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Military Situation In Syria On April 7, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on April 7, 2017.

Last night, the US Navy launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a military airbase operated by the Syrian Air Force near the city of Homs.

Military Situation In Syria On April 7, 2017 (Map Update)

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Up the Bekaa valley and straight into Syria, yup, the war is coming.
Of course they need an Path for the future of an invasion army, nice location.
And everybody incl the Russians is backstabbing Syria, and from now on Syrians you are on your own, never ever trust anyone again.
Their trust is just illusions.
Solid as manure.

The wankees is coming, and from the south Israel/NATO (The North Atlantic Terror Org)/Jordan/Saudis/Africans will push, with the help of their receptive air-forces, this is on route to Persia.

I dont care about “agreements” or even mutual understanding, or even worse, the drooling about talk to whom, the wankees/trumpets, huh, the west, anyone, Israel, yeah i bet.
The Chines served the usual bullshit.
Putin served the standard nonsense or to be precise, we all know that.
And so on.
My question is simple, why are this boats still floating, and I mean every single one in the entire region, why are they still floating, the rest is easy, just wack em out of the theater.

But the truth is, Trump is losing, (of course not according to wankees, yeah, He kicked some refugees/illegal immigrants, out and everybody is happy, the scam is obvious, like Syriza in Hellas)
He have no trust, loosing home, and now to compensate, starts another war. or whats next we dont know, N-Korea, why not, or China, since the Philippine street boy is eating steroids this days, and what else, peace, huh, from an man we all know by now is an pathological lair, whom is without any credibility what so ever, and whats worse is the fact He f….. us all.

He is The loose cannon, Obamalama on steroids.

And some one cant grasp the freak phony show where they whine about surveillance when He have the CIA and the Militia full backing, you still dont get it, He is an traitor, period, and I dont even bother to quack along with the even more bonkers Lefties, just remind you about the obvious crime committed by this rotten soul.

The wankees dont give an f…. even if millions of us dies, they dont give an rats ass about that, never forget it, the sole reason for Vietnam to end was body-bags of wankers, coming home.
Yeah, what peace process have we seen after, huh, anyone, and where is the wankers.
Nowhere, because they dont give an f….., thats why, and so is it now.

I leave the despicable Turks to them self.
The Kurds, fake people with an fake history, smack in the middle of another mans land, like the fake Jooos.

Lebanon, what, Lebanon, whom is becoming an western whore, an pack of cheep lap dancers.
Yeah, and catholic on top of it, that tells me what I need to know, like Croatia.
The rest, well, they reveal them self, as they have done so far.
Good nigh Arabia, your own cowardliness did it, nobody else, dont expect any sympathy anymore, you will never have it, again, and you will rot in hell for this, hypocrites.
Selling everybody out for an handful of coins.
What an shame.
But hey, the Shoa must go on, right Russians.



Hey, dipshit, where’s your outrage about Palestinians using children as terrorists?


You are one major a$$hole.

Quite Likely

Decent comedy, but a little over the top. To be really a funny this kind of parody post needs to be something you could just barely imagine someone really believing. You’ve gone too far in the “only a drooling maniac mashing keys could have written this” direction.


how close is SAA to retaking jirah airbase?

Wahid Algiers

Very close.


Thats good to hear. How do you know if I may ask?

Wahid Algiers

Sorry but I was absence over the weekend.
Until 30th of march SAA already took Deir Hafer, Kharayih Diham, al-Sagirah, Gharbi Saghir, Jubb Madi, al-Zakiyah und al-Musherfah. The front line was only 1 km away from Jirah airbase. Very close means, SAA is still there but stopped advancing because of the rebel offense in Northern Hama and the redeployment of troops from Eastern Aleppo province to Northern Hama. When Northern Hama will be calmer again or if urgently needed SAA and allies will take Jirzah AB.


Nice sounds good thanks!

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