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JULY 2022

Military Situation In Syria On September 28, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On September 28, 2020 (Map Update)

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As the world has been following the Armenian-Azerbaijani war, which erupted in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, the situation still remains tense in such Middle Eastern conflict zones in Syria. A brief overview of the recent developments there:

  • Intra-clashes between Turkish-backed militants were reported in al-Bab city, at least two people were injured;
  • Turkish-backed militants’ artillery shelled Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions in the Kafr Halab area;
  • Turkish-backed militants’ artillery shelled SAA positions in the Malajah area;
  • SAA artillery shelled Turkish-backed militants’ positions in the villages of Fatirah and Kansafra;
  • 1000 families began to return to the areas of Andan, Kafr Hamrah, Huraytan, Al-Lyramoun in the northwest of Aleppo;
  • Four members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces were reportedly killed in attacks on their positions near al-Ezbeh in northeastern Deir Ezzor and on the al-Khurafi road in southern Hasakah.


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Idlib news: 2020-2031 Turkish backed terrorists shelled SAA near Malajah SAA shelled Turkish backed terrorists near Kansafra One SAA soldier accidentally stepped into the Idlib Green area denoting ISIS territory and he immediately got a call from Russia, to step back and that he received a Yellow Card.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s the military news but what about political developments. The Turks and Russians are both doing their very best to reopen the M4 highway and get Idlib back to some sense of normality, they’re both pushing the political solution as hard as they can despite all the local opposition, but resolution 2254 progress is sort of stuck in the mud right now despite all their hard work, but never fear the trusted Iranian allies are here to help out, they’re sitting down with Assad’s enemies right now and working out exactly how they can best help Turkey and Russia, it’s just a pity they aren’t as helpful for Assad. Now some of you may be thinking I’m just playing with words, possibly being sarcastic, maybe even trolling just for the sake of it, and you’d be right if you said either or both of the first 2, but I’m definitely not trolling if that’s what you thought. I’ll say it again, The Iranians ares sitting down and talking to the UN right now and trying their hardest to help speed up the progress of resolution 2254, they want to help Russia and Turkey reopen the highway too, and they want to suck up to Turkey because they think it will help persuade Turkey to recommence buying Iranian gas again, but it won’t work.

“Tehran, SANA- The efforts exerted to solve the crisis in Syria were reviewed by Iranian Foreign Minister’s Senior Assistant Ali Asghar Khaji and UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen.

The two sides, during a phone call on Saturday, discussed means of pushing forward the political process and continuation of the work of Committee of Discussing Constitution with the aim of reaching a solution to the crisis in Syria in the framework of respecting Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


Jens Holm

There is not any sign of political progres as well, this is not about opening some random highway or not.

A real change would be to open up all acces to the SDF as well as the Jihadists for any supply and devellopment. Its about the same for the Dara area.

Those are results and vitims for Assad and partly others…And again:

Those are the real victrims for Assads as well as the Turks. We partly can include the coalision by USA, UK and France as well as Iran and Hesbollah.

And are the 5 million Syrians outside Syria not vicrims and well as the 5 million internal displaced ones. Thats half of the population.

Reducing that to, what even is named as negosiations and about that should be anything from the real world for any future for the whole situation, is far out.

Best regards from the 550.000 dead ones, which are the only Syrians living in peace protected by Gods and graveyards.

Co Jens Holm.

PS: The article and You has no care for PEOPLE in the artificical conflict

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The signs are everywhere Jens, you and others are just missing them, or worse still just ignoring them after I point out what they are, these are the signs I see,

The 16th and all the prior Astana agreements, a sign of political progress.

Assad accepting the amended version of resolution 2254, a sign of political progress.

The last ceasefire agreement between Turkey and Russia, a sign of political progress.

Reopening the M4 highway and joint Russian Turkish patrols, a sign of political progress.

A power sharing deal between Turkish backed Syrian National Council [member of Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government] and the US backed Syrian Democratic Council and SDF, – a massive sign of political progress.

Recommencement of the constitutional small table meetings, a sign of political progress.

Iran sitting down with the UN to try and work out how it can help, a sign of political progress.

And the biggest sign of political change and the first real step in implementing resolution 2254 is this,

Russia’s strong focus on unjustly demonizing HTS in every way possible, Russia makes false accusations that HTS is initiating combat and breaking ceasefire agreements which are totally unfounded, they also say it’s HTS and it’s supporters who are protesting against the reopening of the M4, which is another lie, HTS don’t want the M4 reopened that’s true but they don’t instigate protests or launch rocket attacks against the Russian/Turkish patrols, it’s the Turkish backed terrorists who do that, and the Turkish backed FSA is the latest moderate opposition group to attack the SAA, but Russia never names them as the perpertraters, they instead always either blame or try to link HTS to the action.

So there are plenty of signs around if you care to look Jens.

I have to say you’ve totally misunderstood everything Jens, and just like all the pro Russian and Iranian supporters who take the opposite view to you, both you and them are wrong about the Russians and Iranians The pro Russian/Iranian supporters want Russia and Iran to come in and save the day with superior weapons and numbers, they want them to help Assad kick the US, Turkey, and the terrorists out, but sadly the Iranians and the Russians are only going to help Turkey kick the terrorists out [HTS]. And just as bizarrely the moderate opposition fans like you, who strongly denounce Russia and Iran for their military meddling in Syria, have absolutely no idea it’s actually the Russians and Iranians who are now doing the most to help Turkey implement resolution 2254 and advance the political process.

The Russians and Iranians are going to make you very happy in the end Jens, but their usual SF followers may not end up as happy as you will be, they’ll probably end up disillusioned and dejected by the end of it, because Russia and Iran are now beginning to implement resolution 2254 right in front of your eyes Jens, and as I said before you’re just missing it, so just open your eyes a little wider and stop focusing so hard, and maybe then your peripheral vision can spot something your focused stare is missing.


SAA armour losses since the start of the Syrian War 8 years ago:




Icarus Tanović

Save that lies for MSNBC.


There’s no reason to doubt the information presented. Keep in mind that more people died in 46 days between May 10, 1940 and June 25,1940 than the entire course of the Syrian proxy war over the past 8 years. About the same number of tanks were also lost in a series of pin prick attacks against a 3rd world military power.


Icarus Tanović

Wth you talking about? Save that wikipedia knowledge for someone else. I ain’t buying that.


I don’t know where she got the number “11, 250,000”.

Do you think these are also doubtful numbers? These don’t count the amount of tanks handed over to them, furthermore it doesn’t count the number of vehicles lost, nor the amount of vehicles in their inventory or in active military service.



Icarus Tanović

I don’t even wanna read your bullshit or look at your pictures.


“When the argument is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” — Socrates

“So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand.” — Thucydides


One of them is a screenshot of a comment that failed to show up. My point being you are gullible and arbitrarily assume I am wrong for no discernible reason whatsoever. Your projection is foolish.

The Tweet in question: “”Lenin Was A Mushroom” Sergey Kuryokhin

[“Lenin Was A Mushroom”

Does it sound bizarre?

Not to 11,250,000 of Soviet citizens who took the deadpan “interview” at face value, in spite of the absurd claims presented.

This nonsense was broadcasted on TV in 1991.

Two serious-looking men –Sergey Sholokhov, the host, and his guest Sergey Kurekhin were sitting in a studio discussing the October revolution of 1917. Suddenly, Kurekhin offered a very interesting hypothesis – that Lenin, the Bolshevik leader, was not a human being but a mushroom.

“The October revolution was made by people who had been consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms for years,” he said. “And Lenin’s personality was replaced with that of a mushroom because fly-agaric identity is far stronger than a human one.” Therefore, Lenin became a mushroom himself.

The incident has served as a watershed moment in Soviet (and Russian) culture and has often been used as proof of the gullibility of the masses.

Don’t be a sheep.]


I am “wrong” because your feelings tell you so. You have no argument, enjoy the “wonderful” accomplishments of Marxist-Leninism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-06FFQh6Zk


Despite the armour losses OVER THE PAST 8 YEARS! It doesn’t measure their current inventory, nor how many were replaced over that time and how many they had before the war.


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7563c59249ba6de0e10eb48aa2976e1180010ca94c0a0455adf06c3b85a1eccc.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/defccec251b849a8039dd6aa97f9c928e5fb2cbb7e183403fbad9f92d9e14c7a.png

Антон С

“Mushroom Lenin” was a joke. Only westerners could believe that. Have you seen video with “Trump working for RT”? English version has the mark “created with deepfake technology”, russian version has no such mark, because everyone understand it’s joke.


“Only westerners could believe that.”

That girl is Finnish. Notice how you just assume what I think? Your worldview is two-dimensional. You don’t know much about the other side of the world outside of what you see on TV, or the Russian MSM which is also anti-white and identical to online alt-lite alternative media. You therefore don’t have a realistic understanding.

Most of us believe in fewer stereotypes about Russia than they believe about us.


Most westerners beyond Europe come from these places:


Антон С

“You don’t know much about the other side of the world outside of what you see on TV”

Think what you want, I doesn’t.


“denying facts” You are denying facts I’ve presented, I have proof and you provided nothing other than claiming I used wikipedia. I can’t find those numbers anywhere on Wikipedia. Anything you disagree with is “invalid” because you say so. How “clever” of you! You are the one denying facts and ignoring inconvenient evidence, you supposedly “don’t care” and yet bothered to type out an answer…


You are quite comfortable living under a rock.


That information isn’t from Wikipedia. Here’s the wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equipment_of_the_Syrian_Army#Vehicles


Basically you still haven’t proven me wrong.

Icarus Tanović

Because I don’t have to. Read my comment from above.


“Because I don’t have to.”

Because you’re an idiot.

Icarus Tanović

No, you are degenerate low complexity retard.


And yet I display far more intelligence than yourself and actually prove my point. You on the other hand have no proof other than childishly insulting me whilst frequently insisting you are “right” and I am “wrong”. Nothing more, nothing less.

You call me a “degenerate” for no other reason than making ridiculous assumptions about me for the country I live in. This is by no means a reliable metric for judging someone.

You have this sense of imaginary moral superiority where you are unable to judge people as individuals, whilst hypocritically leaning on Marxist universalism. I want traditional culture, every country today is infected with (((global homo))) to some extent. There is no traditional society left today, unless you go to North Korea or some Islamic country. Even then they are creeping closer to cultural modernity. Russia is by no means a traditional society, modernity permeates the mindsets of the masses. It isn’t free from degeneracy.

Icarus Tanović

Hahaha, lmaooo wtf…


You completely missed the point. Judging by your childish response, you lack self-awareness and tend to project your own shortcomings onto others. Your comments have been nothing more than childish insults piled on top of each other, when I prove my point you double down with your stupidity. Get lost.

Icarus Tanović

Bwahahaha, you’re funnier each day. Just continue, it amuses me.


Says the shit skin with a two digit IQ.




How am I degenerate, retarded and lacking in complexity?

Антон С

That’s why it’s biased. You won’t call your country as regime. This word is used to mark enemies of Washington regime.


Apparently you don’t understand the true meaning of the word. I already said that like the word ‘propaganda’, the word ‘regime’ has also been perverted from its real meaning. Are you too autistic to understand that?

Антон С

“Are you too autistic to understand that?” Said a brainwashed person, who prefers to use biased sources, “Twitter” pages and other crap from social networks from unknown personalities.


“Said a brainwashed person” There you go begging the question, you claim I’m brainwashed, if you believe still the holocaust was real (despite being demonstratably false), and that NS Germany started WW2, you are brainwashed yourself. You come from a country that celebrates mass genocide on an annual basis.

I only sent the wikipedia link after he accused me of using wikipedia (I didn’t actually). You must be comparing the Etymology dictionary to Wikipedia, again that is begging the question with no proof. That screenshot to the video “Propaganda (Edward Berneys)” by Cultured Thug is highly informative and by no means “false information”. You have this confirmation bias where you assume that anything you disagree with is inevitably “false information”.

As for Twitter, you are also begging the question. I used it to make a point. You assume there are no good personalities on there that often get deleted for being “politically incorrect”. Telegram (Chinese owned) is a superior platform, like Bitchute it is largely populated by my kind of like minded people.



I hate his personality, but he brings up good points:


Another good account on Twitter:



“pages and other crap from social networks from unknown personalities.”

Meaning they aren’t public figures… I.e. You have to think for yourself, instead of allowing the MSM in Russia or elsewhere to dictate your thoughts… You have zero attention span, you can’t seem to connect the dots and reply on authority figures chosen by a select elite to decide your thinking for you.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right my man.


Aside from your short attention span, your perception of what is “biased” and what isn’t is ironically subjective. As I said earlier, you childishly insist I am wrong when I provide evidence and you have nothing other than childish responses. You haven’t proven a thing other than your own stupidity.

You lack the intellectual ability to understand anything different from what you were told since you were a toddler, you yourself are brainwashed by Russian media under the faulty assumption it isn’t biased whatsoever.

You’re trapped in this geopolitical dichotomy of east vs. west and no possibility for middle ground, you think the links have no meaning as a result of your attention span. You mention “unknown personalities”, yet are biased in your definition of what is “unknown”. Most Russian media personalities are unknown outside of Russia, meanwhile there are several Russian social media personalities known to Russian internet denizens, while completely unknown over here.

Whether they are known or unknown says nothing about the validity of what they say. In fact the more known they are, the higher the chance they’re being promoted in some manner by the ruling powers that be. Otherwise they would be shut off to prevent them from becoming more known to others.

Антон С

Constipation of thoughts and diarrhea of words.


I’m sorry you haven’t learned to read English fluently, resulting in your inability to comprehend basic to intermediate English.


Says the small minded shill named Anton that can’t find a decent job, so you’re a paid troll.


You can’t understand the meaning of words has changed. I literally show you a link tracking the etymology of words and you can’t understand that.

The word “etymology” is a noun, here is the definition of that word:

“the study of the origin and history of words, or a study of this type relating to one particular word.”

Learn to read, retard!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Most of those losses were to Isis and it covers not only losses due to hostilities but also captured vehicles, and as for the captured vehicles the SAA either destroyed them while the terrorists were using them or sometimes even got them back after winning battles, so as bad as it looks, it isn’t really ‘quite’ that bad. And as a silver lining to the dark cloud we can also add that the Russians have already replaced most of the losses with newer and better vehicles, so you could even say it improved the SAA’s capabilities in the long run, not diminished them, but sadly there is no silver lining for the SAA’s massive loss of life, that’s just a dark cloud and always will be.

Антон С

S.Shoygu told about 113 thousand DAESH members destroyed in Syria for 5 years since the beginning of operation.

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