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Military Situation In Syria On February 25, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • ISIS cells allegedly attacked an SAA position west of al-Mayadin. Pro-militant sources claim that 9 SAA soldiers were killed or captured;
  • The ISIS-held pocket near Al-Baghouz has not been eliminated so far;
  • The evacuation of civilians from the al-Rukban refugee camp is sabotaged by local militants;
  • ISIS claimed that its members had eliminated a “PKK” mebber in the al-Makif district of Raqqa city;
  • Ceasefire violations in norhern Hama and western Aleppo;
  • Syrian aircraft delivered series of strikes on militant positions in the de-escalation zone.
Military Situation In Syria On February 25, 2019 (Map Update)

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SAA has not been in a true battle for months now……wasting time….on orders of Russia……
eg. Isis pocket… what the fuck are they waiting for?? very poor political Leadership
eg. Idlib…. pathetic Agreements from day 1
eg. east syria, kurdish traitors….. talk talk talk talk….. how can anybody in the political Leadership seriously believe that them kurdish traitors will ever “give back” syrian land again without the use of force? again..very bad syrian political judgement and Leadership…..

conclusion….Baschar al.assad is weak….. his Father was 10x stronger with more political strategic intelligence…..then again….the curreent syrian leader Baschar was never meant to rule the Country anyway…..Basil al Assad..was meant to rule , but he died in a car crash

ps. Baschar al assad lived in LONDON for About 10 years>!!!!!!!!! till his brother Basil died.
would anybody here bet his life , that Baschar has not become an Agent for the british/Zionist cause/Agenda???

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

are u sure u are not an agent?


more examples every day…

BREAKING NEWS from today 25.02.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:30 P.M.) – The Turkish-backed rebels unleashed a powerful assault in the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate this afternoon.
According to local reports, the National Liberation Front (NLF) and Jaysh Al-Izza heavily bombarded the Christian towns of Mhardeh and Suqaylabiyeh with a plethora of Grad missiles and artillery shells.

The reports said that at least one civilian in Suqaylabiyeh was killed and five others were wounded.
The reports added that Jaysh Al-Izza is still attacking the large town of Mhardeh at this time – the Syrian Arab Army has yet to respond to this latest assault.

great Agreement mr.putin…works reallllllllllllly good-
sarcasm out!


sputnik News same Story


DAMASCUS (Sputnik) – One civilian was killed and five more were injured on Monday as terrorists opened artillery fire at the city of As Suqaylabiyah in the Syrian province of Hama, Syria TV reported.
The settlements located in the northern part of the Hama province, in the vicinity of the demilitarized zone, are being shelled by terror groups almost every day, which results in civilian casualties and significant material damage.

and my sarcasm wont stop…it begs for such bs Agreements..

great Agreement mr. Putin……….but for whom???

sarcasm out

Xoli Xoli

Assad is not weak Putin whom he invited make deals with Erdogan who hates Syrians and USA who wants to split up syria and make country for Traitors SDF terrorists organization of Kurds. I’d Assas troop try to enter Al Tanf or Hassaka Pentagon attacks them.If Assad try to liberate Islib Putin stop Syrian army and make useless agreements with Erdogan who oppress sovereign Cyprus .IF Syrian and Iran gain territories USA order Satanyahu to launch Suprise attack on any national infrastructure and make useless foolish devilish excuses about Iran threat.No Russia jamming systems or missiles defence systems were used against USA NATO aggression.Everybody who attack Russian allies get Putin security guarantees and protection.Simple Venezuela need protection it has Russian interest no support only Putin and Lavrov barking.If Russia aggressively interfere were ever USA threatens then wars will stop.After bombing Russian allies Israel, USA and NATO puppets flew to Russia and bribe and give tokens of appreciation then after same scenario. Syria will be liberate by Iran and Hizbollah. Turkey will be isolated and destroyed by USA NATO because of Cyprus oppression and Erdogan interference. Give time.

Mustafa Mehmet

you know nothing about cyprus….oli oli just zip it

Promitheas Apollonious

I do know about cyprus maybe you should zip it kid.

Mustafa Mehmet

I know very well what happened 1950 up to 74 was there.

Promitheas Apollonious

so was I kid and was not an observer….

Mustafa Mehmet

yes re kalamara. let’s carry on with Syria discussion now

Promitheas Apollonious

you confuse me with someone else kid and I am not kalamaras, but I am Ellinas. We did not have any discussion to carry on Just learn not to put your foot into your mouth, or at least wash it before you do. Mongols have a problem with that part.

Mustafa Mehmet

Name like that you r kalamara. RE

Xoli Xoli

Mustafa is lions name.Before you mother plan you I was in Cyprus.

Bill Wilson

Maduro needs to be tied to a stake and burned alive!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

no, you do


even with 3-4 cancer cells in the country its very beautiful to finally see a ‘red’ Syria. imagine the amount of terrorists send, by Russia-Syrian forces, to hell.!!!!

You can call me Al

That black bob or the dessert West of DeZ is much smaller; please stop using the wrong maps as you have the updated one as shown yesterday.


Look like the SAA need to do a lot more desert sweeps. Seems as though they still have a Daesh infestation!

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