraq. So, it is completely surrounded by enemies, while the population is 97% Arab most of whom hate them. They are backed at the moment by IsraHell and its FUKUS puppets. Their Mother remains Necessity, so they need to comply with the demands of their Government before Erdogon runs them out, like he did in Afrin.

    • Jens Holm

      As usual the start is false and fake. Its SDF and Kurds there are 8-10%. Very strange to me Turks suddenly are arabs too.

      If You look at a map many countries are landlocked and are doing fine. Thats not Your problem as well – but Yours.

      Its much more important that landlocked countries can supply themselves or/and has something into trade to buy things, thay can produce themselves.

      SDFs control less then 30% because You made Afrin Kurdish as well.

      But of course thats what we can expect from 8 lines by Assad fanatics, which loove not to know things and decide anything themselves too.

      Assads not even have a devellopment program for the big unimployments, which was at the start of the fighting 50%. That 50% only are the men. Among women its close to 100%.

      There are not even a struckture for it as in all devellopded copuntries. So You should let those poor people having their own choise by elections by local decidings by local tax not reaching the corruption of Yours.

      Very strange You add “sourriunde by arabs”. Most people long time ago has seen that millions of arabs certainly not suipport Assads as well.