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JUNE 2021

Military Situation In Syria On January 8, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on January 8, 2017:

Military Situation In Syria On January 8, 2018 (Map Update)

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too much green and too much yellow for my taste. Should ll be red. One nation under one government. No one should have weapons beside a legitimate authority.

Daniel Castro

“No one should have weapons beside a legitimate authority.”

The people is legitimate enough for me… one of the reasons Syria was an easy target for terrorists is the people didn’t have weapons.


Would agree if there are only “the people” as representative of a nation, in a country like Syria, consisting of many different culturally diverse minorities and larger affiliations, a strong authoritarian superstructure is needed. Giving weapons to everybody is not a solution in any possible way.

Daniel Castro

Let the people have shotguns and pistol caliber semi-auto carbines, the army shouldn’t be so coward as to fear the people with such weapons.

Of course I agree the central power must have authority, like control over protests and the assumption if you shoot the security forces you and everyone around you would just be gunned down on spot.


If the protesters are storming government facilities in mass, like happened in Egypt for instance. Then shooting a lot of people as a last resort makes sense. But you have to be careful returning fire into a crowd when it’s not the crowd that’s the immediate threat, but only a few trouble makers. That’s what undercover police officers are for. To get at the trouble makers in the crowd.

If the crowd turns on the officers, or it’s unsafe for the officers to work in the crowd, then it may be necessary to start shooting people if the police are being shot at. But a lot of times that doesn’t happen. And the rioters can be separated from the non violent demonstrators by the police working the demonstration.

Daniel Castro

In my opinion they should have shot at the thugs in Maidan with a helicopter gunship…


American point of view. Are you American? It was easy to get your hands on weapons in Syria and Iraq post-ISIS time. This is one of the reasons SAA and SDF discover large ammo depots from ISIS and other rebels.

Daniel Castro

I am sul americano.

“It was easy to get your hands on weapons in Syria and Iraq post-ISIS time.”

Your statement got dubious, of course it is easy to get weapons in Syria now when the country was flooded with weapons and jihadis, but in the begininng the religious minorities were slaughtered because they had no weapons to defend themselves, except for the kurd which were always terrorists, so they had weapons.


I meant post civil war times, my bad. Many had guns and it was easy to get your hands on them. How I know? My family still lives in Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do call the others rebels when during the whole time they have proved otherwise and acted in the same manner as the ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorist factions.

Cheryl Brandon





Trump targets Russian military bases and Muslim states through his own terror networks like Erdogan(AKP), MBS(Sauds), Netanyahu(Israel), ISIS, HTS(Al-Qaeda), FSA and SDF.

Palestine, Yemen, Syria and Iraq etc are in serious trouble now. Only the unity of all friendly states can save them from Trump and his terror networks.


comment image

Palestine is a tiny country that cannot be divided. Since 1944 Palestinians fight just by own resources i.e. stones and knives. Palestinians have made some rockets but these are not effective.

Since 1948 Israel receiving latest heavy weapons and fighter jets from America. Now Israel producing these heavy weapons themselves but to Palestine no country have given heavy weapons/technology….Now Palestine is a highly vulnerable nation in the world. Israel taking their homes by gunpoints….Therefore, due to air strikes the servicemen and civilian casualties of Palestinians are hundred times higher as compare to Israel.

If South Africa can liberate from apartheid dictatorship then why not Palestine and Yemen…. All world leaders should have to support Palestinians and Yemenis to end this human rights violations at least for the small kids that have no food, medicines and shelters. Please remove their blocked and provide them political, militarily, and humanitarian aid to help them to liberate their own countries from apartheid KSA and Israel.


Wtf you spamming each time? Irrelevant.




You will see these posts 1000 times as long as Israeli terror network exist on the land of Palestine. When Israel go back to their own countries from where they have entered secretly into Palestine then I will stop it.

Cheryl Brandon

Send them back to Russia/Romainia/Poland and Germany and Hungary!


Poland I agree with. There is an empty facility at Auschwitz where the Khazar returnees could be housed. There is even a swimming pool.and a football pitch. The old theatre though is now a Nunnery.


The Khazar story is actually a hoax based on the writings of a couple of Israelis. The intention was to make people think that being Jewish is a matter of religion; that a whole nation of non-Jews could convert and become Jews. That of course is false. Jews are a genetically distinct group which has been proved using DNA testing. Jews have far more DNA markers in common with each other than they do with anyone originating in Southern Russia/Khazar territory. Because a Jew is a Jew because of genetics (the Israeli marriage laws only reinforce my argument) the actions of Zionist Israel amount to both genocide and ethnic cleansing of Arabic-speakers because they are discriminating on the basis of race and race alone.


Indeed, and many in the world are now able to easily research that true fact


If you care to give me some hints as to where to look, who has researched this (other than the dubious Israeli authors) and in general, where to find supporting evidence, I will look into this further.


You may like to read this account concerning the Khazars Kenny.


Part II

Simon Gould

It wasn’t a hoax and the Khazar identity is only ascribed to Ashkenazi Jews – the Nebal study, the Behar study and the Elhaik study all support it to a greater or lesser degree. It’s worth noting that the authors of the original hypothesis are Sephardim.


There are more effective ways…

Gary Sellars

Hardly irrelevant, now be a good little boy and learn what the Palestinian issue is all about.


It’s irrelevant to the subject. It’s about Syria. He should post this under Israel / Palestina subjects.

Cheryl Brandon

King Abdullah’s grandfathter was also a whore on behalf of the JEWS. He was bribed into standing with Israel against UN resolution to have a Palestine State; He/Moshe Dayan/Reuven Shiloah and other members of David Ben Gurion terrorists gang worked together to against the 2,000,000 Palestinians in Palestine.They worked so that, the palestinian State would NEVER COME INTO BEING.These are the conspirators who then turn around and BLAME Palestinians for not negotiating???? The gang of terrorists were 1005 thugs/crooks and greedy/power mad /cold and calculating people who were 100% racist towards the Arabs. Even though their people in arabs lands had an easy comfortable lives. Ethnically Cleanse Palestinians and start a real holocaust in 1947 with everybody cheering on the JEWS for their violence.


Thanks for your comprehensive note. I like it.

Cheryl Brandon

My SAA soldiers are determined/dedicated/ and dutiful towards Syria;their country. They are giving their young lives for this very bloody PROXY WAR which they never requested.I am so very proud of your 6 year long run; But, watch the JEWISH hawks;They are coming near your border!Hezbollah, watch. their tanks are rolling into Nablus and King Abdullah remains silent;Whore of the JEWS as well.

Leon Auguste

How Come there’s still a large portion of ground in the east controlled by ISIS ?


No need to lose brave men in the desert. Just starve these rats to death


It’s not controlled, it’s more an ISIS presence. This area is a remote and lawless corner of Syria (similar to Anbar desert in Iraq). There have been clearance operations once the eastern side of the Euphrates was cleared but I think these operations halted when ISIS did a big counter attack on the villages near the river.


What is the difference between Iran and Saudi governments

Saudi government together with Trump and Netanyahu like evils using their proxies ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Mujahideen and have attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen…. Saudi government have also attacked Yemen by air strikes and ground troops. Saudis and Netanyahu have closed the doors of Yemen and Palestine and have converted it into a human slaughter houses.

Iran policy is different to the issues that Muslim world is facing now. Iran defending and supporting Muslim countries against evils i.e. Trump, Netanyahu and Saudis and stabilizing the Middle East region. That is why, all Muslim nations support Iran policy.


Trump, Netanyahu and MBS(Saudis) have converted Palestine and Yemen into a human slaughter houses. They have closed the doors of both countries and inside slaughtering Innocent civilians by air strikes and heavy shelling…. Iran, Hezbollah and Russia have saved Syria and Iraq from these butchers.


Turkey send reinforcements to foreign terrorist networks HTS, FSA and Al-Qaeda in Syria, does Turkey have signed MOU for this provocative action from Syrian government?
Is Turkey not planning to take parts of land from Syrian nation like Hatay and Golan Heights?
Both are closed brother Muslim countries and they should have to support each other, not to provoke war and hate against each other.

Cheryl Brandon


are the SAA, we are the sons of the soil,

on the various battlefields we together toil

we be Sunni/Palestinain/Hezbollah or Shia

the united SAA carry on the fight against Wahabhism terror!

;The PEACE prize winner had his fangs on united Syria,

the bombing 2012 till now in Deir Ezzor and environs of Raqqah!

continues to be the uninvited guest/the illegal squatter/the instigators

divisions and creating enemies where neighbours murder neighbours.

are the Peoples champions entrusted by the elected government

fight terrorism throughout the whole of Syria, with 100% commitment.

remind ourselves, we are the warriors/the workers/ the friends/Liberators

a just war against terrorism funded by the word’s rich one percenters!

we hold our rocket launcher and aim at the well paid foreign terrorists,

they die on the battlefield for the causes of the USA and Israhell militarists,

imperialism/Washingsteiners/Zionism and other such policies,

feel proud to be active participants and victors in our government’s

have been many massacres and murders/destruction in Syria

the hands of all the foreign paid
proxies and USA bombs of Obomber.

But fakestream/lamestream media and Liberals have
remained silent!,

if Syria is the aggressor/the destroyer/killers who must repent!

are the Syrian sons of the soil and, we will go to any part of Syria,

will not be deterred by threats/false claims/LIES and western propaganda!

are the people army entrusted with the task of liberating the whole of Syria

Russia/Iraqi militias/local fighters/Russian pilots and The might Hezbollah!

are the SAA government soldiers fighting for our country, our old Syria

and diverse , peaceful pro Palestinian Liberation and friend of Hezbollah!

are the SAA, though our brothers die on the battlefield, we continue our fight

the right to exists as s diverse, united country with victory always in our

A poem for our SAA
Warriors/heroes/Liberators/Defenders of Syria with their precious lives against the whores of the USA/Saudi Arabia and Israhell.


This Idlib offensive is a huge breakthrough. Especially if they close the gap and pocket Idlib into two sections for clearing. It will be the beginning of the end for the Jew world order regime change terror project in western Syria. And should give the Kurds a heads up that they’re next if they don’t stop their secession drive and allow the restoration of Syrian government administration east of the river.

It couldn’t come at a better time for my contact work as I prepare to open telepathic com channels in a remote wilderness setting suitable for meeting with ET liaisons and bringing a ship in for pick up and drop off. It strengthens my position in peace process work for getting our planet’s security situation stabilized and demonstrating our ability to conduct our affairs in a sane and rational manner in conformity with natural and creational law. As a progressive emerging race that can make a positive contribution to interstellar civilization.

Sebastiano DiRaviolo (Basti)

just want to point out that there is a spelling mistake in the legend it says: under ISIS cotntrol.
please correct that spelling mistake

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