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JULY 2022

Military Situation In Syria On January 17, 2018 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on January 17, 2018.

Military Situation In Syria On January 17, 2018 (Map Update)

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Our Tigers , SAA , one third of Idlib in just over a week , we free people of the world are so proud of You !

Syria insider

Your tiger Forces? Idiot


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You are aware that Daesh are gaining ground daily in this area and are currently kicking SAA’s butt, yeah?


Thats just Amac propaganda , they have no such luck .


Gaining ground from HTS … and we will see who’s butt will be kicked.

You can call me Al

It is looking much better now on the West side of the Euphrates, but I would still like an “idiots guide” to help me understand, why the big ISIS pocket still stands.

Also, why hasn’t the PMU been invited in, to the South East (East of the Euphrates) and take out the remaining ISIS there, but gain some footing before the SDF take it, or are they hoping the SDF and ISIS kick off and kill each other ?.

Hide Behind

Situation reminds me of 1900- 1945 Eurocentric division of lands and borders. There are no South of Equator powers who control or have a say in future, at best they don white mans clothes and become minions to greater powers. SYRIA is no more, and will become but part of that Eurocentric economy. 3 globes, 1939- 1948- 1979 all have nations marked that either are no more or have changed names, borders have shifted larger or smaller. There are no African, central Asian or middle eastern lands, they are European dominated and are fast losing identity of culture. Syria is today but an island, surrounded by enemies, all backed by most powerfull economic and military forces in history. SYRIA, will take decades to rebuild. It has of yet not the resources or military capability to bring cohesiveness to what lands the EuroCentrics have allowed ( yes allowed), them to claim. RUSSIA gained, US and Allies gained Power of Assads regime within Damasus wsill expand within the major sectors,are regain on a smaller scale, and for them to try and expand military operations against those outside powers means It would be more decades of instability.


Syria will regain its oil fields from the occupying American thieves . If the Kurds are smart in the Asana talks they will formally ask the US to withdraw from Syrian territory , if not four nations Syria ,Turkey , Iraq and Iran will drive them out .

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