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JUNE 2020

Military Situation In Syria On August 26, 2019 (Map Update)


Military Situation In Syria On August 26, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • Vollkrassmann

    Sorry, I still see too much green in this map. The conquered Northern Hama area is a tiny (15 squ-km?) swath of land, so there are still some battles to be won.
    Nevertheless: Well done up to this situation, and Idleeb war zone is getting smaller in little steps. Good to hear.
    Next stop: Free the Highway to Aleppo? Best wishes to SAA!

  • gustavo

    After taking At Tamani ah by SAA, it is not bad idea for SAA to move from Abu ad Duhur to west to take Maarrat al-Nu’man, and at the same time to move from Marrat Tayrat toward the same Maarrat al-Nu’man,
    controling on its way to Kafr-Sainah, Khirbat Hamrat, Khirbat Taqq, Ash Shaykh, Marrat Humah, Maarr Zaytah, Jbala, Khirbat Marrat Srata, Kirbat Marrat al Bytur, Kafranbel, Khirbat Hanak, and Kafr Rumah (bypassing and enclosing Turkey post).

    • Ray Douglas

      Agreed. I suggested this several months ago. Its a logical move but it needs to be done soon so as not to give the displaced terrorists time to set up more defenses.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Aqurabah means Fellowship of friends…