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Military Situation In Syria On May 3, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on May 3, 2017.

Military Situation In Syria On May 3, 2017 (Map Update)

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Why didn’t SAA advanced south Syria exactly the same way rebels are advancing? I do not mean to take all the desert south Syria but to advance along the highway leading to Al Tanf until reaching the Iraqi border.

I know there is shortage of manpower but instead of Palmyra this should have been a priority. Having secured this important highway (not all the rest of the desert) by fortifying it with some checkpoints, a medium infantry – armored base and, considering the open terrain, by providing air cover in case of attacks, Palmyra should have been the second target. As we can see this offensive toward the Iraqi border would have not been very costly for SAA.

I’m very disappointing looking at this.

Solomon Krupacek

because the russian advisors told, it is not necessary

one thing more: the headchoppers NEVER come through border direct to territory hold by SAA. this would be act of war from the country which allowed such step. Therefore, if the SAA were blocked the jordan border, no jihadidist would come from that country. sililarly latakia and idlib.


Not enough soldiers for that at the moment. The SAA is fighting on so many fronts (Deir Hafer-Airfield, West-Aleppo, whole idlib province, Homs-Countryside, Palymyra north, east and south, The Pockets in and around Damascus, Daraa and Deir Ezzor.. In few weeks the pockets in damascus will be liberated. That will set free thousands of soldiers. Then we will see the SAA advance in southern direction…


I just hope it won’t be too late; if Dara’a falls, the Empire is going after Damascus next…

Bill Wilson

There’s nothing out there except the highway from the al-Tanf Crossing and the border road from there to the T2 pumping station. ISIS never bothered to use either one very much due to being the sole roads in empty regions since they had shorter routes available which had numerous villages and towns along the way for their vehicles to hide in. The US/FSA has held al-Tanf for quite some time to block ISIS thru traffic on those. ISIS attacked their positions there a few weeks ago with several VBIED’s and suicide bombers on foot. There was a sharp firefight after they blew themselves up that ended when ISIS withdrew back to the north. The US figured those were ISIS units that found themselves trapped in the phosphate mining region and were trying to reach the border road to escape to T2. The US sent units up the road to a village where they figured ISIS had assembled for the attack then sent the FSA east from their western positions to run out the scattered ISIS squads camped out on hilltops and in villages along the roads. They’ve kept going and now are blocking the T2 to Palmyra highway around 40 miles NW of T2. I believe they’re holding the junction to the sole road going to Mayadin from the Palmyra highway. Now ISIS has to drive around Deir Azzor or come up from Iraq to reach their new “capital”. The SAA has been aggressively moving south and west of Deir Azzor gain control of those bypass roads.
It’s all coming together as planned. Might as well stick a fork in Daesh since they’re done.

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