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JULY 2020

Military Situation In Syria On February 23, 2020 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Syria On February 23, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:




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  • Zionism = EVIL

    Military situation is that Turkeys are pretty much cooked either escalate or get the goat fuck out of Syria.


  • Lone Ranger

    Rapist cannibal headchoppers will cry and rage ;)
    Rest in pieces…

  • Lone Ranger

    Glory to Syria and the SAA.

  • Jimmy Jim


  • Veritas Vincit

    There are reports that indicate Turkey is preparing to employ electronic warfare systems against Syrian and Russian anti-aircraft systems [1] and to more broadly establish an allied no-fly zone over Syrian territories [2-3] to facilitate freedom of operations in Syria by Turkish aviation. The potential neutralisation of Syrian and Russian anti-aircraft systems ‘through proxies’ is also reported [4-5].

    In response, it is reasonable to assume Russian military analysts would also be preparing to neutralise Turkish anti-aircraft systems (including Russian supplied systems) and MLRS assets that pose a threat in the event of a significant escalation. The mobilisation of MLRS assets by both sides further indicates preparations for associated operations [4-6].

    Already the targeting of military forces by parties involved is evident [5,7,8]. Syria has recently authorised the downing of foreign military aircraft violating its airspace [9].

    While negotiations continue, actions are replacing words. Turkey (backed by the US and key NATO powers) is intent on pursuing its illegal actions in Syria (aggression under International Law) through military mechanisms. This would necessitate reciprocal responses.

    Syria does not want its nation to be continuously destabilised (the anti-Assad coalition maintaining support of militants affiliated with groups listed as terrorist organisations with Western bloc MSM continuing to act as the propaganda arm of these terrorist affiliated militants) or partitioned (as Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc. seek).

    De-confliction agreements, while seeking to prevent direct kinetic conflicts with illegally involved foreign powers, will unfortunately largely remain counter-productive, merely serving to allow the reinforcement of militants by their foreign backers. Russia similarly cannot allow these militants to continue launching foreign assisted attacks against its military facilities.

    The liberation of Syrian territories is a priority for the Syrian government and the Russian Federation. As negotiations are proving to be counter-productive and Turkey is intensifying its offensive proxy warfare operations, responsive military solutions will likely be required. This is an outcome the Russian Federations was clearly seeking to avoid however if hostile actions are taken, there is little option but to fight back. While efforts at diplomacy to minimise escalation will remain a priority, certain hostile actions will logically necessitate adequate responses (as inadequate responses only serves to embolden adversaries).

    Note: The Russian Federation and Syria are in compliance with International Law. The Western bloc and its allies that claim to champion a ‘rules-based order’ continue to violate International Law and in the process clarify their claims (and propaganda) are founded in hypocrisy. Indeed, recognising the successive wars of aggression against strategic opponents, assassinations, bribery and extortion, corrupt relations with installed political assets, theft of resources, etc., by the US-NATO-Israel-allied bloc, it is clear this bloc has embraced behaviour associated with organised crime.