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MAY 2021

Military Situation In Syria On July 20, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On July 20, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:

  • An explosion occured in the city of Al-Qamishli in al-Hasakah Governorate;
  • A car bomb explosion killed at least 3 civilians and wounded several others in the town of Sajo, north of the city of Azaz;
  • An improvised explosive device detonated in an election center in the town of Busr Al-Harir in Daraa Governorate;
  • Syrian Arab Army artillery shelled militant positions near the village of Tal Wasit in Hama Governorate;
  • According to ANHA, two civilians were injured by Turkish artillery fire in Qamishli district of al-Hasakah Governorate;
  • 460 people detained in Al-Hol camp were released by the SDF from the towns of Al-Baghuz and Susah.


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  1. Enrico says:

    When will the SAA be establishing ‘Observation Posts’ in Hatay? It would sure reduce Idlib violence.

  2. nyomarek says:

    Clearly SAA is told to stand down and don’t make a major assault.

  3. gustavo says:

    Nothing new at the front my general. New Syria continue having 65% of its original land. The other part belong to Turkey and its terrorists, Kurds (USA-Israel puppets), USA and Russia. SAA is not capable to shut down any Israel plane, Israel attacks to Syria land is done without any problem thanks to Russia permission. Russia continue its cooperation with Turkey (NATO member) and does not allow any SAA offensive on Idlib. SAA continue stopping terrorists attacks and defending its position. SAA continue being stalled .

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