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Military Situation In Syria On January 9, 2017 (Map Update)

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The map shows a general look at the military situation in Syria on January 9, 2017.

Military Situation In Syria On January 9, 2017 (Map Update)

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Yahu Savant

So what’s happening around Palmyra? I thought that the SAA was about to start an offensive to retake it?


It will have to wait until the Damascus area is dealt with.


A narrow front assault on Palmyra like the last time is just too damn vulnerable without the SAA also securing the massive hinterland north and south of it. And even after securing the Damascus area the question remains if the SAA can mount on offensive broad enough to take and secure Palmyra. And that’s excluding the question how urgent is retaking Palmyra. It’s not strategically important as most other front sectors. On the other hand its the first stepping stone towards relieving Deir Ezzor. For now that enclave is relatively secure, but if the fall of Palmyra has show anything its that ISIS can still be dangerous and complacency on the ISIS front while you concentrate elsewhere can come to bite you in the ass. Also if the Kurds take too much Northern Syria for their American masters relieving Deir Ezzor and expanding a SAA presence in Eastern Syria might become very crucial very quickly.


Sounds about right.

I do not see the SAA to be able to quickly relieve DeirezZor as the SAA is some 200 kms away with other priorities and SDF only 30 kms and massing arms, supplies and troops for the third phase of the advance on Raqqah.

Abe Manhattan

I see the whole Mediterranean is occupied by Israel. You need a new color.

Rodney Loder

SAA can’t be expected to don a cape and do a walk then coming home to milk the cow, we need a working alliance with Divinity can’t achievement that by trying to replace Allah with a rock star, ease up on IS we can make friends with the Caliphate when they are neutralized in Iraq, there coming to Syria anyway, Erdogan can build a bridge and we can eliminate every other FSA faction, this will work I have Allah’s Word on it.Other than that it’s only then IS and PKK solely out for vengeance, and every FSA Terrorist sucking cream from the US cash cow.


Say whaaat! I thought the cash cow was a camel in Saudi desert?

Rodney Loder

Thanks for the reply, people get nervous when talking about making up with IS, I said mid 2014 Russia had nothing to fear, proved true, sure the Yanks support IS to help YPG out Russia supports YPG too, so do all FSA. Putin now has to suck up to israel to stay in good with Trump, that means Kurds as well.SAA could be out-manouvered by a confidence trick, don’t you think this good cop bad cop Democrats verse Trump is a little bit over acted, ?.

Jens Holm


Rodney Loder

Your a strange jelly fish to be on Southfront, what’s a matter did the plankton seal up your fanny?.

Jens Holm

No, South Front has a lot of vere well done information and often very good maps to it as well.

I read all about everything and compare and try to find facts.

I read about 10 newssites dayly and are at facebook as well as twitter, but only around the fightings.

But if Im strange, it could be because nr 1 in old books are to know the enemy to defaet it.

Here is one of themcomment image

Rodney Loder

Common ancestor with Neanderthal nothing strange about that you should know about fundamentals “no past no present” maybe you don’t even exist.

Jens Holm

Well, right now I have a typical dispute about Tabqa around loses for ISIS and SDF. Its difficult, because of lack of reliable facts too.

But when ISIS rapport 90 SDF`s are dead and SDF rapport 50 dead from ISIS something was not vacation or walk in the park.

Rodney Loder

Very sad, prey for peace, About Tabqa I think its probably closer to SDF report my Brothers exagggurate a might, I think Colonel Cassad reports the consistent truth, ; https://4threvolutionarywar.wordpress

Jens Holm

That my guess too, but both only rapport enemy deads. But some kurds medias send far out messages out too.

Rodney Loder

I don’t think anyone but al-Assad is going to be parading their crippled and amputated Soldiers let alone the dead ones, al-Assad does it to cause acceptance of austerity Kurds haven’t got capacities since they broke with SAA and became the only faction supporting US intervention, SDF wounded in Raqqah theatre probably are not welcome anwhere except israel.
The North is different so far relations between Kurds and Regime are holding.


The French delegation that visited Aleppo yesterday (1/09/2017) , and then met Assad in Damascus , was shelled (but not hit) by the FSA , unit # 23 , while they were on the airport runway before take off . Nothing in the media about it .

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