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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Syria On February 8, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on February 8, 2017.

Military Situation In Syria On February 8, 2017 (Map Update)

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chris chuba

Any thoughts on the situation on Yemen? http://www.reuters.com/article/us-yemen-security-idUSKBN15M2FI

It’s sad. The port city of Mokha has fallen to the bad guys. If the next port further north falls, how will the Yemenis get any food?


Houthi resistance is incredible, heroic, but sadly I don’t see them victorious… not without some serious foreign help (and that’s not very likely, Iranian limited support is not nearly enough)


They are already starving , The Saudi’s are without mercy , and the Americans should hang their heads in shame for supporting this genocide .

Dink Smallwood

Turkey saying after Al bab comes Raqqah. One thing at a time lads. I’d assume they think they will just roll over the Sdf territory on the way rather than fight Isis. Since the true goal of eurphraptes shield was about keeping the Kurds away from Turkey. (single linking boarder) They didn’t mind that kilis had been getting mortared from Isis and that was fine. When the YPG was looking to link their territory only then did Erdogan react.

Gabriel Hollows

Fine by me, as long as Erdogan doesn’t try to land grab Syrian territory he can go to town on the Kurds to his heart’s content.


Those Kurds are Syrian citizens , and yes he is land grabbing . Look at Cyprus fifty years latter and they still won’t leave .

chris chuba

It doesn’t look like the Turks are up for a fight in Raqqa, especially given their recent performance. Al Bab is just an outpost and they’ve been stuck there for months. I can’t see them storming a fortress like Raqqa. Erdogan is just paying lip service.

I agree that the Turks are unlikely to go willingly which is why the SAA wants to link up with the SDF to make sure the Turks don’t expand further south/east.

Dennis R

I’m so tired of this back and forth with the TFK (TAF/Turk Military) and who/what/where they feel like siding and with who… THEY were OUR allies and sure, they bought their hardware for decades from the Reds BUT COME ON! Turkey needs to rejoin NATO (yeah, Turkey….I said it…GET THE F–K OVER ANY KURD TERROR INCIDENTS!!) We have yet to see YOU go through a 7/7 and/or 9/11. but it doesn’t stop Turkey from whining, being dicks, and just acting like children. Their intel services are supposedly (meaning I hear by rumor on this one) that they are worse than the IRGC and Saddam could ever be HOWEVER the only difference?????????? They hide it better. If we (or any EU nation knew) it would be bad…..and that’s the understatement of the millennium BUT, that’s apparently now an excuse to align with HEZBOLLAH? I KNOW PEOPLE IN US SPECIAL OPERATIONS (it’s a tight knit community, but outside of keeping OPSEC/PERSEC, you hear a few benign things….Example–>) and they said the Hez (and Hamas) are almost twice as bad as AQ/AQAP etc. They are low-vis (low visibility, like Mossad’s intel collection teams) and they literally blend in perfectly….Have you ever been to Jerusalem??? I have….It’s nuts when you realize that Hezbollah is nearly as well trained as Lebanese Special Operations!!!! Old school PLO and this is open source) basically redesigned Hamas (just as an example between the two terror orgs) to basically dress as IDF (Israeli mil) and cause chaos on a biblical level in some cases over the last twenty years (googly em!). AND THAT IS TURKEY’S NEW ALLIES NOW! YAY! GREAT CHOICE! YOU PICKED ONE OF THE MOST HATED, DISGUSTING, DEGENERATE, CORRUPT, AND BRUTAL TERROR GROUPS TO HAVE YOUR BACK…Nice……I mean really…..Let’s see…I’m Turkey’s DoD head staff, and I look at two sides….One? NATO….UK/US/CAN/AUS/NZ/JORDAN(who’s GID CT units are the BEST in the business next to Mossad/Sayaret Metkal and the infamous Mi6-E Sqdn/”The Increment” (did I fact check that right? they called em that right?) who are basically Israel’s mix of a Delta/TF Green’s G-Sqdn (recon squadron) and CIA’s SAD Ground Branch operators (who are all SF dudes as far as I know in most cases anyways). Turkey is blowing it….

Dennis R

F–K Turkey….Sorry, but I’m 34 and I was a huge fan of how cool of a customer Turkey was in the Mid-East during all the chaos….THEN? ISIL shows up….And we see this influx of stupidity that is just amazing. THEY ALIGN WITH HEZBOLLAH! Isn’t anyone else alarmed? I don’t “hate” the Russians…Hell, the Reds are after a few (and no, not alot, I mean it…just a few here and there) of the same obj we are (basically putting terror six feet under all over the world….Remember Chechens bombing the crap out of them? They put up with that (again, I’m no fan of Russia or ANYONE in the Ukraine crisis that supports their bullsh-t and genocidal madness) again and again and yet they held back until the 90s/2000s…..then finally they just said “enough”. They went through like twenty 9/11s (so to speak….not 3000 KIA with most attacks but still) and THEN they finally snapped and went and started dropping SF and those A-bomb laying motherfu-kers and used chem artillery etc on civilian targets just as often as miltiary (like I said, I’m no fan of Russia). But at least they are better than HEZBOLLAH!!!! I mean, what about Hamas??? Have you people even been educated on how really, really, really ugly that group is???? Hez is considered the best by our guys in terms of terror orgs (more than AQ in terms of brutality and long-term warfare skill-building) the “A-TEAMs” of Iran’s version of Green Berets (Quds Force). They’ve even cleverly turned us against our own Shi’ite allies in like AT LEAST three countries…..Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc etc….THAT IS TURKEY’S ALLY AT THE MOMENT….Freakin Iran’s murder mobs and militias running through Aleppo raping women and killing anything REMOTELY resembling ISIL/Daesh BUT many are innocent (hence the refugees!!! Wars cover the globe, but no one has a refugee count like they got right now….Hmmmmmm…I wonder why. OH WAIT…It’s because a dozen terror groups, ACMs (anti-coalition militias), and even just local shooters protecting their criminal territories among all the war zones. yeah…>GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER TURKEY..Kurds aren’t perfect, but you aren’t either and neither is the US/UK!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GET OVER IT AND STICK WITH US…..Putin is not planning to just leave afterwards.

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