Military Situation In Provinces Of Raqqah And Aleppo After Recent Advances By Syrian Army


This map shows the military situation in the provinces of Aleppo and Raqqah after the recent advances made by the Syrian army. Government forces have liberated a number of villages and reached the Ithriyah-Tabqah road.

Military Situation In Provinces Of Raqqah And Aleppo After Recent Advances By Syrian Army

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    excelente, ahora, una parte hacia Raqqa y otra hacia la derecha a enlazar con Ithriya.


    The Khanasir plains/hills to the west should fall easily.
    And this would actually shorten the front line.

    • Joe Doe

      All West is almost desert and very view villages.The SAA should also go East till SDF line

      • Adam Kafei

        Personally I’d rather the Tiger forces continued along the road to box the SDF in while the Republican guard and co clean up the Khanasir plains and secure the rest of the Ithriya-Raqqa road.

        • Wahid Algiers

          That would be the best way.

  • MeMadMax

    Boom, now we’re talkin some aggressive progress.
    Nice work SAA

  • Divesh Kumar

    I am really delighted at this swift progress. Now it’s time for Russia to show their real balls to these US owned dogs from the sky and on the ground Spain doing fabulous. Mean while Deir ezzor has once again turned out to be real ISIS meat grinder. Allah must be tired of arranging so many Virgin………………………………. Goats…

  • Germinator

    Saubere Arbeit Männer! ISIS will be finished soon… Take back your land SAA!!

    • Wahid Algiers

      Jawoll Germinator. Jawoll.

  • igybundy

    Arak has fallen.. Best defended ISIS stronghold..

  • Samuel Boas

    Bless the Tiger forces. Bravest men around.

  • mark123456

    Theyre going to encircle and besiege all of the hama pocket! Great idea! Long live the heroes of syria!

  • Kell

    Awesome now cut off Raqqa

  • Kell
  • Wahid Algiers

    Lebanese Al Masdar announces that SAA and Kurdish forces fight each other over control of abandoned ISIS villages in western Raqq CS.