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Military Situation In Syria On April 12, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria on April 12, 2017.

Military Situation In Syria On April 12, 2017 (Map Update)

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is SAA attempting to capture al busairi crossroads?


There was talk of that, to counter possible capture of it by FSA headchoppers. Then again SAA advances always go at a snail pace, compared to JIhadi and Kurdish offensives.

From what I gather the problem with Al Busairi is that it is quite vulnerable and surrounded by lots of mountainst that have to be taken as well.


Yea I have heard this too. What would be gained by taking it? Or are they planning on going further south?

Wahid Algiers

I dont think that SAA want to reach AT Tanf at the Jordan border after al Busairi. Busairi is important because of the phospate mine and oil fields on the way to get it….

Bill Wilson

I believe those phosphate mines stopped operations after ISIS captured them and now those ISIS units are trapped in that region since their only way out has been blocked by the SAA south of Palmyra. Since they can’t receive supplies then it’s best to let them become weak from hunger before attacking them.

Solomon Krupacek

barba, the intellectual failure ii your argue is taht, that also rthe rebbells have the same problems, andt the are being take without problem thise mountains. the saa shall take mountains and is in better position. this corridor allows to clean the territory up tro jordan board and close areae near dumayr. hasitating rusults in whole loss of souther syria. it is impossible, tha syrian government does not control southerm, eastern, nordern border, no southwest and partially nordwest. under such circumstances is impossible to win.


The rebels seem to be able to move at great speed, so far since I’ve been following this war since the Russian intervention the SAA has not ever achieved anything like the Kurds, ISIS, or other other headchoppers in offensive speed. Closest we got was the recent East Aleppo offensive, which has now stalled. But even that was relatively tame compared to most rebel offensives.

The way I see it the SAA is crippled by ineffective leadership, poor motivation and lack of good units like the TF. Without the Tigers leading the way any offensive becomes a slow plod at best and stalls at worst. Overwhelming firepower becomes necessary for a slow and steady approach to make up for the deficiencies in the SAA. The other factions in this war do not possess overwhelming firepower and yet seem again and again able to punch through SAA lines or advance great distances in short amounts of times.

Bill Wilson

The SAA and rebels/extremists have the same problems with finding decent recruits and having local commanders who treat their brigades/militias as their own private army and refuse to allow any of their units to be deployed elsewhere. The Kurds advance rapidly due to better planning, don’t fuck around when they do attack and are willing to accept losses to achieve their objective.


the reason the SAA advances slowly is because it is responsible for most of the population’s safety whereas the other factions are just engaged in a power-grab and their commanders are cowering outside Syria

Bill Wilson

Shit. Nobody lives on the front lines and those further back always take off when the shooting starts.


Damascus is actually on the front line. The rebel capital of Washington DC is rather further away

Justin Ryan

Keep in mind that the “New Syrian Army” in the south are apparently filled with US and British special forces.


Syria can liberate entire Syrian land from terrorists just with in one week. They need to give proper military training to their all men and women properly in Syria and to take weapons from China and Russia and use against US backed terrorists.

Second they need to close the aerospace of Syria for future anti-terrorist operation.

Also use 25 fighter jets together against US backed terrorists to give full blown devastated air strikes to all terrorists in Syria.

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