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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On November 27, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria and Iraq on November 27, 2017.

  • The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have reached the Iraqi vorder north of al-Bukamal;
  • The Syrian Arab Army and its allies are working to retake the rest of the western bank of the Euphrates from ISIS;
  • Iraqi forces are rapidly advancing against ISIS in the desert area in western Iraq.
Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On November 27, 2017 (Map Update)

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When you think about it.. that black is just a very dark shade of green.

Jan Tesarik

and yellow


No red.

Deo Cass

The way that Russia is failing to provide support for the Syrian government forces beyond the Western banks of the Euphrates river to assert the legitinate right of the Syrian government over the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river is regretable and unacceptable. Russia is the only country which can challenge the US invasion and occupation forces in Syria, but it failed to provide the support it promised to its Syrian ally against the US. This has led to the Syrian airforce to try and assert its legitimate right by itself by flying its own sorties over the Eastern banks of the Euphrates finding US aircraft to shoot them and kill Syrian pilots. The US occupation forces have de facto created a seperate illegal vassal and servile state on Syrian sovereign soil and is asserting its illegally invaded abd occupied territory borders through violence and terror and this is unacceptable when Russia has the air power and other military means to force the US to respect Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.


You’re the same disinfo peddler claiming that US air strikes forced a SAA 60 km retreat on the Jordanian border that never happened.


Yes, Deo seems to ‘back both horses’ whilst attempting to sow doubt about Russian intentions. Russia in my opinion has achieved what was deemed to be impossible by the US. Russian leaders and the Russian people realise that force of arms alone cannot deliver lasting peace in the Middle East.

The hundreds of millions of civilians in the Middle East who have experienced the death and destruction caused by the ‘American Democratic Values’ projected by US /Israeli proxy terrorists now desperately want change.


Yes, there’s only so much Syrian government coalition man power in theater to advance against the regime change elements. And they’re using it primarily to go after the ones attacking the Syrian government. And once they get that resolved they can use it against less aggressive factions like the SDF on an as needed basis as part of getting the war wound down, and Syrian government administration reestablished in areas where it’s currently lacking.


And you have an army that can take on the Americans .

Manuel Flores Escobar

SAA and Shia militia could arrive to Syrian/Iraqi border as you can see in the map near Al Tanf..thanks to Russian air force with provided protection…otherwise USAF would not have allowed it..the same case along Eufrates river from Raqqa to DZ..and from there to Al Bukamal!


Deo has forces?

Assad has not. He rents them from Iran.


At least Assad gets value for his money . Regarding government who knows what will be agreed upon , but the national army must be under federal command , or the nation has ceased to exist . Then you have a group of military forces that will create trouble until one controls the others .

Jens Holm

Your words here are full infected assumptions in a very narrow world and context and not a military state based on supporting the rulers of it or not.


Totally in agreement. Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran ground forces and aerospace Russia force fail to stop SDF at Deir Ezzor, Al-Mayadin, and now Al-Bukaman, and I think they did on purpose because of some hiden Lavrov-Kerry agreement, this is my guess. I can not find another explanation.

Bill Wilson

The explanation is simple: the SDF is able to retake territory from ISIS and hold it while re-establishing civil governance and institutions. The Syrian government lacks the forces to do that since their already spread thin.


Yes, agree. The Syrian forces are in a situation described by Tolkien in the LotR:

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”


I agree with the first two lines of your comment.

As for being unacceptable, Russia, nor the US, are concerned with what we as commenters think nor are they very concerned about what Assad thinks. Assad will do, ultimately, as Russa and Iran tell him to do.

Imo both Russia and US agree that a (con)federation is the future of Syria and there will be haggling on what terms. SDF took a shot by saying they will be part of a new SA, Syrian Army.

This while keeping their forces intact, just like Iran wants its proxies to be (separate)part of the present SAA.

Jens Holm

1) Russia has never said, they will make all Syria back to Damaskus rule. They have promised that Assad and Baathistas should be there and secured in their seats. Russia has the same problems around international terror by Al Qaida and ISIS as anybody else.

Some might have forgotten the oldest Qaida are made by spread out caucasian, which arised by Russia being in Afghanistan because of the chaos there. ISIS are a strange version of that making terror outside Syria and Iraq as well.

Thats where the Russian limits and borderlines are. But You write as Assads were commanders of Russian and even blame for this and that…How comes. What did You learn in school or by media?

2)Baathistas by Assads has made no vital reforms, which has made the uprise results. You ignore Syria in so many ways are frozen in an ineffective system not according to the seize in an Emirat strukture and differences in Syria as well as connecting to the rest of the world.

You totally talk down, that very much of the rest of the world is driven and grow by sensible methods and give mainly positive results. Instead You name it as Jewish, zionistic, american. But they are not. Those are world economy, where Syria is not.

You can never beat that. No way. But You can open up and take the positive parts of it in. But Your structure as Country and as persons deny that hard too. You treat Your population to keep low or be cut by heads.

And what else: You think an almost internal collapsed state as Russia can help. It only can by military force keeping enemies of status quo away. There is nothing to learn there even they can give You some help here and there.

3) And by that I am back to You as citicens cant devellop things, because a lot of things which is a long line of needed changes. You dont treat Your citicens well. Those were runned by fear and now they dont fear You anymore or have fear of anything else. You forget most Syrians are vassals as in a feudal stats – in the muslim world named as Emirate based on bajonets.

Thats no country. A country is made by trust and it help You – Not fear by arreting, torture, less protection by the constitution, gas, artillery strike an death as spendables.

4) Your version of the military part and allowense to kill random anything which moves can only make me feel and ask for, people like You get killed first and more should have license to kill hardly peoplelike You.

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