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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On June 19, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria and Iraq on June 19, 2017.

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On June 19, 2017 (Map Update)

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Leon De Elias

Motherfucking Terrorist Yankee shitheads attacking Syrian government forces again..


This is surprising why, exactly? For just how long did Syria expect to be able to export terror and maintain a state of perpetual war against Israel, our ally, using it’s proxies?

Be appraised, boyo, we will no more abandon Israel than you will abandon Syria. Syria declared war on Israel in 1967, attacked Israel in ’73 ( got their asses handed to them both times) and has maintained they are in a state of war ever since. They are NOT getting the Golan heights back, battlefield losses have consequences, and if the Syrians and anyone else doesn’t like the situation, well, perhaps they should have thought of that before they decided to wage a 50 year vengeance campaign of stirring up shit and inciting terrorism. The Yehudi’s will NOT be surrendering the Golan so you can drop rockets on their heads while you sit up on the Golan dangling your legs and chewing gum, enjoying the show.

Terrorism has a cost, and Syria is paying for it in blood, after 50 years of paying for it to happen to Jews and Americans. The chickens have come home to roost. You bastards want to kill Americans, strike our cities, blow up our skyscrapers, kidnap and murder our citizens for 50 years? Just because we are allies with Israel? Now suffer for YOUR alliances. Funny part is we could give a shit if Assad stays or goes. Sure, Hillary wanted him out, but the average American could care less. We really don’t care what you do to each other, but , finally, after 50 years of Syria shrieking at the top of it’s lungs ” Death to Israel!! Death to America!!!”, and killing Americans and her allies through Syrian proxies like Hezbollah, now it is Syria being torn to shreds, and justly so. Cry Havoc, and let skip the dogs of war, and you know not where it leads. Stupid Syrians didn’t learn after the six day war it’s a bad idea to start a fight they can’t finish, but they do it again and again and again, and cry when we , at long last, have had ENOUGH. If the Arab world is going to continue to maintain a state of constant unending war against the US and Israel, then this is what you can expect.: war, death, destruction and shambles. you thought to have your proxies kill us while our hands are tied, but you don’t like it when it’s done to Syria, LOL. Hypocrites.

You desert rats will be surprised to learn Yankees also have a very very long tribal memory ourselves. You like to teach generational hatred? Have some in return. No one here gives a shit about dead Syrians any more than Syrians give a shit about dead Yankees or Jews.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. See you in the field. Enjoy.

Leon De Elias

Haha..Really you want to put this shit about ”democratic” Israel down my throat…Well my friend I am a lot more educated than that..Jeez..Israel is the source of all terrorism in the middle east..Today’ s Israelis are 90+%

are descendants of the Khazar Converts to Judeism,they aren’t sons of SHAM..Not Semite ones..You know Arabs have no problem with Jews..the real ones..But the former Egyptian president Nasser said it straight to the Israelis..” we do not hate Jews because they are Jews,we lived in peace with Jews for centuries,but they left black and came back White”You have to understand the very core of the problem..The problem isn’t so called antisemitism whatsoever..The problem is the country was created ILLEGALLY by the Balfour declaration on PAPER in 1917..!! Not 1948..!And that was Illegal..Still it is..The UK gave Palestine to the Rotschilds behalf the UK government,but Palestine wasn’t at all British territory..Until the the end of WW1 and the fall of the Ottoman Empire..I am not sure you know what I am talking about here..These are FACTS..Israelis themselves describe Today’s Israel as a Rough State..It is..Syria was there 7000 years ago,and I believe they will prevail the Israeli/US orchestrated terrorism and renew the country..I Was pro-US back in few years,but this country is just flipped out and became something what we all hate..A Genocidal fascist Superstate..


Your statement is a series of bold lies. Fact, no state of Israel existed prior to the UN declaration. Like a crazed Zionist, you can claim one did, but one in fact did not. Where was it’s legislature, where was it’s parliament, what were it’s laws? There were none, just as there was no nation of Palestine pre-existing. Thhe Balfour declaration established no state in and of itself, UN resolution 181 did

Time and time and time again, I make points that cannot be refuted by fact, and instead of getting a response to those facts, I get a set of alternative facts, other facts, as if it is somehow implicit that the facts I raised have either become irrelevant or are proven false by unsubstantiated assertions, accompanied by the belief all Russians seem to have that if they state a point of view with enough false conviction, or with enough self righteous indignation it somehow becomes true. I am reminded of no other people so much as Muslims by this behavior. They think if they muster enough contempt and hatred their lies become facts.

you’re bullshit lies ignoring the history of Islam, and Egypt’s history trying to pretend the entire faith going back to Mohamed weren’t a bunch of anti- Semite jew hating murderers is sickening, and you really ought to brush up on just what exactly the Balfour declaration said and did. your fucking lie that it established the nation is Israel is Bullshit. You might also want to study the Sykes picot agreement if you want a real understanding of how started what and how. Hint, it wasn’t the Zionists as much as duplicitous Brits and Frenchmen, promising the same land to both sides to convince them to fight as allies during WWI.


Your arguments ancient extinct Canaanites and Hittites and Philistines and Akkadians and Assyrians are the true Palestinians is so much bullshit trying to pretend that those people who actually lived there are the true rulers of the land, or that the scum there today are their descendants is nonsense. The fact Is, Israel conquered the land then, and conquered it again when the Palestinians and Arab scum ignored the UN declaration and invaded them with a 7 nation army and got fucking stomped by outnumbered and under-armed Jews.

If it’s the position of these boards that the results of all wars should be reset and territories handed back to the losers, decades, hundreds, or thousands of years later then you’re a bunch of idiots, and Russia needs to evacuate the Crimea and the Ukraine.

Leon De Elias

”Boyo” ..huh..? You Yanks are just placing yourself above everyone when it comes to self-respect..Israel is a terrorist state,the US is the mother of all terrorism on this mfing planet..I am European BTW..Christian and white..Have nothing against anyone good..But recently I found the US and NATO changed tactics,by arming and training terrorists in Syria Libya and elsewhere to take down governments in OIL rich Arab Countries..Gold reserves..Just like in Iraq some hundreds of tonnes taken out from their Banks..


If this map is completely accurate how did the PMU and SAA meet at the Syrian border?

Ostap Bender

This is desert, and there are rare fixed positions, if they met it would be in the area of al-Zanqf…

PMU is the strongest force in Iraqi army, consisted of Shia fighters, and SAA can benefit from linking up with them and consequentially have a direct route with Iran (who is arming and advising PMU). Of course Sunni’s (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, ISIS, HTS, Al Qaeda/Al-Nusra) want all Shia dead, and only Shia country (95%) in the world is Iran, Iraq 75%, Bahrein 60%, Yemen 45%, Syria 35% (all coastal areas, and cities except al-Raqqah and Idlib are in government hands, Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Deir Ezzor, half of Daraa and that frustrates Saudi Wahabists who are backed by the USA as long as they are paying them “protection” like in a mafia movie LOL)..


We’d do it for free, we’ve seen what happens to nations who stand down, like the Europeans, only to be overrun and have their women raped.

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