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Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On July 4, 2017 (Map Update)

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Iraqi security forces are very close to the full liberation of the Iraq city of Mosul from ISIS. However, the terrorist group still controls a part of the Old Mosul area and has a network of sleeper cells in the city.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, backed up by the US-led coalition, are storming the Syrian city of Raqqah controlled by ISIS. The US-backed force has achieved some progress inside the city, but an intense fighting shows that ISIS has enough resources for a stiff resistance.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have liberated a large area east of Khanasir from ISIS and now are developing momentum against the terrorist group in the province of Homs.

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On July 4, 2017 (Map Update)

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Essentially, right now, all isis holds is desert…

So ends the so called “caliphate”


Don’t forget the Euphrates valley. It still holds that from Raqqa to Hadithah in Iraq, with the exception of Deir Ezzor.

Brad Isherwood

US are flying ISUS out of Raqqa to where? ….disclosure by Syrian politician. US/Kurd with FSA to control NE Syria /Iraq ….push PMU out of connector to Barzahni Kurd Crime World Iraq. Unless US put boots on the ground….they can’t numerically control The Syria/Iraq Border to the South. ..Or do anything significant towards Dier Ezzor. It’s a feint where US pops up like some Rodent and suddenly it’s a Rodent infestation. Lol….Amerikkan Gophers in Syria. US deep state lost the oil pipeline route gambit. .. Iran has Shia Cresent. .. Iraq will increase Shia Militias which are political to Tehran, Jews will kick chairs accross the room : )

Syria is an ugly war of confused socio groups trying to sit down and make money. Almost like 1920s Chicago drive by Tommy gun gangsters.

Trustin Judeau

Why PMU is not advancing alongside SAA and allies on the Iraqi side of the border . It will make the SAA army job easier because it will secure one of the flanks .

Brad Isherwood

The Bugdud Gov are snakes who need PMU, ….then PMU is composite of several Shia Militias and even Peshmerga deserted to PMU over years socio atrocities which connect to Barzahni Crypto Jew Crime World Kurds. Iraq’s 2018 elections with Leaders seeking to consolidate the numerous Shia Militias And maneuver vs Tehran. Guess we find out how good Tehran is. …as Iraq offers US/Anglo opportunity to extort With War on terror taking new turns. UN or US. …casting PMU as terror organization? Within weeks of US Foothold in Syria…FSA and Kurd Said Shia Militias are threat. Has the downed Syrian Su 22 pilot been returned?

Kim of NK has nukes. …and do far,….US,Japan and South Korea, ….don’t mess with him. Poor Syria and Iraq……just never ending victims.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Kurds have a bad habit of being criminals and terrorists and there are those being terrified of these crime clans . The government is probably giving them time to rest up since the KRG are the least trustworthy at the moment .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have renamed the PMUs now they are called Iraqi Security Forces attached the Government and not the military , this makes both the Barzanis and US mad . They are having trouble with the AFL/ISIS forces out of Al Tanf , in the southern region and ISIS is putting up resistance near Al Qaim region .


Not only putting up resistance , but acording to Fars News , on the Jordanian side of the Al Qaim region ISIS is building up a “large” force . No numbers , but the US / ISIS , has not given up yet .


What is PMU waiting for to advance along the Syria-Iraq border ? this is the same question made by Trustin Judeau


I am a bit wondering about this East-Hama front. It is just a thought, but wouldn’t it be easier to go north from Palmyra and cut off East Hama from the rest of ISIS territory?

Ramon Candia

Can anyone explain why the tiger forces stop advancing towards Deir-Ezzor ? are they afraid being bombed by SDF/USA ?

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