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Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On January 23, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On January 23, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in northwestern Syria:

  • A group of up to 270 militants, supported by 38 armed pickups attacked Syrian Army positions near At-Tah, and Muaysirunah. A group of Wadi as-Saane;
  • Up to 250 militants, supported by 2 BMP vehicles and 30 armed pickups attacked Syrian Army positions near Abu Dafn, Bars and Huan as-Shaf;
  • Up to 50 militants, supported by 4 vehicles armed with weapons, attacked Syrian Army positions near Rashidin 4 and al-Jazirah.


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I do not understand the tactics of either Syrian Military or Its, Russian allies, those of Hez and Iran malitia those are easy to, they are incompetent, poorly trained, and even worse poorly led and way under armed. The Russians are not even following their standards of tactical training manuals for regular military practices. I am taking Readiness.forces capable of manuevering responding with enough forces so as to utterly destroying any attacking forces immediately. No letting large gatherings, damn the area is small and they have 24/7 surveillance that can see a snake on the ground, let alone 250 men and trucks. Not a single attacker should be let to retreat, air, missles, artillary, and quick to deploy air mobile ground forces in superior numbers as to cut off all retreat routes. I can see using Syrian and malitia grunts as bait to encourage such attacks, but this playing at war realy sucks for the Syrians and malitias. One does not place forces in forward areas without some kind of responding units to back them up. They know where enemy will come from, should be able to see them coming many miles from forward positions, in plenty of time for a strong retaliatory responce units to get them , especially in their rear positions. That whole damn enemy held area is not that freak’n large, and anything moving outside of town or city is free game targets, Indian Country, all are hostile and presumed to be enemy combatants or supporters. If it moves kill it. If 250 move to attack follow them back home, if they can make it that far, isn’t that what smart bombs and missiles, are designed to do. As many years as regular Syrian military has been at war, they should of learned of modern battlefield tactics. They should have tougher than nails Spec Forces of own and not be dependent on Russias. Men tough enough to go to ground weeks at time ,raiding, sniping and generally causing fear in enemy’s back yards. Modernotion detectors can be dropped by thousands and are very small and hard to detect, yet they can tell a mans walk from a woman, adult or child and transmit for many miles or direct to drone or satelite. Syria’s Russian allies have the capabilities and supplies enough to use them. Heck Russia has.airdropped fully armed with armor missles and machine guns that need no monitoring, detect and destroy. Russia playing too much Mr. nice reasonable humane good guys for who, US, Israel, ME guys in flowing gowns, NATO, Turkey and Iran, playing worlds propaganda games cost Syrian men’s lives.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re right about everything but you missed one important factor, the SAA isn’t really an army, it’s a conglomerate of armies and militias, and it’s commanded by commanders who sometimes have different loyalties to one another, sometimes they don’t even cooperate at all, and sometimes they even fight each other. Russia’s in the process of creating a new and totally loyal to Syria structured army, but unfortunately Iran seems to have its own ideas about that, so it’s hard to do anything properly when the right hand is doing something you want it to but the left hand is doing something completely different.

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