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Military Situation In Northwestern Syyria On January 10, 2019 (Map Update)

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Over the past two weeks, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has established control of the western countryside of Aleppo city and a large part of northwestern Hama – almost the entire areas of al-Ghab Plain and Jabal Shashabo. MORE HERE

Military Situation In Northwestern Syyria On January 10, 2019 (Map Update)

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Zo Fu

Erdogan must be happy. HTS killers are occupying the whole ‘de-escalation’ zone , murdering civilians and spreading jihad.
This is precisely what Erdogan wanted from the beginning.
Genocide on Christians is ongoing.
And Russia is watching it without moving a finger. Very nice indeed.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

i believe once there is only al qaeda left its game over. Turkey is allowing the proxy forces it diplomatically brought on board to be systematically obliterated.

Western MSM already sold al qaeda as the bad guys, so there can be no white helmets ‘footage’ to support a USA strike.

idlib is going fine. it was full of terrorists and their families from all over Syria who surrendered didnt want Assad’s rule.

the tiny pocket of ISIS is the last mouse dangling between USA and Russia, once that goes, USA’s reason for being in Syria (fighting ISIS) evaporates. then it is game on with SDF.

i think Al Tanf area will be similarly secured before the huge offensives being planned. and idlib and al tanf will fall on the same week

Majority of those forces being used to surround those pockets will immediately start getting deployed to the front line against SDF. (which will effectively double the current frontline forces) and then its game on.

Soon as the last ISIS pocket on the west of the euphrates goes, SDF offensive will start


Ongoing “genocide on Christians” WHERE you whoring LYING BITCH !
Do you have any links you DIRTY LYING BASTARD !!!
Why would Christians survive all these years in Idlib at all?!

You are filthy LIAR and NATO-ist PIG !!
You are passing all the time to badmouth and spit on Russia for not saving Sunni Syrian population from other Sunni fanatics like Russia has any obligations towards them at all !!

FUCK YOU you fucking NATO paid troll !!!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

once the Trukish proxy forces have been wiped pout by al qaeda, then Turkey and Iran Na dSyria and russia who cover all sids will enter into idlib to defeat al qaeda. which the Western MSM cannot sell as they already sold al qaeda is the bad guys. Turkey has pulled a load of factions on board who they will betray.

Zo Fu

LOL. Why on the Earth should Turkey fight HTS? They (namely Erdogan’s brother) gave them weapons for stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil, don’t you remember bro ?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

southfront did a good 35 minute documentary about Turkeys plans for IDLIB region. the summary then showed Turkey wanted to be the handler of the largest proxy terrorist forces,this situation works well, ts effectively Turkeys proxies losing and dying, leaving just one ‘US Asset’. (al qaeda) to be liquidated. after idlib, its Russia’s job to sort out al tanf area, Turks are scratching at the door wanting to be let out and hit SDF. managing a terrorist proxy army would have just been more hassle

Turkish Strategy In Syria: Military Operations, Proxies And Idlib Issue


solving the idlib problem by being the largest handler is one thing, allowing one faction to win so we have a claer enemy afterwards is also just as effective,

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Since the 15k convoy of trucks daily was destroyed. (did Turkey really have much option other than to say yes to USA military Industrial Complexes big stick at that point?). Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter jet, (economic sanctions put into immediate effect by Russia REALLY hurt the Turkish economy, they had to set up a funnel of money from the EU with regards to refugee crisis then).

Russia themselves said not a single aircraft flies without USA orders/permission and they must have ordered Turkey to attack.

since then, there has been a failed CIA attempted coup in Turkey, (Russia saved Erdogans life when a US jet had locked on to his plane while he was sitting in it airborne)

Economic relations were mostly restored, and Operation Olive Branch was Turkeys major commitment as Russia’s ally.

operation Olive Branch was significant because Turkey started fighting USA backed and armed terrorists, and those same terrorists refused russian and syrian protection

You can call me Al

I AM WITH YOU ON THAT. Unfortunately or fortunately, we remain in a very small minority at the moment.

Master Oroko

“Syyria” should be spelled Syria.

But I’m not one to nitpick. Just pointing this out. Anyway, nice map.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Southfront usually edit if people notice, i think they are happy to do so. its a cracking little site

You can call me Al

That sounds English, in the way you would describe some top totty.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

southfront is top totty ?. lol

You can call me Al

mmm, no I didn’t mean quite like that; but I’ll train you up in all the adjectives the English Northern men have for hot women.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

am in dover bud

You can call me Al

I never expected that. Lovely place just outside the main places of Dover.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

yeah, dover itself is a bit of a 5hlthole


It’s time – past time – to get the hell out of that endless sheet hole. Let them all kill each other.

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