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Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On August 1, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On August 1, 2022 (Map Update)

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  • On July 31, Russian artillery struck Mykolaiv city. Oleksiy Vadatursky, a famous Ukrainian grain businessman was killed in the attack;
  • Russia struck military assets of the AFU in Odessa airport;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces were reported near Andriivka;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue near Vysokopilya;
  • Clashes between the AFU and Russian forces continue near Blahodante;
  • A Harpoon launcher was destroyed as a result of a missile strike near the town of Velyky Dalnik in the Odessa region.


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Muhammad your Prophet

The situation in southern Ukraine is that the Putin cockroaches are still completely cut off and encircled. The shitty Russian army is desperately trying to supply the stranded regiments. The fucking terrorist morons got themselves trapped.


If you have any friends and family, I certainly hope they don’t listen to your financial advice, lol. You wouldn’t make it five minutes in the weather forecasting business either

Joe Bidet Is a Senile Pedo

Your situation is that you are a pathetic demented kike troll that talks total bollocks. The only thing that the drug addled CIA Jew puppet Zelensky is encircling is a butt plug with his anus!

Yamil Perez Dead

Yuri antisemite pedo is crying again. When are you coming to my farm in Leningrad so we can sexually molest my mother’s goats? It’ll make you feel better.

Last edited 1 month ago by Yamil Perez Dead
Joe Bidet Is A Senile Pedo

Change your name to “Yamil Perez Dead from the neck up” ya spastic retard


Cut off from what? from Kiev? From Romania? lmao


Who on earth aspires to be a sex model? What kind of twisted dream is this?


Ain’t no southern counter-offensive

Last edited 1 month ago by Wizzy
Assad Defeated Zionists

Those HIMARS and Harpoons are getting wrecked like everyday. What a waste of US tax payer funds. The gringoyim are delusional to think Putin will allow Zelenskyy to win.

Last edited 1 month ago by Assad Defeated Zionists
Gneaus stapo

US taxpayer? Are u kidding?

chinese paying for all the weapons send to Ukraine, they buy up all the US debt,to keep US bubble afloat,so that chinese debt bubble dont burst.

Russia is just a regional power, not on pair with the big Boys.

Kosova = Serbia

There is no counter-attact yet from south.. maybe zelensky waiting for winter to come

Last edited 1 month ago by Kosova = Serbia
Frosty the Snowman

Winter is the best time for counteroffensives, as the AFU can hide in igloos.

hunter bidé lab pork !

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One Jewish oligarch Aleksey Vadatursky minus:) This is also a victory!

hunter bidé lab pork !

its better than sanctions and he goes to telavive after changing sex so …..thats ( anti semiotic !!! ) anti simio otic !!

Azov social worker

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Experts evaluated the data on the death of the “grain king” of Ukraine Vadatursky

The statement about the involvement of the Russian military in the death of Ukrainian businessman Oleksiy Vadatursky is doubtful, political analyst Marat Bashirov said. Note that Vadatursky is considered one of the “grain kings” of the country.

The “grain deal” begins to devour its participants. Allegedly, in the Nikolaev region, a Russian rocket hit the house of Alexei Vadatursky – and he died. But I think that this is a false version,” Bashirov wrote in his Telegram channel.

He explained that Vadatursky was among the owners of Nibulon LLC, an agricultural company in the country, one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters. The company mainly exports its products by water transport.

By the beginning of 2022, the company’s fleet was 81 ships, it has its own ship repair facility, transshipment terminals, storage and shipment complexes throughout Ukraine.

“And these are 27 transshipment terminals and complexes, where 445 silo-type granaries are located – the largest number in Ukraine. Capacity of each enterprise: 5-7.5 thousand tons / day of reception from vehicles; 2-3 thousand tons / day drying volumes; 4-8 thousand tons / day shipment to water transport; 4 thousand tons / day shipment to rail transport; 56 thousand tons / day, the total capacity of enterprises of companies for drying corn,” the expert added.

One of the main terminals is a node in Nikolaev, where there are complexes for receiving, shipping, drying and cleaning grain, Nibulon can receive and export products with guaranteed quality at the level of world standards.

“And so they killed him. My version is that the rocket or mine is Ukrainian, and Vadatursky was removed by competitors or raiders. On the Ukrainian side, he was too influential an entrepreneur who was directly involved in the “grain deal” concluded in Istanbul,” Bashirov stressed.

At the same time, blogger Denis Seleznev noted in his Telegram channel that at one time Vadatursky “pretended to be a friend of Russia”, but in 2014 he “ran over” to the side of Petro Poroshenko, who then became president. “Vadatursky typical kurkul. In the 80s he was the head of the regional state department of bakery products, after which in the 90s this department gradually grew into his grain company, ”the blogger notes. “He who sucked juices from his native region and died in dark days for Nikolaev. Such is the epitaph,” Seleznev added.

According to the MIG Telegram channel, Vadatursky died by accident, from a Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile that fell on his house.

Earlier it became known that the Ukrainian businessman Aleksey Vadatursky died, according to the Ukrainian side, he died “during the shelling” of Nikolaev.



Nice theory Irina. But it doesn’t change the fact that he was helping to finance the Kiev Junta.

Muhammad your Prophet

The military situation in Southern Ukraine is that the Putin cockroaches are completely cut off and encircled in Kherson. The shitty Rissian army is desterately trying to reinforce them through the Black Sea. The problem is that all the Russian battalions were destroyed in Severdonetsk so Putin is fucked. The fucking murdering piece of shit should put a bullet through his brain already.

Last edited 1 month ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Joe Bidet Is A Senile Pedo

OMG the absolute made up B.S. you come out with kikey boy, the JIDF should fire you for being so crap at trolling!

trannysawyer parole agent

we pay Sawyer 1 ruble per day —-does Mossad rent your rectum for ruble or peso?


You write what Zelensky wants you to think. I see offensive attempts of AFU but still with little success. A turnaround looks different. Russia is still holding the transdnepr lines. The biggest ukraine failure was to give it up with no need and fight whereas Russia will not make the same mistake. They will keep their bridgehead as permenanent threat to Nikoliew and Odessa. If they lose Cherson the whole “special operation” will likely be described as a failure. So don’t be too sure about AFU success stories.

By the way Ukraine has achieved more than all NATO military adviser/experts expected. But to beat Russia in an open field battle is still more a dream than realism.

In the best case for Ukraine Russia becomes not able to gain more territory. But this does not mean that they can retake their land. The oblasts they have lost are lost like Crimea. In the good scenario Ukraine can further exist as an independent state. In the Kremlin scenario there is no Ukraine in future, Ukraine is bankrupt. The war has destroyed the whole economy and financial systems. Putin hopes that after the military battles Ukraine is falling economic. This is the biggest challenge for Ukraine.

Maybe people will open show resistance to their state if Ukraine cannot pay wages to their officers and rentirements. By the time some Ukrainians will change their attitude to the Russian one and call their failed government a nazi regime?

The Ukraine conflict is more than about the military one. There is an economic too and a media one. The medial is dominanted by Ukraine and will be one. The economic is list for Ukraine. And the military? We will find out soon.

johnn nudo

How much longer can the Ukrainian Army take this type of punishment? How much longer will the people of Ukraine tolerate the ineptness of their leaders? If there are any “eyes” on Ukraine that has this type of knowledge, your viewpoint would be appreciated.


They are brainwashed into Galitzian fascism. I just met one of them last month, a perfectly healthy young West Ukrainian woman “refugee” who should be in the frontlines and not running away from the war she loves so much. When we finally argued about the war, she proudly said “I am a fascist”. I told her not to speak to me again, fascists are willinng criminals against Humanity or conscious accomplices of such criminals, I don’t speak to them, not even to my own mother (who is also a fascist). Scum of Earth! Spawns of Hell!

This is the product of the Minsk accords. Granted that some of that existed earlier but the Minsk accords allowed Ukraine to massively rearm for six years, both in terms material and ideological (propaganda, brainwashing, terror even).


Sorry to hear about your Father…difficult relatives require respectful distance. Maybe one day you will be able to talk about things other than politics.


Russian meat grinder continues to create nazi human sausages sold by Zelensky sausage factory to amerikan cannibals…supply chain problems cause zelensky to request meat grinder to slow operations until winter

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