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Military Situation In Syria On November 1, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On November 1, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:

  • An unidentified armed group attacked the Municipal Building of Tasil town with light and medium weapons;
  • An IED exploded in the car of the commander of the Deir ez-Zor Military Council, Abu Khawla, in the Nashwa neighborhood, south of the city Hasakah;
  • A suicide drone has targeted militants’ car in the village of Nahla killing 3 and wounding 4 others;
  • Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery shelled the Turkish-backed positions in Kansafra and Kafr Uwaid;
  • SAA artillery shelled the Turkish-backed positions in the Kabani area.


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kill all the turks

Icarus Tanović

Not bad, shell them some more.

cechas vodobenikov

turkey losing in Syria, Yemen, Libya, now frozen in Armenia–will their NATO lovers save them?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

WOW, SF missed the most interesting and important news event of all, none of these are noteworthy news so why did they miss the BIG story, oh well time to do SF’s job again.

“5th Corp Commander Ahmed Al-Oudah [Oudeh/Audeh] has entered Jordan and is meeting with Exiled Southern Front and Free Syrian Army commanders and Jordanian Military Officials, with the goal to for more coordination, in preparations to counter Iranian Influence.”

I’ve been warning my fellow SF readers about the Southern Front Alliance and their possible negative contribution to current events for quite a while now, and sadly now I’m starting worry you’re all about to find out exactly what I’ve been worried about.
As some of you know I’m fully supportive of Russia’s goals in southern Syria [but not in northern Syria], and I’m also supportive of their inclusion of ex rebel fighters in the Russian backed 5th SAA corps, I’m also in most cases happy with the way they’ve directed the reconciliation agreements [mostly fair], but I definitely haven’t liked the way they’ve pandered to Iran and Hezbollah down here in the south [or anywhere else], so they have been making [I think it is] one big mistake in the south.
Now I’ll restate the facts again for all the trolls who call me a liar,
The Southern Front Alliance [SFA] has 50,000 fighters, and there’s 2 other large Arab militias [I don’t remember their names] who are aligned to the SFA as well, they have a combined total of just over 10,000 fighters, so 60,000+ fighters in the overall Alliance.
But unlike all the other opposition groups that reconciled with the Syrian Government in Daraa/Quneitra/As Suwayda after the end of 2017, the SFA was allowed to keep ALL their weapons, so not just side arms like some of the other groups like the Free Syrian Army [FSA] were allowed to keep, the SFA got to keep everything, tanks, artillery, mortars, ect.
Now we get to the most important part of all [as if that isn’t important enough already], and the really important part is who actually controls the SFA, and guess who it is, the Arab League Nations like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan.
So guess what that means, it means you now have Israel and the Arab League on one side, the Iranians on the other side, and poor old Putin and Assad stuck right in the middle of both, and Israel and the League hate Iran and Hezbollah.
Now I know the simpletons will say ‘so what’, that’s not important, why even mention them, LOL, poor simpletons.
the Russian 5th army corps fighter are nearly all recruited from ex rebel factions [most from the FSA], and lately they’ve been involved in many anti Iranian/Hezbollah protests, so we know which side they prefer, and now the commander of a huge chunk of the 5th army corps is heading to Jordan to discuss anti Iranian measures for the south of Syria, does anyone think that sounds like it means good news for Assad, it doesn’t.
I’m being a total pessimist but I think I have to be now, so let’s imagine the worst case scenario, here we go.
The locals in the South start rebelling against Assad and Iran, then the SF Alliance 60,000 strong joins in with their heavy weapons, and then a huge chunk of the 5th army corps switches sides with all their heavy weapons 45,000 strong [and experience], and then they all get Israeli and League air support, military support, and financial support.
So how’s that for a worst case scenario, not good at all is it, but it’s not just a worst case scenario, it’s also the most likely scenario now, things are getting out of hand quickly and if Russia doesn’t act soon Assad will lose the south again.
When Assad took the south back in 2018 he sent 45,000 SAA, the Russian Air Force, plus a few thousand Iranian and Hezbollah forces [he wasn’t allowed to according to an agreement he made with Israel], and they took less than 4 weeks to beat 35,000 FSA, 10,000 HTS and 2,000 Isis fighters, but the SFA stood back and let that happen, so did the Israelis and the US, but this time they won’t, and I say that because last time the Arab League was happy with the situation, this time they’re not happy at all, and as much as I keep saying the League want Assad to remain in power now, if the poo actually hits the fan they’ll take option number 2, which is they’ll all kick Iran and Assad out and put someone else in power in the newly occupied southern territories. And please don’t any pro Russian or pro Iranian trolls try and tell me Russia or Iran will stop them, because if they can’t stop Turkey in the north they won’t be able to stop the combined US, Israel, A League, and the SF Alliance.
Come on you senile old fart, read the writing on the wall, the Saudi trade war this year should’ve been enough to make you realize the League won’t back down, find a way to get Iran out or you’ll lose all the south, and you and Assad can have what’s left, or is that all you’re worried about, the sea port, mmm, but if they’re successful in the south they may start looking at Latakia then, so don’t get too comfortable in the sea port, your 50 year lease means nothing to these people. And when the terrorist in the north see just how successful the new SF Alliance is, they open another front in the north, not much of Syria left after that happens.
Get Iran out of the south or lose it, it’s that simple you silly old fart, you were a genius once but that flame has dwindled, pass on the reigns to someone with a some younger blood, put yourself out to pasture before they have to do it for you, or maybe even a bullet.

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