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Military Situation In Syria On May 14, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) repelled a large militant counter-attack in the area of Kafr Nabudah;
  • Militants are concentrating military equipment and infatry in southern Idlib to continue attacks on SAA positions in northwestern Hama;
  • A firefight was reported near Tadif;
  • Turkish proxies shelled Shuwaraghat Al Arz in response to continued Kurdish attacks on their positions in the Afrin region;
  • A car bomb was detected and detonated in Raqqah;
  • Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) units continue to search for ISIS cells along the eastern bank of the Euphrates;
  • An increased activity of the Israeli Air Force is reported near the Golan Heights and in the eastern Mediterranean.
Military Situation In Syria On May 14, 2019 (Map Update)

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Concrete Mike

That last line, I wonder if it really means, Yo IDF we see you playing with your F35?

Everytime Al Nusra is on the ropes the empire does something, what will they do this time?


Well, every time Al Nusra was on the ropes in the past the Empire was huffing and puffing at the first sign of any SAA offensive. Now the radio silence coming from the Empire is deafening. I get the impression that Al Nusra is now an embarrassment to the Empire and they want to close the book on that chapter.

I wonder if Putin’s many chats with Netanyahu have been pivotal in this. By making a deal with Netanyahu to get him to approve an Assad victory in Syria Israel is now no longer pressuring Washington to hinder Assad’s attempt to regain Idlib. Which also denies Erdogan the means to play the US against Russia in order to keep Assad out of Idlib.

I could be wrong of course. But the biggest sign for an impeding Empire involvement, a crazy US ambassador at the UN frothing at the mouth at socalled Assad atrocities, its just not there right now. I check the Dutch MSM news for any reporting about Syria, they usually follow the ASSAD IS EVIL!!! narrative to the letter, but not a peep. Nothing!

Note that then when I say the US is no longer interfering in Syria I mean over Idlib. The US still interferes in East Syria with its Kurdish lapdogs, but as part of its chess game with Iran.


According to https://isis.liveuamap.com, Daesh have made numerous recent claims about attacks on SDF, killing and wounding many of them. Yet this hasn’t been mentioned by SF here. Does that mean these claims were bollox and were just propaganda?

Rhodium 10

liveuamap is a prowestern/Jihadi/jews webpage..

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