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Military Situation In Southern Part Of Idlib Zone On February 28, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Southern Part Of Idlib Zone On February 28, 2020 (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in the southern part of the Idlib zone following the recent advances of the Syrian Army in southern Idlib and setbacks of the Syrians in Saraqib. Last night, a series of airstrikes hit positions of Turkish forces embedded with al-Qaeda terrorists in al-Bara killing over 30 Turkish soldiers and injuring over 30 others.


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My birthday keeps going on and on, thanks to the Allies. It’s my best February for 58 years. ;O)

Alex Cabrera

maybe uts time to take out Jish al shogour to outflank idlib

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Erdogan Opens the Gates: Syrian Migrants Granted Unhindered Passage to Europe for 72 hrs


Josiah Isaboke

He is such a baby….Perhaps because the Europeans told him he deserved it…And refused to send their armies to die with them. Hahhahahahah! Sour grapes much! He can’t get things his way so he bribes. He is seeking more “Living Space” like Hitler and the Europeans know it. They haven’t forgotten he invaded half of Cyprus for the same reasons


Obviously he invaded the wrong half of the Cyprus,since maritime gas fields are on the Greek side.So
he decided to play safe when it comes to gas & oil this time. Now he wants to invade Libya (on the outskirts of his future Ottoman Empire)


“72 hrs” only?
Well for that much time whole 90 million Turk population can move over the border to EU.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

it is to ship ISIS terrorists out of idlib into the west


ISIS express ?
Don’t they fly privileged 1st, class to EU and receive government subsidies immediatly?

This refugee game is only for common Muslims. :-)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

situation in idlib is deteriorating too quickly. Turkey are trying to stem the SAA advance. and paying with blood. havent you noticed it is always NATO? the war machine that relies on oil. That will soon have private business working their hardest to get into electric driven vehicles? where the minerals needed for this will be in Africa

NATO war machine has dictated the future of warfare to not be driven by oil


What about NATO?

Destruction of Syria was part of US-Isreal-Turkey game project. So it is normal that other important NATO countries want their peace of cake
Maybe you have been reading to many Elon Musk articles lately.
I personally believe that we will still be stuck with oil (and above all gas) in the near future if not much longer.
Highly efficient cheep batteries are the key for complete change of “war machine” engines from oil driven to electricity.
Only the most advanced subs use that very expensive and not very reliable tech today

northerntruthseeker .

You do realize that ISIS is a fraud to begin with? The inside joke has always been that “ISIS” actually stands for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services!


The EU deserves some jihadi diversity. :)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

not a fan of the EU but this is the kalergi plan in action




did erdo really think he could keep getting away from his duplicity of supporting terrorists while not being held responsible because he is a sultan? Maybe at the disco the swing can hold but after a while everyone will just get tired of the song and dance and give a good kick.. turkey has been playing this game since the beginning, supporting terrorists with even sarin gas as reported by serina shim which killed hundreds of syrian soldiers.


Erdogander stealing Syrian oil via his mafioso son. Erdogander shouting:
– Assad Must Go!

The colors of the little snake are really coming out now. His mask of sanity has fallen: a hideous face of a little satanic roach emerged from behind the mask.


latest update by a syrian soldier : there is unfortunalty no advance in the saraqib front, all of what is happeing now is artillery and bombardement of the area, there wasn’t any attacks from the saa nor the militans….he also said not to worry and that the saraqib area will be liberated no question about it it’s just a matter of time, the decision to clear all the m5 is already taken and there is no way that the situation stays this way ….he also said that m5 will 100% be liberated and after that the m4
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou9rX02E0WY

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Thanks for the info and translation.

Lone Ranger

Time to take Idlib.
Take no prisoners, no mercy for terrorists and Turkroaches.

Lone Ranger

Erdofuck will bite the dust soon.
Ongoing protests…
Hang the terrorist on the nearest lamp post. ;)

Friend of Russia

Meanwhile bombing skills of Sy.AF pilots are improving day by day. They have become battle hardened


Possibly Saraqib SAA units were ordered to lay low to allow Erdogander a release of frustration-amounted stress. So as Erdogander don’t run crying to Mossad-CIA:
– “Do something! I need a NUKE on SAA immediately!”

Constellation 2023

Turkey will fcuk the SAA and its allies!

Lone Ranger

In a Disney movie…


shoot the drones, boycott turkey


Boycott all Turkish ‘BEKO’ electrical goods.

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