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JULY 2020

Military Situation In Syria On January 13, 2020 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Syria On January 13, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent development in Syria:




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  • verner

    quite a bit of work still to be done, it will be done and the jihadists/terrorists/kurds kicked right back to whence they came. syria is safe for the future it seems and when the squatters are gone in a couple of years, all will be fine and dandy in he region.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Ok since this SF update is just about useless I’ll do another one of my own.

    “The Syrian Army’s 4th Armoured Division is reportedly redeploying units from western Deir Ezzor to Aleppo city.”

    The 4th division are Assad’s most loyal soldiers, very well trained and equipped and predominantly Shia, and the areas they’re being moved to are the very same areas where the Iranian backed militias are already operating. So Assad’s redeploying his most loyal and experienced Shia troops to the areas the Iranian backed Shia militias are already stationed, so is Assad doing that to facilitate better cooperation between his troops and the Iranian militias, or is it to ensure something else?
    Deir ez Zor is virtually becoming an Iranian stronghold, this is where the Iranians are most active in Syria and also where the Russians are having the most problems with Iran. Iran and Russia are now coming to blows in Deir ez Zor with open fighting between the opposing militias reported on many times, and yet this is where the 4th division has just been redeployed from.
    Are they being moved out of harms way perhaps because Assad doesn’t want them to play piggy in the middle between the Russians and Iranians, maybe, or are they being redeployed to watch the Iranian militias in Aleppo and stop them doing the same thing in Aleppo as they’ve been doing in Deir ez Zor, maybe that too, or are they really there to help the Iranian militias when the SAA ground offensive actually starts, maybe that’s a possibility as well, but there’s also another factor we have to add to the equation before we come to any conclusions, so get ready because most of you won’t like this fact.
    From June last year until now, no Iranian militia’s at all have been fighting against any of the Turkish backed militias full stop the FSA/NSA/NFL/SLF, ect, in fact during the last 18 months the Iranian backed militias have killed 100 times as many Russian backed militiamen as they have Turkish militiamen, and that’s because they haven’t been fighting any Turkish backed militiamen at all, just Russian backed militiamen.
    Turkey and Iran are working behind Putin’s back to carve up Syria for their own interests, Erdogan said many times he wouldn’t be happy until all of northern Deir ez Zor above the Euphrates was under Turkish control, and since the Iranians virtually control most of Deir ez Zor below the Euphrates already, both parties are poised to get what they both want, because from where Erdogan’s forces are stationed in Al Hasakah, it’s only 20 km to get to northern Deir ez Zor ‘JUST A COINCIDENCE’.
    A few months ago SF published several articles concerning current Russian Turkish relations, they told us the Russians were upset because they’d discovered the Turks were just using the Kurds as an excuse to implement another agenda the Russians didn’t agree to, and also said the Russians were going to outmaneuver them. So is moving Assad’s 4th division just a part of the Russians attempts to outmaneuver both the Turks and the Iranians , kill 2 birds with the 1 stone, I’m starting to think it is.

    “Pro-militant sources claim that the Syrian Air Force and the Syrian Army continued strikes on militants’ positions in southern Idlib despite the ‘ceasefire’.

    LOL LOL LOL, tell the truth SF, even though the terrorists and opposition forces have been on their very best behaviour since the start of the ceasefire, the SAA and SAAF have just totally ignored the ceasefire and are going gangbusters on them, hitting the south of Idlib and driving the terrorists, opposition, and civilians north towards the humanitarian corridors, or Turkey if they prefer, and from what I can see so far, Turkey seems to be to the choice of destination for the refugees.
    And don’t be disappointed if we only get a few hundred refugees using the humanitarian corridors, some of you are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to use them but that’s probably not going to happen, but don’t worry that’s only because most of the pro Assad refugees won’t need to use them, Assad drops leaflets to warn them they’re about to be liberated, then they move out of harms way for as long as they need to, and then just move right back in after the SAA liberate the areas.
    The war is nearly over, it’s days not weeks away, don’t stop the momentum now, go SAA, go SAAF, total victory is so close.
    Qualifier, when I say total victory I mean the collapse of 90% of southern Idlib, Aleppo, and all of northern Hama, the Turkish border areas won’t collapse so quickly, that may still take months of really hard fighting, but at least 90% of Idlib will have been liberated and it’s people freed.
    And the last 10% won’t have too many civilians left in it anyway, making the SAA’s job a little easier, but the terrorists/rebels might get Turkish air/artillery support when that happens,which will dramatically complicate the situation and extend the war, but not for years, just months.

  • Fred Dozer

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