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JUNE 2020

Military Situation In Syria On June 13, 2019 (Map Update)


A brief overview of the recent developments:

Military Situation In Syria On June 13, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Icarus Tanović

    It is all good as long as Syria slowely, but steadily eats Idlib pocket away.

    • Ed

      Problem is, by the time that pocket has gone, Deash will have probably recaptured most of the territory they previously lost in other areas of Syria! Their attacks seem to be intensifying and the SAA seem powerless to stop them.

      • EnabledVet

        This is a tactic of the rebel. Attack weak targets to make the enemy believe you are healthy and energetic and constantly move. The strategy is to seem ubiquitous and unstoppable, but, in reality, these cells are on their last legs and cannot stand up to a determined force out to destroy them. The problem Syria has right now is that they are hemorrhaging resources everywhere. They need to reclaim territory, rebuild infrastructure, defend against attacks from peer-military nations and police its territory. The terrorists are merely criminals with military weapons and the backing of deep pockets. They are, at heart, cowards and will, eventually, be rolled up.