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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Syria On October 28, 2019 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On October 28, 2019 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:


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What’s important, despite all of the current turmoil in Syria. Is that the Syrian government’s footprint is steadily expanding. And Syria is indisputably winning the war, defeating the evil Jew’s Yinon plan, and setting the stage for a regional campaign to get the Jew problem solved. Which is the root cause of much of the region’s problems.

The terrorists are being hammered daily in Idlib, and preparations are being made to resume clearing operations to recover more territory there. Which will lead to clearing the area completely up to the Turkish contact line in Afrin.

In NE Syria the SAA is steadily expanding the area under it’s control as it recovers territory from the Zionist Kurd secessionists. And the SADF is deploying air defense systems for expanding the no fly zone east of the river. So things are going well for Syria and are likely to continue that way.

One of the biggest problems that needs to be solved is Iraq supporting the US invasion of Syria. Iraq not only needs to stop doing that. But also to remove all NATO forces from Iraq completely.


Yep.I read one good article about the “Triumph of the Syrian Arab Army” back in 2015 as the Russians were warming up the ground over there.


It’s questionable if the Turks are going to complete their occupation of the center part and the east and west boundaries of their projected occupation zone. They’re running into a lot of resistance from both the Kurds and the Syrian government. All of the other maps besides the one shown in this article, are showing the Turks with a smaller area actually under their control than what’s shown above.

As long as the Kurds pull back and the turn those areas over to the Syrian government rather than the Turks. It shouldn’t affect the overall implementation of the NE Syria MOU and Adana agreement. And it will give the Turks less area to carry out ethnic cleansing and demographic engineering to set up an alternative Yinon plan secessionist movement for the Zionists.


Turkish occupation zone according to Syria Live Map
comment image


Turkish occupation zone according to Syrian Civil War Map
comment image


“Hatay annexation …

Syrians hold the view that this land is historically Syrian and was illegally ceded in the late 1930s to Turkey by France – the mandatory occupying power of Syria (between 1920 and 1946). The Turks remember Syria as a former Ottoman vilayet. In 1938, the Turkish Army went into the former Syrian Mediterranean province with French approval and expelled most of its Alawite Arab and Armenian inhabitants.[3] Before this, Alawi Arabs and Armenians were the majority of the provincial population.[3] For the referendum, Turkey crossed tens of thousands of Turks into Alexandretta to vote.”

– Syria–Turkey relations –



“Ethnic cleansing

After the Turkish-led forces had captured Afrin District (Afrin Canton) in early 2018, they began to implement a resettlement policy by moving their mostly Arab fighters[43] and refugees from southern Syria[44] into the empty homes that belonged to displaced locals.[45] The previous owners, most of them Kurds or Yazidis, were often prevented from returning to Afrin.[43][44] Though some Kurdish militias of the TFSA and the Turkish-backed civilian councils opposed these resettlement policies, most TFSA units fully supported them.[44] Refugees from Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, said that they were part of “an organised demographic change” which was supposed to replace the Kurdish population of Afrin with an Arab majority.”

– Turkish occupation of northern Syria –



The Turkish ethnic cleansing project in northern Syria.
comment image

Mustafa Mehmet

Foto from idlib civilians running away from asad and Russias bombing trying to cross into turkiye


It’s from the ethnic cleansing Turkish terror machine in action:

“The I.S. had begun an attack on the Kurdish-controlled enclave in northern Aleppo along the Turkish border on September 15/16. By October 5, the Kurdish forces had been driven back into the Kurdish-majority town of Kobani (a.k.a. Ayn al-Arab), and I.S. had them surrounded. The desperate scenes of Syrian Kurds fleeing over the Turkish border in the face of the takfiris’ recalls the Iraqi Kurds making a run for the hills after the March 1991 uprising against Saddam Hussein was crushed.”

– Obama’s Abandonment of Kobani Isn’t Just A Disaster For The Kurds –


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