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Military Situation In Syria On April 20, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) eliminated 2 ISIS militants near Diban;
  • The SDF shelled a Turkish military base near the town of al-Malikia in northern Aleppo;
  • Turkish artillery units struck SDF/YPG positions near Tell Rifaat;
  • The SAA and its allies develop a security operation against ISIS in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert;
  • Turkish-backed militants seized 2 vehicles with IEDs near Ghandoura in northern Aleppo;
  • Pro-government and pro-militant sources continue accusing each others of violating the ceasefire regime in the Idlib de-escalation zone.
Military Situation In Syria On April 20, 2019 (Map Update)

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Technically every conflict today was a Muslim vs Muslim conflict.

sdf is nato allied so whether Muslim or not they are allied with the worlds enemy. killing isis go ahead but even isis will continue until Judgement Day, because whether they are khawarij or mushrik both will still exist.

The Turkey vs Kurd conflict is primarily because Kurds are nato backed. Turkey is not an ally of nato anymore, but Kurds are even allied with zionists. Plus since, Russia Iran and Syria thought they could negotiate with Kurds instead of Rebels it wasted years and only drove the wedge further between Turkey and Iran etc and cost money and lives and Assad lost all of northern Syria to nato backed kurds. So Turkey is doing right by trying to regain and bust the yinon plan.

Rebels are fighting for basic Rights and fighting oppression. Not only this but Assad violated Islamic Law and Allied with Russia against Muslims under the guise that they are foreign nato backed wahabis, none of which is true. Both FSA and AlNusra were local driven and even Regime held areas still face protests uprisings and civil war, nato backed fsa failed and was absorbed into Turkeys TFSA, and all of the main groups hate ahlul saudism. So the basis for Assad fighting has hit the toilet. He should stop and quit being an ass. Going after isis is just a comedy where two sides just kill each other for being opposite extremes of the Islamic Spectrum, both useless and endless waste of energy.

Assad cant even use the basis of takfir agaibst Rebels because this civil war isnt about takfir, and its a lame excuse. Its about Assads half assedness about basic Islamic Principles, Chivalry, and just basic Islamic common sense. Instead Asshead thinks he can finish isis. But its just a lame excuse for not actually fighting the enemy zionist roman nato, almost all assheadists are western roman who live and sleep next to zionists, they are simply the worst crowd to even try to talk sense into because they dont even profess Belief or even simple morality, they are just useless eaters that help even the sectarian balance, despite being half kufr half pagans.

The Axis will leave western based regions people and systems (disqus) and start their own.

Its about time The Axis replicates jewgle cuckbook and telegram and draws 80% of the worlds population to one Axis Run IT Internet SNS of all things Hub and uses it for Social Governmental and most importantly Socialist Corporate Purposes.

Theres nothing worse than having Axis Infrastructure destroyed because we are dependent on jewgle and cuckbook.


Unconfirmed reports are saying that Daesh have now re-taken parts of Palmyra city. You really couldn’t fucking make it up could you?

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