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Military Situation In Syria On May 31, 2017 (Map Update)

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The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been attempting to prevent the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from reaching the province of Raqqah via the highways heading from the government-held cities of Aleppo and Salamiyah.

The SAA is clearing the eastern part of Aleppo province from ISIS terrorists aiming to retake Masnakah and to launch an advance towards the province of Raqqah.

The Russian Navy has carried out missile strikes on ISIS terrorists east of the ancient city of Palmyra. According to the Russian military, terrorists had deployed to the area from Raqqah.

Military Situation In Syria On May 31, 2017 (Map Update)

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SDF attempting to block the SAA from reaching DeZ by cutting the highway.

This has already been done south of the Baath dam and soon also south of Tabqah.

SDF taking lands from IS is, even in the words of Assad, legitimate.

It is up to Assad to propose a deal with the SDF if he needs to pass through SDF held lands.

It is not likely though. Assad could have asked to give a free passage to the Hassakah garrison to relieve DeZ. As far as I know he never asked.

Mase fah

f**k sdf, they need to understand that you just cant claim syrian land. if they dont listen to SAA they will be in big trouble


As syrians, they claim their own land. SAA, leaving the north east starting in 2011 and leaving the population to the tender care of islamist, starting vwith FSA and Ahrar al Sham, then JAN and then IS, has no moral claim anymore to be obeyed by those they left for the wolves.

Showing up once IS is defeated and saying whatever or else, will not suffice anymore. If they try that, it will be … or else. FSA will be very graetfull to Assad if he falls into that trap.

George King

So you question the tactics of the legitimate and apparently viable goverment and it’s coalition? Your logic could also be used to say all territory taken by all groups of Jihadist and others belongs to them? Your logic has an undeniable slant and is just wrong as the resulting end of year will reveal. Go home and protect your women and children where you are needed.


In all fairness, it’s not like the Syrian state simply got bored of governing the north east. They were up against a substantial invading force which magically always had access to modern weaponry and good battlefield intel. Did the Dutch government lose the moral claim to its country by running away to London and Canada? Sure, years have been wasted in the Syrian conflict due to screw-ups and half-measures. But if you compare the price paid by the Syrians and Dutch to resist foreign invasion, it’s not even close.


FSA , Al Qaeda , and ISIS are the enemy , the two Syrian forces should be working together , not working against each other . This is likely the US agents in the SDF trying to spark a Kurdish – SAA clash in order to delay or possibly sabotage the defeat of ISIS . Tiger Forces should be redeployed towards Deir Ezzor anyway , the government and Kurdish can sort this out after ISIS is defeated . It is wonderful to see how close that is to being done .


Expect SDF to attack sukhna.
More precisely, expect Isis at sukhna to defect to SDF.


i think they will attack and take abu kamal first and SDF attacking force numbers will double…


I really hope the SDF and ISIS/FSA get manhandled and SAA winZzz

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