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Map: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria After Government Forces Reached Border With Iraq

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in southeastern Syria after government forces reached the border with Iraq. The map is based on preliminary reports and will be updated when more info appear.

Map: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria After Government Forces Reached Border With Iraq

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Miguel Redondo

This “unclear” is very easy , the guys now grew beards and put on a black turban




The noose for the FSA and Al Tanf has been deployed, FSA will either get annihilated in battle, or run across the border into Jordan. PMU units from the Iraqi side only strengthen the SAA and allies position in the area.
The FSA value in the US portfolio will become a big zero.


pro-Isis Israel will be disappointed because it was not possible to have Syria and Iraq linking together across the same border: dumb lunatics!

michael Harrison

Shia crescent is forming. KSA/ISIS/ISRAEL/USA is getting nervous! Might be time for a massive false flag gas attack as an excuse to implement some no fly zones to bomb the SAA.

Leon De Elias

To little to late,and to expensive..After lost trillions invested into terrorist Proxies,and still no sight of the slightest chance to win,and the embarrassment front of the whole World,because of the Illegal terrorist acts in Syria,without decl. of war,or just murdering Syrians without any,ANY Permit at all..By UN or US Congress..Just ashamed the US as Fascist invading aggressor..Me I was Pro US until Libya..Than it turned all over..Syria is a bloody Genocide..carried out by US/Israeli/Saudi terrorist proxies..

Wahib al Hindi

It’s a moon Yemen,Bahrain included.


Don’t forget that the people living on most of Saudi oil are Shia too. That is the real reason they are crapping their pants.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Province,_Saudi_Arabia if these people would Kosovo themselves from Saudi Arabia then Saudi Arabia would be done.

Wahib al Hindi

those guys have legitimate demands.

Brad Isherwood

T2 Airport…..Get their now before USA does and gets another 50 klm exclusion zone.
I don’t want to read/see that…. and hear Lavrov take a swing at US with his purse.


I guess now US will have to airlift supplies to FSA in order to fight ISIS in the “unclear” area. I would object except that US has a big airlift capacity so oh well. The FSA vs ISIS “unclear” front should stay an active front unless SAA or PMU starts shooting down US cargo planes.

Brad Isherwood

At some point the Russians have to kick in and take this game for the win.
Too much BS deals of zones and Sob, Sob. … ..our partners did bad……but we can
Talk tomorrow and all is forgiven.

The US has like 7 illegal bases in Syria Now. …T2 Airport would give the US a 50 klm
Circle to bomb anything that moves. …and ya…they bomb outside the BS
Zones while Lavrov tries to hypnotize with stares.


I wish the Shia crescent was farther North, through Dier Ezzor, allowing US/FSA to fight ISIS without airdrops. Though since I like SDF better than FSA anyway. maybe cutting off FSA leaves more territory for SDF to take from ISIS and bring abortion rights, unlike FSA as far as I know.


Yea, things are moving fast.
This summer is gonna be a blockbuster.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are just not a bunch of ordinary fighters , they are formerly ISIS in the region and tribesmen from elsewhere ,and a mixture of mercenaries , the tribesmen are from Jordan ,Iraq Hashemi , Jahili (illiterate) easy to trick . The US had promised an expansion of the Jordanian border for their support and now Qatar is being thrown under the bus as a scapegoat, looks like the plans of these mice met the plans of men .

Wahid Algiers

The greatest and best news since summer of 2015 when things better in Syria. I looked on SF 5 and a half hours before – no fresh news. Two hours later I have got the information of the bypassing of the pissed US and FSA cunts on the highway. Now I am at home and very hopeful to get more and more territory back to build up Syria again. “Mountain” shut up you fucken USrael-boyfriend.

John Brown

That’s it check mate the war is won. Putin shows he is smarter again. No corridor for a natural gas or oil pipeline from Saudi Judea Arabia to the EU to push Russia out of the EU oil and gas market. Those 2 USSA bases along the Jordanian border mean nothing now. The USSA under orders from Israel will have to openly attack the SAA and Russians to get their way. They will be the clear aggressor
to attack the SAA and try to take Syrian territory from the SAA.


Now US can’t claim those US-backed terrorists are fighting ISIS, since they have no frontline with them.

John Marks

With Iraqi troops in Akashat and Syrian troops E of al-Zuqf, the American plan for their “moderate” jihadis to take Deir-ez-Zor seems dead.


In your face terrorists!comment image


Well done them Syrians!


Ya know, …. as I munch away on a snack I am thinking, that might be a very good photo to hang up on the entrance to places like West Point. Warfare is not about posturing or Col. Steve giving the news. It is about figuring it out.

The Russians hardly said a peep about the US harassment of the SAA and Co., until Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that Russian forces were doing something about it. Apparently I am looking at part of what they are doing now. Al-Tanf had all the look and feel of a hard point the US was just daring everybody to go after. Now they look like a sad sack of you know what.

This is bad for my country. The old schoolers, they guys that fought and I learned from before and after my military service in the Marines, knew better than this. The main focus with them, was never the body count or prevailing, it was always life’s important lessons. It was about what one was learnng and was the head on straight. Most of my mentors have past this life, so I am going to have to say it…

This is unsat. This is unsat from command, it is unsat from State. It is unsat from Congress. it is unsat from the WH. Our country stuck it’s nose into Syria and helped create a slaughter over what? Money. I won’t be kind here because too much harm has been done. If you ladies and gentlemen cannot get your acts together and start helping humanity, stop taking the money and start doing things that the American people can be proud of and is worth the blood they have sacrificed, they you fools are going to wind up as a laughing stock. This map says it all. Go SAA, because they are for real.

I am a little hot on this one. Nevertheless, I wish well to all.


Hello John. I have been following al-Tanf elsewhere. Jumping into your comment – this base is as much about the stability of Jordan as stopping Iran from using the road to supply Hezbollah. Even POTUS’ Sunni-alliance was not about the arms sales as much as standing with Jordan, Egypt, and, unsaid, Israel, esp on the Golan. It is also not so much about Assad or the SAA, but about the Shi’a militias from Iraq under Iran control, but mostly Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon.
Most of the refugees in Jordan are from Deraa – it is in their interest to try to help them return and rebuild.

The USA met with Russia in Jordan in late May, still trying to redefine the de-escalation zone in the SW to extend from Queneitra east to al-Tanf.

Today’s news? It does seem as if Russia might be ‘trading’ the expansion of the de-escalation zone from Queneitra east to al-Tanf base, but wants Syria to regain Deir-es-Zor, without interference from the US coalition heading north from al-Tanf.

I think most Americans would be proud of the USA forcing enforcement of UNSC Res 1701, which, in 2006, was supposed to stop Hezbollah from re-arming in southern Lebanon. Instead, in 2017, they are part of Lebanon’s government, and more than 150,000 missiles plus Iran built rocket factories in tunnels.

Semper Fi, from a Navy brat.


I like what you wrote.

It is just the opinion of one sea going bellhop but, in a nutshell: They really went after it, just like other places. They say it is for hallowed expression of ideals they use at the moment and it is always about the money in the background. To your point, hell yeah they are scared. They thought this was right on schedule and under control. Now ……. it is in the haunting phase.

The regular people, going about their normals lives, lost the most. It can never be given back to them. Generations will remember what was done to them. Truth is I would have smiled upon all of this in 83′. As a child of 3rd Battalion H Company, I was vengeful, blood thirsty my and never knew it. Today I am not going to stand by and say nothing as I support the flag. So I speak my mind, while we still have a chance to help. Redemption is worthy.

Besides, SOP is to dual track, at the minimum. I know my own kind. A good evening to you D4x. Semper Fidelis.

Solomon Krupacek

i like, whan also americans comment here. it is 2 classes over kids knowing only words zionst, jews, deep state. :)


You are not crazy, it seems like that sometimes. They don’t like when we take a look around to see what is really going on. But, we are working on that. A good weekend to you Solomon.

Solomon Krupacek

Nice weekend for you, too. :)


comment image

Solomon Krupacek

Hello D4x,

under this article


i wrote, that the t-72 was not beloved and good tank. almost everybody crucified me :) i was in t-72 during military service, i know, it is piece of shit in comparison to abrams.

if you know some interesting facts about abrams vs. t-72, and IF you want, put it in the comment section under that article. my mother tongue is not english, and simply i am not able to write all facts i know. there are special technical words and i do not know them.

have a nice weekend! :)


Apologies sk, Know nothing about tanks.
I just like that photo, from the Israeli Golan Heights.

Solomon Krupacek

O.K,. thanks for prompt answer :)


TY. Yet now you can see why I do not comment some sites, conspiracy-based hate.

Solomon Krupacek

“but about the Shi’a militias from Iraq under Iran control,”

you destroyed Iraq, your fault. ;)


USN here too.
MM3(SW/AW) previously onboard USS Camden(AOE-2)

I’m sure the al-tanf operation has now been shutdown with the latest developments. There’s LOTS of russian presence in the area emanating from palmyra, and someone has already gotten cold feet.


al-Tanf is about the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border, with a fortified base, certainly not shutdown. The objective is as much to expand the de-escalation zone from Queneitra east to al-Tanf, as the ISIS fight to the north.

Not me, my father, WW2 & re-enlist for Korea: supply logistics/


There’s plenty of evidence that al-tanf has been shutdown(you might not be aware as this was today in the last few hours). Iraqi government denied passage of these forces to bypass the SAA thru Iraqi territory. Last heard they were heading back to jordan.


I follow this very closely, ignoring all domestic news! The US base is west of the border crossing – most recent reports are about that.
Doubt the US troops are abandoning what looks like a serious base.


The situation is this, as it has been the whole time. The base is on Syrian territory and there without permission, from Syria. This put is it in a very precarious position to begin with. It is illegal. No UN mandate would back that up, although they would try.

Now tactically, it is being cut off from Iraq and the rest of Syria. The President Assad has also stated that all of Syria will be retaken and they seem to be doing that. The US just doesn’t have the firepower to carry through with what they are trying to do in Al-Tanf. As usual, they mixed 90% BS with 10% CAS and SF. It is not working here because of Russia.

I basically wrote this weeks ago and have been waiting for the next shoe to drop. Russia, Iran, Iraq and the SAA and Co. really sat down and thought this out. Why the US Coalition was literally playing in the sand, some serious heavyweights put something together and they are now executing it.

It has been fascinating to watch it develop. I could not figure out what the Russians were doing and neither could US Command. They played it like a boss. This was a very serious out maneuvering against the US. They got caught pants down and so far, it looks like they cannot get out of the trap.

My guess is after they run the border, the SAA will move on on DE from the east. As we see in Aleppo, the SDF is not going to mess with them, especially after this tactical spanking that their backers received. This incident has most likely destroyed a lot of confidence in US tactical thinking. A lot of planning and resources just went into the wind. My take on this stuff D4x.


The WH was trying to get Iraq’s al-Abadi to get the Shi’a militias back under Iraqi control since March, or earlier, but looks like that has not worked out.
Not sure Putin wants Jordan to be de-stabilized. That stretch of ‘border’ is the Sykes-Picot straight line.
News still confusing – seems Iraqis crossed border at Abu Kamal on the Euphrates to the east. We just have to wait and see…my lawn needs serious mowing!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This was the only way to do this by using this strategy it was a hard decision to distract and push the on Al Tanif the BS de confliction zone , by the encirclement they turned it into a constriction zone , feint towards Der Ez Zoir and go west from Palmyra do it under cover of the night , but at the same time secure Arak area, then have a push towards Manbij and Idlib area , control the major highways and make feints south in Daraa to distract the US forces there , in the mean time negotiate to move as many groups to Idlib and reinforce Deir Ez zoir and offer amnesty and with those hardliners going into the area with the freed up troops you can use them to reinforce different areas of operations . They should eventually start to clash with that amount of opposing views . Simple plan and effective ,they needed to secure the borders between Iraq and Syria working together while containing any advancement of the SDF . Then from Palmyra push through to link up with the drive from the west, relieve Deir Ez Zoir and effectively cutting off any advance from Raqqah, then they can enclose these circles by slowly depriving them of supply. Then deal with the SDF which will hopefully see a withdrawal of US-NATO Coalition forces and then create more de-escalation zones not too complicated .


SAA and Co. are doing very well. they stay focused.


I was a mech on CH-53A’s. Flight line baby! :)


lol ……. They probably had the whole crew there. It was all good until yesterday. :P


That’s a great view, eh? from the Golan…


We are still dealing with leftovers of the obama admin.
I’m USN and we are still realling from the officer purge…

I was totally expecting trump to come in and go “fuck this” and pull us out of the entire zone of operations…

But no… Either someone convinced him to go thru with this(or else), or he wants raqqa and THEN will do the pullout(with a victory under his belt of course)…

We will see after raqqa, the true integrity of trump.

Basu Deb

‘Too much harm has been done’ — if all the Americans felt this way, the world would have been different. Thank you.


Is that a western airborne operation in Humaymah?

Ron Chandler

Uncle Shitheel’s cannibals are clinging on by their fingernails. Provocations won’t change the outcome. Mattis is doing the only thing he knows: committing more war crimes, killing innocent civilians. He must die.

John Brown

Now Iran should send at least 30 k or more soldiers to Syria via this land route to help secure this border area ASAP. Expect all ISIS near Palmeria and possibly the Kurds to be ordered by their master, racist supremacist Israel to attack Deir Azur and the link between Iraq and Syria at the border ASAP. The SAA in the Palmeria area should be ready to advance right behind them from Palmeria all the way to Deir

Azur so ISIS and possibly the kurds don’t have time to overrun Deir Azur and the Iraq / Syria border link before the SAA can get there. It may be a good idea for the Iraqi PMU and Russian and Syrian paratroops to drop into the town of Al- Bukamal before ISIS can hand it over to its Israeli master and USSA ally.

Solomon Krupacek

Azur is in France
Iran will send nothing

not other countries, the syrians should fight. why should die iarnianas, russians for syria???


exitoso avance a través del desierto. Ni Rommel, Montgomery o Patton lo hubieran echo mejor.
Sirios, proteged lo ganado, muchos S-400, S-500 o Strella, los Yankies no se quedaran con los brazos cruzados. ellos trataran de justificar sus abundantes presupuestos pagados con los impuestos de los contribuyentes americanos

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