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Military Situation In Syria On May 12, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On May 12, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of  the recent developments in Syria:

  • On May 12, the 10th Russian-Turkish patrol took place on the M4 highway. An explosion reportedly caused by an IED erupted near it;
  • ISIS seized and looted an oil truck near Shula;
  • Government forces are conducting anti-ISIS raids in the Bishri Mount area. At least one vehicle was seized;
  • An IED attack was reported near the T3 station.


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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Forget about the looted oil truck that’s nothing to worry about, Isis also managed to take over a small village yesterday for just a few hours too, and that’s the second time they’ve tried to overrun a populated area recently, the first in northern Homs and this one in Deir ez Zor.
Iran runs Deir ez Zor with an Iron fist now but the local Sunni Muslims complain that Iran’s too controlling and oppressive, they also complain that many of the militias that work for Iran are corrupt and demand bribes and commit extortion, on top of that they also accuse them of smuggling drugs and other contraband as well, so the local Sunnis are more than just a little upset with Iran and the Iranian backed NDF militias.
Iran has at least 150,000 paid militia fighters in Syria and effectively control half of Deir ez Zor [the US controls the north], that’s half of the total 33,060 km2 (12,760 sq mi) land mass, which is a small stretch of land 150 km long and 80 km wide, but Isis operates in their territory virtually undetected, so how can that be.
Iran had 150,000 militiamen at it’s disposal so how the hell can Isis hide out in southern Deir ez Zor at all, Iran can’t have too many of it’s 150,000 fighters in Deir ez Zor can they.
And one more thing that bothers me, is it just my imagination or is it a fact that Isis seems to attack SAA and Russian backed NDF militias more than it does Iran or their NDF affiliated militias, and the US too for that matter, Iran seems to be quite immune to all the mayhem Isis is creating all around southern Deir ez Zor and northern Homs lately.
2 things are really needed to stop Isis in southern Deir ez Zor, Russian choppers to hunt down Isis when they’re active, and second a new agreement with Iran that will force them to give up most of their military authority in Deir ez Zor, or at the very least diminish it in most of the areas they control.
The SAA should have military control of most of Deir ez Zor, not Iran and it’s pro Iran militias, that’s why Isis is growing.
And since the US has put up it’s ring of steel all along the Euphrates river to stop Isis from easily crossing the river to attack US/SDF positions and assets, Isis has started moving south into SAA held territory in Homs and attacking Syrian interests there instead.
Iran loves to see Isis cross the river from their occupied territory to attack US occupied territory next door, but now it’s starting to backfire, lately Isis has been attacking Syrian interests more than they do US interests.
You can set a tiger loose on your neighbours land and hope it only attacks your neighbours livestock, but when your neighbours put up barricades to stop the tiger, the tiger will go elsewhere to look for prey.

Jens Holm

There are not that many Iraniens in Syria and Assads has no troops to cover all Syria and probatly never will. I anything the Assads cannot be more active then now and many soldiers of theirs has been exhausted for years and can never some back apart from being local militias.

I disagree in Your version for Homs/Hama. To me ISIS has been there all the time but also has had to regain adn here and there has regained.

The main Assad problem is expertice to fight ISIS. I have nopt been there, but I think I sse a lack of active support for Assads.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Russia Syria and Iraq started a coordinated operation to eradicate Isis from Homs and southern Deir ez Zor back in 2017, it started in october and finished in december, and it only took just 2 months to wipe the desert areas clean, Al Tanf was the only area not totally cleansed due to the 55 km exclusion zone around the US base there.
The Rukban refugee camps numbers swelled from 7,000 to 50,000+ after that campaign ended.
Assad knows how to beat Isis, so do the Russians, but Iran doesn’t want to.
The problem is Assad listens to Iran too much and doesn’t listen to Russia enough, if he did listen to Putin Russian choppers would be wiping out Isis faster in Deir ez Zor than you could eat your breakfast.

Jens Holm

Any real patriot of Syria should remove Assads

Where aree Your level ?? I million dead??? 15 million not in own home. 1 million with one leg or less. All concrite has to be sand first???

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