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Military Situation In Syria On December 5, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On December 5, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria:

  • On December 5, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) artillery shelled positions of Turkish-backed forces in al-Barah and Kansafra;
  • On December 4, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 33 times: 14 – in Idlib province, 3 – in Aleppo province, 11 – in Latakia province, 5 – in Hama province;
  • On December 4, a Turkish-backed militant was killed and 4 people were wounded by an IED blast in the town of Jinderis;
  • On December 5, artillery of Turkish-backed forces shelled positions of the SDF in the Ain Issa area;
  • On December 4, a new Turkish military convoy entered Syria’s Idlib via Kafr Lusin.


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SAA heroically fighting for half a year now to keep Idlib in terrorist hands, so the map doesn’t change and looks like a dead, upside-down camel.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

SF forgot to mention the Kurds are becoming increasingly frustrated by Russia’s indifference to Turkish shelling of Kurdish held territory, so if Russia doesn’t do something to stop the UNPROVOKED Turkish attacks the Kurds will disengage from Russia and once again begin to rely solely on the US for military protection, and now Biden’s in power the Kurds will get what they didn’t get from Trump, more support and less reliance on Russia, which is not in Syria’s best interests.

Turkish forces are now continually shelling Dada Abdal, Safa and Nuweihat villages, as well as Tel Tamr in Hasakah, and in Ar Raqqah they’re also continuously shelling Seda village, Malik Village, and Mu’aliq village located near the Ayn Issa refugee camp, as well as shelling Ayn Issa itself with rockets mortars and artillery.

Last week the Turks continuously shelled areas around tell Rif At which is another area the Russians control, but the Turks haven’t once attacked the Kurds in any of the areas the US is present.
So I have to wonder if the Russians are actually making a big mistake, it seems to me they’re doing more to assist the Turks objectives now, which is effectively encouraging the Kurds to return to fully supporting the US and rejecting Russia’s attempts to mediate the situation.
How long will the Kurds put up with the Russian guaranteed protection if the Russians aren’t doing anything to protect their civilians/military from the Turks, they let the Russians into Ar Raqqah and Al Hasakah as part of an agreement but the Russian’s aren’t keeping their side of the bargain, so how much longer will the Kurds keep to their side of the bargain if it’s not working.
And just remember the Russians made official commitments to the Kurdish forces.

This site has a timeline feature that allows you to look back at what’s been happening over the last week, it shows you just what the Turks have been doing to the Kurds with total impunity and Russian acceptance, and then look at what’s happened in Tell Rif At last week.


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