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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On December 9, 2017 (Map Update)

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On December 9, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units established a full control over the Syrian-Iraqi border north of the city of al-Qaim. This advance can be described as a final blow to ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate in Iraq.

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On December 9, 2017 (Map Update)

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Wait what.How they close that pocked so fast in Iraq they launched operations against isis villages in that pocket yesterday and now all that pocket magically is closed all of it.

Walter White

its pretty much open desert with only a few villages remain the area is deemed as cleared same goes for SAA Homs desert that will turn fully red soon


Aha I see

Walter White

im guessing they will need to fully secure the area first and man the borders my guess is the remaining area that the SDF need to clear you will get some fighters that will try to cross the western open Iraq desert again but the PMU and Iraq army units will probably be waiting for them :)

You can call me Al

I think you are right, but I think the PMU will now man up and some may even cross into Syria to assist the SAA, although apart from a few skirmishes with the SDF, I think and hope the SDF will just melt away and go back home.

Hope that makes sense.

Walter White

Yes good point but i think in the background the SAA and Russians have signed an agreement with the SDF not to occupy certain areas, Once ISIS is finished im guessing they will be at the table again to sort out issues but the next phrase for the SAA will be to defeat HTS in Idlib the area is tricky cause i think there are some rebels that have stood by the ceasefire agreement, im guessing they will need to let the SAA through to defeat HTS

You can call me Al

I didn’t know about the agreement,but could believe it happened… (between the Russians and the SDF).

This sounds shocking, but I think the air forces should carpet bomb the area around “Idlib”, I mean obliterate it. God help me.


There is not such a SDF-RUssia agreement, there is a USA-RUssia agrement since SDF’s are just USA-puppets.


” I think and hope the SDF will just melt away and go back home.”

If they do manage to ‘get home’ to Europe for example, the fun will erupt further in those countries who worship ‘diversity’. In a Swedish city now the recent immigrants are now using hand grenades to intimidate Police :)

You can call me Al

?, maybe, but I am unsure what side you are coming from there.


In recent months some of the ISIS Arab tribes have defected to the SDF . they can now be seen as the ‘Good Guys’ and I wonder how how many will find their way, or indeed way back to Europe. Perhaps to rejoin ISIS?

Bill Wilson

Those tribes are few and far flung from each other. They could give a rat’s ass about ISIS, Iraq, Syria, the SDF etc. and just pay lip service to those who show up with more guns than they have.


I agree with that. Their tribal leaders are just pragmatic warlords :)

You can call me Al

Understood and I completely agree.


America all the time protect their presence in Al-Tanf by saying ISIS have done attack on their pocket. They use this drama once or twice a month. I surprised that how these American intruders should be kicked out from Al-Tanf.


The americans are still there in Al Tanf and they border Jordan, that mean an infinite supply of weapons and ISIS hords for the americans. There is only one condition for success, the americans must leave. There is no way around it.

That Guy

ISIS is officially fucked, judging by just looking at the map.


Lets hope so.


At the moment, SDF has some task to do. It seems that some ISIS forces has been concentrated around SDF controlled area. SAA needs to clean up some desert area. Idlib seems to me transforming to ISIS base, and SAA practically don’t touch ISIS there. If ISIS territory is bigger, than more territory can be captured by SAA legally. I think they created ISIS there or insisted HTS fighter to defect to ISIS side. Either way in Idlib SAA has the only interest to make ISIS alive. Anyway i’m not sure but i have an idea that some ISIS has been transported to Idlib, when SAA was beating them nearby in the desert. It might not be HTS defect, it’s maybe real ISIS presence with born ISIS soldiers


“than more territory can be captured by SAA legally”… All territory captured by SAA is legally captured lol.


You know what i meant about “legally”. Definitely there are certain territory where there is opposition also who fight against SAA. (SDF also is some sort of opposition, unfortunately the presence of kurds in Syria lower than in Iraq, and they have got more in Syria than Iraq, but as a nation with 30-40 million member has some at least human rights) Unfortunately because there were many proxy supporters, you cannot distinguish from each other. Anyway i like the way, that somebody just making a note and somebody else like them right away. I like the way how disqus is working, i would be the loved one, if i just say, what everybody would like to hear on some specific forums. :) If i would like to discus a bug, they tell me to a “developer” that’s a feature, and i should be honored that i’m using our site.:) They behave like a king, so i simply swapped my account, deleted one, and made a blank page.:)

If you have a society where opposition does not exist, i think it would be “dark matter” in the universe.:)

Gregory Louis

Also those where ISIS sleeper cell units like what they did to Al-qartayan the SAA is just letting ISIS and Hts get up on each other no point in fighting both at the same time the waste of manpower

Pave Way IV

The US plan to occupy/control the borders failed miserably. We were completely blindsided by Syria’s and Iraq’s stubborn insistence that they – as sovereign nations – were the only ones that would be controlling their own borders. How outrageous! The US needed those borders for… ummm… well, our war on terror. So it’s like God, himself, gave us those borders. Why won’t Syria and Iraq obey God?


All the Syrian territory has to be completely liberated from any kind of army different to SAA including those Yankees bacteria, otherwise is unacceptable, that means the whole Syrian soil must be red, not other color allowed

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