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Military Situation In Syria On April 1, 2019 (Map Update)

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  • The SAA shelled Jaish al-Izza positions near al-Lataminah and Maarkaba;
  • Gunmen attacked an SAA checkpoint on the road leading to the National Hospital in the outskirts of Daraa city. Causlaties were reported;
  • The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) kicked off a security operation against ISIS cells in Raqqa city;
  • A Turkish soldier was killed and another one was injured by YPG cells in Afrin;
  • Turkish artillery shelled YPG positions in Tatmrsh and Shuargha;
  • The US-led coalition and the Revolutionary Commando Army staged another military excercise in the al-Tanf area;
  • The SDF operation against ISIS in the al-Baghuz is still ongoing.
Military Situation In Syria On April 1, 2019 (Map Update)

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Syria situation is defined as expected: One third of Syria land for Kurds (USA-Israel puppets), One sixth of Syria land for terrorists-Turkey at north Syria, one eight of Syria land to terrorists-USA south part of Syria, the rest, about 40%, is for Syria people. This looks to be find for Russia, I think. However, what do Syria people think about this ?, taking into account that Golan Heights already has gone.

Jens Holm

I think its shown well, what the average Syrian think. They dont participate in the warfare and do a lot to wait and see.

If they suported Assads, he was a winner long time ago having many extra soldiers.

SDFs are the only ones, which has been given more supoorters in warfare. That was after Manbij and on the way to Raqqa and maybee a few 1000 mainly moderate Sunnis og low soldier quality. Thats the only real change for me. Kurds in the PYD version has been accepted and respected by many more local arabs aprt from few in the North.

In the other hand, Assads has created more Jihadists well supported by outsiders.

I see Syrians as not being able to choose. They are kept in dark by systematicly manipulation, where they only can chosse Assads, JIhadisme and Communists driven as by Moscow in the old days. Thats well supported by religion and culture.

Most people here still not even try to understand they can decide much more themselves and it have very strong sides and also few bad ones. They systematicly are learned all local influence is bad.

So people think the future by that very biased world, which they are raised in. They as Syrians – cant even copy the strong sides of Israel even they are very visible. Israelians are much more then zionists and hard USA support.

Its western develloped having the same effective systems based on education from the children are born. Thats how they still are as a country there.

To many arabs compare with themselves only because of that not allowed input.

As long as its like that, no change is possible. We see that everyday apart from the SDFs. Most of the Syrians are only capable to go back into the dark they came from and prepared to pay a very high price for it runned by fear and bajonets and eating all opposition will be killed.

Even the many dead ones and hard warfare seeme not to change that.


I see the Al-Safa pocket is black again. So the loyalists achieved nothing since last summer? Waiting for the bad guys to die of old age?


This map looks an awful lot like the map half a year ago.

Connor Lonergan

well yah all that is left is the coalition forces of the US and Russia and those two have a keen interest in not being called the one to start WW3, so its tick for tack combat from here till the two major powers decide to actully open channels of diplomacy

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