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Military Situation In Syria On February 15, 2021 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On February 15, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • On February 14, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 36 times: 15 – in Idlib province, 4 – in Latakia province, 6 – in Hama province, 2 – in Aleppo province
  • On February 15, Israeli warplanes fired several missiles at west of Damascus, According to SANA most of the missiles were intercepted
  • On February 14, a car bomb explosion took place in the town of Jenderes. 6 civilians were injured
  • On February 14, Turkish Army established its second military point in the village of Qastun


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The Iranian ‘red line’ was crossed last night by ANOTHER audacious attack on Iranian targets in Syria … hello?

What will the vile Iranian Police State do now?

How many times will the vile ‘paper tiger’ threaten and meekly meow?

Last week, a deputy Intelligence Minister stayed that if cornered Iran would go after Nuclear Weapons … but TODAY that threat was rescinded … eh? An admission that ‘threats by Iranians’ are worthless … lol


The vile ‘paper tiger’ is a laughingstock …


Johnny B. Allan


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Only 2 ceasefire violations in Aleppo since the start of the month, but I can count at least 20 different incidents that I’d consider to be ceasefire violations, so I wonder which of the 2 incidents I’ve listed were the incidents that the Russians thought constituted an official ceasefire violation, can you pick which 2 incidents from the 20 listed that are most likely to be the 2 actual ceasefire violations, because I have absolutely no idea.

1st Feb,
1, Over the past hour the Turkish army has shelled Maranaz, Bayluniyah and Ayn Daqnah and the Afrin Liberation Forces shelled Kafr Kashir.

3rd Feb,
2, Turkish military and affiliated armed groups targeting Awn Dadat village, north Manbij with medium weapons.
3, Turkish artillery fire has struck Binê now. In total 7 different sites around Tel Rifaat have been struck by Turkish artillery fire.
4, Turkish artillery fire striking Menagh military airport and Deir Jamal.
5, Turkish artillery shelling Maranaz, Shawarighat al Arz, and Qalaat Shawarigaha.

5th Feb,
6, Clashes took place between SNA and YPG on the Kevikli line in the west of Manbij.
7, The Turkish army is shelling Harbel, Umm Hosh, Samouqa, Tel Madiq, Mushayrifah, and Al Hasiyah with artillery at this time. Different area than usual getting hit. Other locations also getting hit near Tel Rifaat.
8, Turkish Armed Forces hit YPG targets in Semuka, Um Hos, Harbul, east of Tel Rıfat with artillery shots.
9, Turkish army and affiliated armed opposition groups shell Nairabiya, Mesheirfa, Sad Shahba, Tel Madiq and Umm Hosh villages in Aleppo northern countryside.

6th Feb,
10, Turkish artillery shelling on Maranaz, Syria’s northern Aleppo countryside.

8th Feb
11, Turkish military targets the villages of Maraanaz, Ain Deqna, and Menegh Military Airport in Syria’s northern Aleppo countryside with heavy artillery.
12, Again, the Turkish army base stationed in the village of Al-Sukkariyah targets the villages of Al-Buwayhij and Al-Hamra with two mortar shells, in the eastern countryside of Al-Bab, – the media center of the Manbij Military Council.
13, SNA reports that there have been clashes with the SDF fighters as they try to infiltrate the Toukhar al-Saghir front in the countryside of the city of Jarablus, east of Aleppo.

9th Feb,
14, Turkish artillery stationed in the village of Umm Adasah, north of Manbij, targeted the vicinity of al-Farat in the same countryside, with three mortar shells.
15, Turkish artillery fire landing around Arimah to the west of Manbij. Targeting both positions for the Al Bab Military Council and the SAA.

12th Feb,
16, Turkish army and affiliated armed opposition groups targeting Maraanaz and Ain Daqna villages, Aleppo northern countryside with heavy artillery.

15th Feb,
17, The TFSA have fired upon positions near Hamra with 23mm machine guns. West of Manbij.

16th Feb,
18, Turkish_forces stationed in al-Sukkariyah village targeted the village of al-Hamra in the eastern countryside of Bab, north Syria, without casualties or material damage reported.
19, Turkish army bombing al-Boweihej and Jebb Makhzoum villages, east of Bab from its base in al-Sukkariya village, west Manbij with mortars.
20, Turkish artillery units hit SDF positions in the villages of Maranez, Alkamiye and Ayn Dagnah in the south of Azaz.

Icarus Tanović

Thos is all this Turkish shit that will turn into a nightmare and Vietnam for them is just to chase and harras Russian army in Latakia that dates after WWII. Well, mr. Erdogan the Wahhabi chief, this won’t be happening.

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