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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On January 6, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On January 6, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Syria and Iraq:


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I hope now begins a Head Hunt for US NATO Roaches in Syria – Iraq – Iran!!!

Jens Holm

If wishes like that comes through Iran siin will look like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Lebanon and others.

So go on. Very good try for a United Arabistan and its integration and homogenisation.

Rafique Rabhi

There is a Nobel price for misguided populations! It goes to you?


Fucking shill, still trolling on websites that you don’t agree with. Still blaming the middle east for your slaughter of a million people. You can’t accept that you are losing everywhere, so you have to invent this fantasy in your head, of a country that does not exist.

You CREATED ISIS so were asked to clean up your mess, in one third of Syria. The Iranians and Russians did the REAL fighting.

So what if the Shia nations integrate, does that make you shit your pants? It shows how racist you are to say Arabistan. Persians are not Arab, why don’t you join all the savages from the gulf dick-tatorships and create “terrorstan”. Or rename your stolen settler/colonial, slave state: “Yankystan”, and your capital “Trumpington”.

Where is the “George Bush” Airport, or Dickhead Cheney Hospital, in Iraq? You’ve done NOTHING there and now you’ve completely abandoned tickling ISIS (supplying them with ATGM/MANPADS), and gone over to full zio-fascism war of aggression, which is your “speciality”. Losing after 20 years of accomplishing nothing, is also your speciality.

You do nothing but troll on SF, what pleasure do you get out of it, given how nobody pays attention to you?

Ricky Miller

Not to mention his arguments rarely make any sense. It’s like reading posts from a retarded Yoda on morphine.


And using google translate copy-pasting as a final refinement. Actually he does not make arguments per se, the little humanly understandable elements one can make out of his erratic posts is basically a weak ideological stance with little regard for facts or chronology, and history distant or recent is also systematically discarded from his answers, and are indeed routinely left unaddressed whenever somebody points them out. You could as well be talking to an automated answering machine.

Jens Holm

Most of that is highly incorrect.

I dont use google copy paste as You describe at all. I use popular modern english and partly mixted in with oral and from the english – english american way spoken and understood below the surface for most people in my part of the world.

You dont. I have descriebed why and why should not blame You. I dnt dont blame You, when Google translate sometimes gives me the wors nonsense and crap. I ASK. I DONT COMMENT. I GO ON.

For ceratin Your part of the world didnt invent the calender. My knowledgelevel is high and I do check facts very often as well.

Correct I dont give so many links, but I give many because I read and write a lot.

According to links my knowledge is in my head as common knowledge. You lazybums think history is reading on side of a think once and then You know everything.

I have been reading for many years and use google for control. And Yes, I have many automatic answers, where most of them are sober and 100% correct. Thats often, where You are misguided by deniel or creations by Your infected goverments.

Here I am neutral and sober.

Last week I even should excuse danish colonies. But at that time my Grandfather and Mother was less then 10 years old as poor as any can be in the countryside. My Gransmother was from a very poor fishermens family.

Those were not selling slaves as well as producing Rum and sugar building big haoses and faointains in their gardens. Why should I as dane excuse that.

I can only read You dont like people know things very well from many sides and even Yours from many sides and by that can handle it as playing many kinds of melodies on a piano with or witout violines and base guitar.

John Wallace

You use popular modern English .. that is not understood by English speakers so not sure who it is popular with. Garbologists maybe or tiny tots who dribble. How many times do you have to be told most of what you write is total gibberish but somehow you believe you write popular English.. How many different people have told you Gibberish but you still can’t grasp that. Bit like your comments Jens. Unable to be grasped by anyone trying to read it.. Get a better translator or stick to Norwegian sites or don’t they understand you either..

Jens Holm

It do write and are being commented on several Brittish and American news sites.

They hardly ever complaint but just give answers even they sometimes dont like, what I write. I think You should write to them and demand their Goverments to language changes downseizes to You level.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram whatever are everybodies medies and not the site for Doctors and Lawyers having their correct versions of the world for treating canser or updating their constitutions.

Furtermore dansish is very close to english compared to Yours. By that every dane by that luck easy can learn. Many words are the same or semilar coming from Northen Europe once and next from Scandinavia, where I live.

I allow me to add, that Danes compared to others reading and writing English language are very good. Many can as well as many also are better then me, and I am not as You say at all.

The top non-native English speaking countries 1. Netherlands 70.31 2. Sweden 70.72 3. Norway 68.38 4. Denmark 67.34 5. Singapore 68.63 6. South Africa 66.52 7. Finland 65.86 8. Austria 63.13 9. Luxembourg 66.33 10. Germany 63.74 11. Poland 62.45 12. Portugal 60.02 13. Belgium 63.52 14. Croatia 60.16

People her emainly ar experts in English translated from Arabic and Turkey. Unfortiúnatly those langugages are less complex and limited as well as You not even have vocabulary for, what we think and do.

We unfortunatly see it among our emmigrants and refugees. They cant cant get up in the food chain even they have Your kind of perfect english.

They simply just cant follow the context, which is the base for, how we define ourselves. You even laugh and understand nothing, when I propose and argue by writing for Demrcrasy and women for equal rights.

Both things are really vital and by that has created a big whole world. Here You only are allowed to see poor in USA added up 100 times. The rest here seemes to be rich jews Sorros or Rotscilds stealing from You.

You not even see the wast majority like middleclass me, which are the real big difference from Yours.

According to women You even try tó decide things for Young girls and Syrian Vomen married with men from outside the Country, which here anytime would give jail right away and compensation in fx brideslevel and fx also some help for a Turkish man with their children made by Your own Syrian women in Turkey or another country. You often not even give vomen rights as Allah by Muhammes says crystal clear.

So muslim women comming here learn to read Danish and by that that can read the Choran in a traditionel and a modern version translated as well as it goes and show and correct the totally wrong culture man made culture.

And I end with that. Its very relevant. How can You start Islam prayer with “Its written” when so many cant read at all and certainly not old arabic. You even has a more then 100 years old Sharia for it.

Thats close to comapare Yours and my English.

John Wallace

It do write . It do write ??? They hardly ever complaint . Of course there is no complaint. They can’t understand what the fuck you wrote. No need to attempt to read anymore if this is how you start .


“Most of that is highly incorrect.” have you no dignity replying again like a damn answering machine and proving my point once more ? Go play around kid, you aren’t worth a minute more of my time at least for the month. If I get bored I’ll have fun with you again, but in the meantime, get over it.

Jens Holm

My arguments makes a lot of sense, because thats what the enemy might give You. You dont know, because You are forbidden to learn to know apart from ME creations of lying crap only.

I have been reading some of Your nationalistic infected history books. If I compare Your countries cant be at the the continent, if all is true. In facts close to none is true.

Israel is like that too according to the ME part.

Ricky Miller

Holy Shit. Your gibberish has gotten worse over the past year. Arguing with your spouse must drive her to the insane asylum.

John Wallace

What spouse , she left for the hills years ago. Why do you think he comes here , so he has someone to talk with..but most of are running for the hills too.

Jens Holm

I ask You to clean Your own house and devellop. You dont.

And I cant see You are winning anywhere. We dont loose as well. You dont understand Western Economics where China and several others now are affiliated.

China dont take over. They make the cake to share bigger by school, education, skills, hard work and are paid pr hour. You hardly know what that is because some Muhammed 1400 years ago has frozen Your economic mind just because he didnt like the Jews making too much profit.

And what his alternative: It was not to produce but to take as much as possible by military force from the ones working.

Fine if people work and devellop, so You can tax them and let them have something for themselves too. But You dont.

Apart from Venezuala, You have the highest unimployment rates in the whole world. Thats because You are not allowed to changes. It makes no change if its som Ayatollh in Qom or the Sunni no change tradition added passive sekularisme of the worst kind.

If the Chines take over, You will blame them too for not giving You anything for nothing.

I am not as Your limited thinking assume at all. Some Danish muslims told me I knew nothing. By reading and writing here, I can see I know much more about ME then most of them as well as many reading and writing here.

Thats because I read all sides and try to be sober. Here all lies all the time, as if the Choran tells You has to as much as possible and even among each other.

When You see me as an enemy, You might be right. But You and most of You morons dont get the importance in knowing the enemy You fight against well.

In fact You mainly only know and believe in Your home cooked propaganda. Its like Don Quijote, but our Danish windmills now are for real and spreads out to the whole world being copied and specialized well.

And You are like the clever Santo Panza telling those windmills are not real.

But they are. Danes now cover 50% of our electricity by them and build out for battery cars and other things too. 4 brand new windpower turbine gives electricity right outside our town and support 10.000 people more.

But BOBISAPAIDSHILL alias Santo Panza deny to see our GDPs are bigger then ever as well as our wellfare is and some ME oil is not stolen from You but bought for money, which is in the pockets of Your corrupt Leaders. And You predict our collapse in the same infantile way.

We dont have primitive one string family dictator and emirate structures here. We have states as networks. They are based on sharing all power with everybody divided out but also with 100% responsability. We unite by trust. You unite by infame control hardly trusting Yourself.

Lets see how many Iranians will be killed by Iranians the next couple of month. I am dure the big funeral at the cost of 8 million dollar was to unite people – or jail them. Thats the choise You have.

And lets see if all in Iraq will join the Ayatollas.

You are incorrect about other things too. I am against we wate money and soldiers licves among You. Ehat a waste. I have asked for a wall around You with oil out and food in only and o fair prices.

Some here even think americans will invade Iran and they therefore has many many soldiers against that. If its about war, they would knock out all electricity and Abadan.

Ricky Miller

It’s so ridiculous I can’t even bring myself to downvote it. It would be like throwing a snowball at a developmentally disabled kid.

Jens Holm

You areprobatly one of those, which only can make peace among friends too.

Ricky Miller

Denmark will look like the ME in a few decades.

Jens Holm

I hope not. At that time Allah hardly has kept You DNA in a freezer.


Just write in Danish, I think we will understand you better even if we dont speak danish


I can’t wait to see yankee coffins draped with flags….

US white supremacist thinking promotes the notion that one American soldier, is worth 1000 brown people. Therefore, when one US soldier is righteously killed, there will be the same grief shown for 1000 brown people. Every death, will sap moral. You are fighting for Israel, or just to destroy which is your mission on earth. This is existential for Iranians, so moral is not a problem.

Every Iranian killed is a martyr and died in defence of their homeland, and they will fight to the death (as they have always done). The Americans however, will not be able to cope mentally, with thousands of casualties, all for the sake of the Saudi animals, or apartheid, racist Israel.

As was the case in Vietnam, the enemy’s capacity to die, is greater than your desire to kill. Like a bully, you like to hit others, but can’t stand the taste of your own blood.

That’s why you can’t win. Did you win in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia? This time its against a conventional army that can defeat the shitty patriot missiles, and hit ships, refineries, anything. They can simply outlast you, make you spend another 2 trillion (realistically, you will NEVER pay your debts).


“US white supremacist thinking” in US army?!? Where did you get that info !?! It is impossible! I don’t think so. You are ill informed person Plenty of of non white in US army + Lesbian, Gay rights also. Plenty of Hispanics, blacks, even brown people.


Idiot in the WH

John Wallace

Now they are trying to say the General was behind 9/11 .. Tomorrow they will accuse him of trying to steal the moon .


U.S. has denied a visa to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that would have allowed him to attend a United Nations Security Council meeting in New York CITY on Thursday. UN should move the United Nations to Switzerland. By moving the United Nations to Switzerland, all countries can contribute monies to build a beautiful modern United Nations building with hotels, condos other housing, including restaurants and entertainment facilities.


U.S. Congress must bring all our troops home from the Middle East.

WWIII & bloodshed coming on U.S. soil if U.S. Congress ignores this alert; or buy a helmet & body armor.


I want all our U.S. troops home and safe.



Syrian Armed Forces, Russia & the other Syria allies are starting to liberate Deir Ezzor region of Syria; they are doing an excellent job liberating & protecting Syria’s real estate of 185,180 sq km (45,758,974.5 acres) expeditiously. I send more prayers for your continued success.





Duc Palatine

How can the Kurd’s continue to support the double crossing american murderers?

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