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Military Situation In Syria On January 5, 2019 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria.

  • Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has significantly expanded its control of areas in western Aleppo and southern Idlib;
  • The Damascus government continues negotiations with the Kurdish leadership over Manbij;
  • ISIS still keeps its positions near the town of Hajin on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.
Military Situation In Syria On January 5, 2019 (Map Update)

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Master Oroko

Ugh, I wish Idlib could be taken already so we can wrap this entire war up.


The appointment of another fukin Zionist warhawk, Jeffries to take over from the other Jew lovin McGurk seems to have reset the Yanki position to default. We have gone from:- “we will be gone very soon”, as in 100 days to “we are going very smartly and slow”. Jeffries appointment, keeps Yanki war machine on the front foot in Syria doing what they do best, supporting the planted Jew colony of Cockroaches, IsraHell while continuing to frustrate the conclusion of the war in Syria by also supporting HTS. Damn their eyes


This war seems to be in it’s end, the yankees are impotent, the Turks are impotent, their proxies mercenaries are fighting each other, the zionists also can’t do nothing about, Syrians and Russians are everyday more in control of the situation. The change of the position of the arab countries about Syria and the negociations for a reconciliation with the syrian kurds are two of the signs pointing to the end of this conflict.


Good news !
West Aleppo definitely needs to be expanded upon in order to protect the city’s liberation.
Unfortunately the war will not end until America leaves, or the Kurds start thinking.


There’s the problem of having reserve forces, because the Turks want to enter by northeast, if the Syrian army would be in battle at Idlib. This is a good moment for the Kurds to get a reasonable agreement about local autonomies with local budgets, something like the local autonomies in an european country. The actual more dangerous force are the Turks, both to the Syrian government and the syrian populations of the north and east.


You are right, the Turks being able to resupply with unlimited jihadists as they have throughout America’s war on Syria are the most dangerous at this point.
HST the Al Qaeda rebrand, are the CIA’s pets and are sure to be resupplied, that is the reason Idlib’s liberation had been put on hold, White Helmets waiting.
My big question is how can the SAA resupply Hasaka and Qamishli.


There’s a good information of Zionism = Evil in the comments of the next article.

The kurds are recognizing that they are syrian citizens and that the territories they control are a part of Syria and must be reintegrated in the governmental control, on the other hand, the kurds and all the populations of north and east Syria need to reconcile with the government to defend their land and their country against the foreigner agressours and occupiers, so, the questiom is not only resupplying those two pockets, it’s to defend all the East Euphrates and recover the Northwest.

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