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Military Situation In Syria On January 16, 2019 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On January 16, 2019 (Map Update)

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Zo Fu

If you look at my comments from the last months, they are pretty consistent with the last development:

-I was rather sceptical about US withdraw from Syria – USA didn’t withdraw
-I predicted that Turkey will try to eliminate any pro-Assad and Christian civilians in Idlib – genocide (backed by Turkey) is ongoing in Idlib.
-I predicted that S300 deployment and bold statements about shooting down any attacking Israeli jet and attacking Israeli airfields with missiles as a answer on Israeli missile attacks on Syria are just empty words – Russia didn’t made SINGLE attack on Israeli jet since S300 were deployed. Not mentioning Russia somehow forget about her promises “airfield for airfield” after last Israeli attacks on Damascus airfield and facilities.

So sum it up:
-Erdogan is making open territorial claims in Northern Syria and preparing ethnic cleansing
-Putin is fine with Erdogan’s and Netanyahu’s attacks on Syrian territorial integrity
-USA is keeping breaking any promise they made

Proof me I’m wrong.

Promitheas Apollonious

Well…… israel is not attacking russia, but syria so is up to syria to answer to the attacks on her own motherland. If they chose not to, is for their own reasoning and not yours. I do want the syrians to answer back but then I am not a syrian just a bystander observer same as you are.

You dont know what putin is fine with and what not, beside his game is a global and not a localized one, so his criteria with yours, that are ones of a couch frustrated general begin for a nuclear holocaust at any cost, I am sure are not on the same level.

Predicting something that is very obvious does not make you an expert or on the right, just someone who half understand what is happening, from the comfort of your living room or basement.

From your point of view you are right. From the ones, who run the show should they read what you writing, a good joke to laugh at morning coffee and an amateur with a limited thinking span and unable to put the dots together.

Zo Fu

Well, what Putin did as a global player is full retreat with the only one exception – Crimea which was 99% ethnically Russian territory.
But he is blind to East Ukraine, Baltic states, last development in Poland, Romania and other openly warmongering russophobic states from former Eastern block, he is quite passive when USA are forcing Germany to abandon Nord Stream2 and when UK tabloids are printing bullshit about Skripal etc.
Putin just likes sitting somewhere in his Moscow residence and keeping his full retreat policy and making nonsense deals together with Lavrov instead of confronting NATO with military force. Nato and USA are considering it as a weakness so they are daring more and more attacks, still more and more aggressive until Russia lose the last ally they have. I see it as very stupid policy and very bad Putin’s decision.
Tens of thousands already died because of it.

Promitheas Apollonious

it is a matter of opinion especially from the ones who focus on the tree and miss the forest. It is many things that depending from the point of view you see things we assume putin make mistakes in his strategy, including some of my points of view, but then again who of us, who judge, knows his point of view or what exactly is russias strategy and goes in ME?

Promitheas Apollonious

I see you are a frustrated want to be that think he know better than any one else, especially from someone who took russia when she had 100% unemployment and in 8 short years turn her around to a very prosperous super power economically as well military.

But hey dont you worry when you become a leader of a nuclear power do what you say and we see how much of the world will be left to cheer you up. As for the rest you saying is plain BS so they dont require any answer.


– Yankee will never go home

– Turkey will never do anything against US/Nato/Israel Interests

– Zionists will continue controlling wars and conflicts….US and Russia are their dogs…World Peace
therefore is an utopia.


– Russia has its own survival issues due to US/Nato (Ukraine etc) and also has close historical ties with Zionists, which make them an ”active bystander”..Turkey will do as it is told/allowed to do, Russia will not touch that or Israeli attacks on Syria. Russia will just see to it that Assad can cut a good deal with the West. No chance for SAA to regain its old territory.

– Kurds will establish a state which will be governed by Israel. A future NATO member too probably.
The state will be filled with jews who will establish the infrastructure of the state.

– Palestine / Israel / Egypt will form an economical alliance over energy resources in eastern

– Iran will eventually be victimized by NATO. They are only managing to delay their destruction at the
moment by supporting Assad and allies.

all above soo unfortunate but I can not make myself believe otherwise.

Zo Fu

Absolutely right. Just Erdogan is dreaming about new Ottoman empire and hugely overestimates himself. He thinks he is on pair with Israel-USA-Russia global players.

This will probably result in open military clash between NATO and Turkey (LOL because formally Turkey is a NATO member) or (more probably) next US deep state attempt to overthrow or even better assassinate Erdogan.


I do not fully agree. Turkey is together in this with the US/Nato… what we have witnessed last 1-2 decades is stripping the Middle East off of Nation States whose heads (Saddam, Qaddafi, Assad) were standing against US, Trying get rid of US$ trade, holding on to their natural resources against exploitation etc etc. (Turkey is not in that category whatsoever) Now they are almost all gone, its time to establish ”statelets” which are pro-Israel and pro-Nato and are fully open to International Corporations’ (TAXLESS + BRIBELESS!!) exploitation.

PS. Ottoman thing was a tool for Arab Spring and its repercussions…an Islamic model which is not like Iran (Shiite) or that of Saddam/Qaddafi, both models being Nationalist and anti-imperialist. Best islam for US/Israel is that of Saudi Arabia or UAE…lots of money and power to the leaders who in turn keep their population under control and sell their countries by the pound.


Trump is useless, he has no power. His forces withdrawal decision from Syria slammed by Netanyahu. LOL.

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