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JUNE 2023

Military Situation In Qabun Industrial Area In Eastern Damascus On March 22, 2017 (Map Update)

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This map shows the current military situation in the Qabun industrial area and the nearby areas in eastern Damsscus on March 22, 2017.

Military Situation In Qabun Industrial Area In Eastern Damascus On March 22, 2017 (Map Update)

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Pampi Ta

Situation is better now, SAA took back a lot of lost territory.

Trustin Judeau

As I said most of the gains are reversed .SAA should clear Qaboun fast and Ghouta next

Gary Sellars

Yeah, as there is a huge difference between overrunning a defnse line after a concerted and unexpected offensive, and actually being able to hold the territory.

Kill the goat fuckers. All of them. Then kill them again just to make sure.


Without Russian air defense, the Syrian army in Damascus will not get the help from Iranian fighters because of Isreali bombing. It’s too deadly for hezbolla to be there too. Militants with the backing of Israeli air force cannot be overestimated.


Syria needs to stop playing footsie with these “moderates” already and just clear them out of Damascus.


why are they taking there time capturing the area. the SAA government takes over the these small pocket areas, there would be more than 5000-10000 soldier to relocate and fight different areas, but nno the government want the soldier to fun with the terrorists. i wish bashar al assad’s father was still alive, he would of killed bashar for being a little bitch and fight the terrorists from start.


Why does Russia try to stop the war in Syria without defeating the terrorists ( moderated or not ) ? At this moment Russia must already realized that suicide bombing will increase everywhere in Syria, and the people will be lived under this terrorist treat all the time ¿ am I wrong ? In fact, Russia news this, and for these reason exterminated Chechen terrorists in Russia land ¿ isn’t this true ?. The real peace will come with the military victory over the terrorists, but it will not come with these foolish agreements of cease fire. What Russia must do right now (my opinion) is stop playing with these moderated (west never this), stop Israel attacks to Syria (call it hezbolah or iran soldier or whatever), stop Turkey invasion (call it cooperation against terrorism), stop USA invasion (also called cooperation), and use more planes, helicopters, and kirby missiles to defeat terrorists totally.

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