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Military Situation In Severodonetsk-Lisichansk On June 28, 2022 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Severodonetsk-Lisichansk On June 28, 2022 (Map Update)

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If the Bandera had any sense they would withdraw across the Dnieper and agree to terms.


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If would be safe to say, Russia would not except a simple withdrawal of forces any more. They have called for a complete lay down of arms, and a complete de-nazification of the whole Ukrainian State. They also have states that the regions bordering the Black Sea must come under Russian military control to prevent terrorist attacks against Russian State infrastructure and prevent smuggling of arms, and drugs within the region. Kiev likewise would not withdrawal as doing so will put an end to the current regime. There would be many a hanging and mass chaos in such a scenario.

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Muhammad your Prophet

Now that Severdonetsk is out of the picture and Ukrainian forces destroyed as many Putin terrorists as the wanted before sneaking back to Lysychansk, it’s far easier to hold the line of contact considering that Severdonetsk was impossible to defend in the first place. It only made big news because the shitty Russian was so shitty it took them an entire month to capture it.


Dont be so sure. Lysyschansk is just in another pocket


LOL You have a good imagination and sense of humor as well.

Muhammad your Prophet

Then where the fuck are they? Where are all the news from the shitty Russian propaganda about the shitty Russian army taking them prisoners? The Putin cockroaches were shooting at empty buildings for an entire week.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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It’s all over telegram with video, dumb gay bitch.


Russia already took 30% of Lysychanks. It’s not updated on the map yet, but don’t worry, soon it will be very clear to everyone.


Every thing is Building to a summer showdown, the messaging is in place from the west that it can’t go on into winter and Z-elensy is now parroting that. The west will give him weapons for his ‘counter attacks’ He still believes he can liberate Mariupol and save the encircled troops. With the same delusion thinks he can get the ball out the back of the net, so Ukraine play in the world cup. Now comes the Reality, Russia just needs keep on facing down the NATO ‘challenges’, keep grinding and time and cold will do the rest! The problem for the west, is the more they push, train and motivate the Russian army. The more likely that the Russian army will just keep going and going! After all, if Russia is seen to defeat NATO in the field in Ukraine, it might as well defeat NATO up to 1997 borders, as NATO will have offered everything and shown to be defeated. NATO really has a choice, walk away and leave some doubt about it’s capabilities, or fight Russia all out and reveal completely and clearly it has no defence against Russia!


Now please encircle Lisichansk pocket with all available forces and dont let anybody and anything out, not even a fly. There are some big fishes there from Zelensky’s terror cabinet trapped inside.

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This map shows that the Russians aren’t in control of the areas they said they were a few days ago.


Such as? Can’t see any areas claimed that haven’t been held, and confirmed as held.


We may be witnessing a decrease in the influence of the role of the Nazis in decision making in Ukraine.

It may be to early to tell. Putin stated early in this operation that they were targeting the NAZIS and not the AFU as a whole.

One of Putin’s goals was to purge enough of the NAZIS in the AFU to where the AFU could kill the remaining infection in their own ranks.

With precision missles targeting NAZIS command and control centers, this may be happening. Killing NAZIS is a good thing.

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It is simple time function. All troops has loses through the time. Bigger the motivation, bigger are loses with fight with stronger opponent. Knowing this extreme nationalist forces will loose big majority of their most motivated fighters in period of few months.


The comedian jew nazi-fascist Zelensky must try to make peace with Russia before nazi-Ukraine looses its exit to Black Sea. He is just on time now.

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