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Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On March 5, 2023 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On March 5, 2023 (Map Update)

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  • Russian forces destroyed an ammo depot of the AFU near Mar’ivka with high-precision missiles
  • Russian forces destroyed an ammo depot of the AFU near Novoivanovka with high-precision missiles
  • Russian forces destroyed an AN/TPQ-37 counterbattery warfare radar near Varvarivka with high-precision missiles
  • Artillery duels continue between the AFU and Russian forces in the area of Kakhovka
  • Artillery duels between the AFU and Russian forces continue in the area of Gulyaipole
  • Artillery duels between the AFU and Russian forces continue in the area of Orikhiv
  • Up to 80 Ukrainian servicemen, 5 armored vehicles and 4 pickups were destroyed by Russian artillery in the South-Donetsk and Zaporozhye region, according to the Russian MOD


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So how is the miracle comeback of the failed Ukrainian CIA project supposed to occur? River crossings to launch their “offensive” to take back Crimea? A left-hook that magically eliminates the Russian forces in Donbas? Total madness.


Tbh, the ammo depots that have been exploding for last week across souther UAF positions are intense. Was watching some videos from the area. In 3 days there have been no less than 10 massive explosions. I think these are collections of missiles being detonated. If these are western missiles the price tag for each depot going up in flames I’d truly immense



Breaking News !

Russian propagandaminister Vladimir Solovyov said that he came under fire in Donetsk, and was nearly killed. The propaganda spook was very angry about it, with his ass wide open, condemning the whole world for his own neglience.

The propacondom also complained that someone “leaked” to the Armed Forces the data on the movements of his film crew when he arrived at the location of the 155th Marine Brigade near Vuhledar:

“Intensive artillery fire began at the settlement where our meeting took place. I think the military counterintelligence will figure out how the enemy learned about our movements.”

More news

US Federal prosecutors moved to seize a half-dozen properties owned by Viktor Vekselberg, a high-profile (jewish) Russian businessman with close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin


Priceless ! Comical Lavrov gets smashed by laughter ! https://t.me/EternalMuscovite/41057

100 percent lucky ukr soldier https://funker530.com/video/lucky-soldiers-plate-stops-30mm-round/

200 % luck for russian soldier https://t.me/EternalMuscovite/41076

RU mobiks troops from Orenburg – stationed now in Ukraine – heavily complain to Putin about them being used as cannonfodder (see video) https://t.me/EternalMuscovite/41179

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s delusional dreams of resurrecting the Soviet Union could actually be going quite the opposite direction with the majority of inhabitants of the Federation’s five regions supporting the idea of breaking away and proclaiming independence, as shown by a referendum cited by TVP.INFO news website.

— According to the survey, 72.1 percent of respondees in the Kaliningrad oblast want to break away from the Russian Federation. — In Ingria, 66.2 percent of respondees wanted their oblast to gain independence. — In Ural, the percentage amounted to 68.2 percent. — in Syberia to 63.9 percent, — and in the Kuban oblast to 55.7 percent.

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USA #1!

Every day the russian propaganda reports that the AFU is completely destroyed but somehow russia still doesn’t win after over a year… heheheh


The mission is denazifcation, which Russia is doing an outstanding job in Bahkmut.😆😆😆

Joseph Day

Never read that anywhere

ODB Ol' dirty Basterd - pimpin' widows & daughters

The widows nation is becoming a reality. ODB will console them up

The US is a terrorist country killing ru civilians

we can change the name from Ukraine to Poosieparadisekraine


Bude zaujímave sledovať vývij na frontovej línii. Hlavne ak Ruské vojská zaútočia na severe, kde to takmer nik neočakáva. Tam by rýchlim postupom mohli spôsobiť paniku v radoch velenia AFU a hlavne v samotnom Pentagone. Tam by sa s toho isto mnohí zosrali. Ha, ha, ha …

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