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Military Situation In Syria On October 8, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On October 8, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:

  • Turkish-backed forces artillery shelled SDF positions in the Hamra village near al-Arim;
  • Turkish-backed forces artillery shelled SAA positions in the village of Dadikh;
  • Intra-clashes between Turkish-backed forces were reported near the city of Azaz;
  • Turkish forces carried out a separate military patrol on the M4 highway;
  • SAA artillery shelled Turkish-backed forces positions in the village of Ankawi;
  • Bashar Al-Assad: We can only have normal relations with Israel when we regain our land, but we have not seen any official in the Israeli system willing to move one step towards peace;
  • SAA announced that two people were wounded as a result of an explosive device explosion in the Al-Sabeel neighborhood of Daraa city.


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The conflict is just festering,it should have been dealt with a long time ago,i put much of it down to the stupid ceasefire in Idlib,Russia should have backed the SAA up when the Syrians were on a roll towards Idlib City and before the Turks had become so entrenched,now its a bigger problem.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Turkish-backed forces artillery shelled SAA positions in the village of Dadikh”

The NFL was the faction doing the attacking and they’re Turkish backed moderate opposition forces that are actually allied to the designated terrorists HTS.
But there were 2 other reports of hostilities against the SAA, not just this one that implicates HTS.

“Turkish-backed SNA targeted pro-Assad forces near Saraqib”.

“Turkish-backed SNA hits pro-Assad forces in Jabal Zawiya with heavy artillery and elephant missiles”

They should say the Turkish backed moderate opposition that Russia legally protects according to the Astana agreements, it’s ok to call them Turkish backed forces but SF should also add that they’re legally authorized to participate in the political process according to Russia.
And Russia continues to endorse them despite the fact it’s always the legal moderate opposition who attack the SAA all the time, and not the illegal designated terrorists HTS, who Russia actually goes for tooth and nail.
Which deems odd at best, because HTS hasn’t been attacking the SAA at all, just arresting and killing members of the Turkish backed moderate opposition and some of their terrorist allies, which only seems to suit Assad’s objectives and not Erdogan’s or Russia’s, so go HTS.

And recently Assad announced Syria desperately needs more bank loans to stave off growing internal pressure and protests about poor living conditions, but Assad also added he wasn’t going to ask for the loans as he had no ability to ever repay them, so HINT, HINT, HINT Russia, China, and Iran, step up to the plate and make a donation, it seems a small price to pay for such a good long term investment, if you don’t maybe someone else will, and if he gets desperate enough Assad may have no choice but to accept an alternate offer from someone else.

Lemuel Vargas

But are the Syrians ready to recognize Israel’s right to exist? As long as there Syria rejects Israel’s right to exist and all its attendant consequence, Israel must hold on to the Golan Heights as a security precaution.

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