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MAY 2021

Military Situation In Syria On December 17, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria On December 17, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments:

  • On December 17, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 33 times: 24 – in Idlib province, 2 – in Aleppo province, 3 – in Latakia province, 4 – in Hama province;
  • On December 16, Turkish-backed forces raided Suluk town and arrested 7 people allegedly working with thje SDF;
  • On December 16, the SDF raided Abu Hamam village and arrested a number of members of the Shaitat tribe in response to anti-SDF demonstrations that took place in the village;
  • On December 16, Turkish forces started evacuating the al-Eis observation post;
  • On December 17, Foreign Minister of Syria Feisal Miqdad arrived in Moscow to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


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    1. HiaNd says:

      Putin playing with his XXL condom… nice.
      I am sure that Zelensky doesn’t know how to do that….

      1. occupybacon says:

        True, Zelensky doesn’t play.

        1. HiaNd says:

          He is like any trained obedient Soros poodle.
          He does only what hi is told to do.

          1. occupybacon says:

            If that helps Russians forget for a second their daily problems, why not? :)

          2. HiaNd says:

            We were talking about your Zelensky retard .

          3. occupybacon says:

            You were talking about Putin supersized condom :))

          4. HiaNd says:

            Please don’t use selective memory, SEE YOUR LAST COMMENT that has preceded my answer:
            “True, Zelensky doesn’t play.”
            “He is like any trained obedient Soros poodle.
            He does only what hi is told to do.”

          5. occupybacon says:

            And how did the rant started? With Puuuutiiin :))

          6. HiaNd says:

            You don’t respect the most basic rules of the conversation.
            And you twist everything when running out of words and ides how to answer.
            You pathetic, sore loser.

          7. occupybacon says:

            You get very grumpy when the discution doesn’t go in the direction you try to set. I don’t care of Zelensky. I talk only Chess masters and food prices supervisors :)

          8. HiaNd says:

            Zelensky is “Chess masters” only very bad one.
            And he is “food prices supervisors” since everybody in Ukraine is hungry (except few oligarchs)…

          9. occupybacon says:

            That’s what Russians would like, Ukrainians to die of famine like in the 30s. Unfortunately for you times are changing. Cheers :)

          10. HiaNd says:

            Neo-NAZI bollocks propaganda.
            Famine in the 30s was the worst not in Ukraine but in south Russia (USSR).
            The fact that Ukraine has appropriated herself the victimhood doesn’t mean that things have happened the way you liars interpret them.
            Femine was not deliberate conspiracy against Ukrainians the way you try to present it all the time.

          11. occupybacon says:

            Russians have a different version of history than the rest of the world.

          12. HiaNd says:

            I s*it on you and that liberal globalist, militarist, decadent and in total decay LGBTQ “Western” world that supports Wahhabi terrorism.
            Russia belongs to the countries that have said NO to the dominance to US and their “allay” dogs.

          13. occupybacon says:

            That’s why Russia begs EU to buy more gas and US to lift economic sanctions :) Russia belongs to the countries that are in desperate need to be globalist to survive.

          14. HiaNd says:

            It is Germany who is to gain the most from “North stream 2” and it is Germany who defends it the most (despite screaming of Ukrainian clowns and protests from US).
            Russia can export gas in Asia and above all China. They don’t need EU market but EU needs Russian gas.
            Russia has Asia and South America, Africa for trade and doesn’t give fu*k about US “sanctions”.
            You pathetic would be EUropean so bitter and full of hate for Russia.

          15. occupybacon says:

            “They don’t need EU market but EU needs Russian gas.” why is Russia desperate to help a NATO country like Germany that hosts the biggest US bases abroad?

          16. HiaNd says:

            Russia is not “helping” Germany or EU. They do that for profit . It is Germany who helps Germany by blocking US “sanctions”.
            Germany has become energy hub for all EUrope because almost all gas will pass now through Germany and not through BANKRUPTED Ukraine.
            Trump has just ordered 12 000 troops retreat from Germany, so “Ramstein Air Base” is not any longer “the biggest” US base in the world.
            Also lots of troops from Germany are moved to Poland already! So you need lots of updating in your propaganda to be credible.

          17. occupybacon says:

            Germany is trying hard to become the official leader of EU and that caused Brexit. Even if NS2 is completed and Russia throttles the gas through Ukraine, Germany will continue delivering gas to Ukraine, making them more dependent of EU. Some hotheaded Ruskey dream that Ukraine will be let to freeze, sorry but that won’t happen in any case.

          18. HiaNd says:

            Yes, Germany will continue delivering gas to Ukraine but for the PROFIT !
            While beggars from Ukraine will lose BILLIONS in gas transit revenue!!!
            So bankrupted Ukraine will become even more bankrupted and totally collapse!
            Russia doesn’t want Ukraine to “freeze” (if for no other reason – they have ethnic Russians living in Ukraine !) Russia doesn’t want to have any more problems from Ukraine. You are of NO IMPORTANCE for Russia or anybody else as long a you don’t create problems…nobody even thinks about you ever!!!!

          19. occupybacon says:

            To freeze or to bankrupt ir to die, whatever. Germany will give Ukraine gas at the same price they buy from Russia, as they did during 2014-2015. As for the teansit, Ukraine was earning around 3 Billion/year. These money can be easily covered by IMF loans – which are better than free money (around 15 Billion) Russia was giving to Yanukovich – which were mistly going in mafia accounts – because the West institutions supervise the Ukrainian gov how they spend the money. EU doesn’t want more problems in Ukraine. So they will help it and keep it close to them.

  1. nyomarek says:

    Any bets on Green in Idlib will remain exactly this unchanged in 2021?

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