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Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On February 29, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On February 29, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in northwestern Syria:


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God bless SAA and Assad

Alex Mjoge

From Tanzania,
I real support the work that have been done by SAA and I do believe they will be the winner of this war.all the best SAA and people of Syria.


Syrian people are running away to Europe lol show’s you how much they care about their nation.

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

The ones who run are not all, right? There are plenty of Turks who leaving Turkey because of islamisation and dictatorship. Does it mean that turkey is empty now and nobody will fight? Of course not.


There is a HUGE difference between Turkey and Syria. I mean Syria is in the middle of a war and there isn’t going to be a Syria in the future anyway. Turks wouldnt leave if their country was in the middle of a war, they would fight to the death. Their mentality is different.


Your thinking is like my 5 year old son.


The Turkish war of independence proves just how brave and resilient Turks are. They took on how many nations at once and still prevailed. Their fighting spirit is something to be marvelled at.


Mark my words. Very soon the good people of turkey will rise up against Er dirty gan


Those Syrian RAPEfugees want a nice and easy life in Europe living off of the backs of the locals. Their ancestors didnt build those nations that they’re trying to flee to. Plus most of them are pedo Muhammad worshippers. They arent compatible with our culture.

This is all about the Kalergi plan.


let isis and headchopers roam free in Turkey and see how many will leave for EU..


The Turks are thieves. Their end is near.


Syria is an artificial country created by Britain and France.

This was part of former Turkey.
It was stolen from us by Britain and France.
So now some parts come back to the old owner…

jhon malakiat

moron. if look at the past then turk also stolen the land from byzantium imperium..
stolen also from the arab because syria is not turk.

fuck you moron.


is there a country which is not artificial?

Bill Wilson



Island was created by scandinavian settlers

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Hahahaha. What an idiot you must be. I’m an American and even most Americans know better than that.


That’s Lebanon and zionist occupied Palestine.

Bill Wilson

yep. They carved up Upper and Lower Syria.

Almaqdisi Brigade

SAA is Tyran Killer People of Syiria..
assad must die

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well you can see Turkey is going to get a lot of casualties and losses, for the net gains of nothing…
Throw in your towel Turkey, the contest is over.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Kill more Turks, as many as possible. Erdogan is just another cheap, tin pan dictator. He should eventually meet the fate of all brutal dictators – the end of a rope.


The ‘Turks’ are invaders. They came in the 11./12. century from the north west of the Altai Mountain and are of Mongoles and Turkman tribes. Thereof Turmenistan/Turkestan etc. Look at the map. And read some books. *Turkiet* had been the center of Hellenic Enlightenment – bevor the arrival of *die asiatischen Horden*.

Douglas Houck

A pause in the fighting as everyone reassesses where they are going after Turkey has shown their drones can inflict heavy damage to the Syrians.

The question on the table is what to do with Idlib? Both Turkey and Syria have legitimate interests in protecting their people. Syria from having the jihadist lob rockets and mortars into nearby towns and Turkey from taking in more refugees. If Syria takes back every inch of Syria, i.e., overruns Idlib (the city and the remaining area, that results in 3 million refugees going north to Turkey. At this point, that doesn’t look likely. Does Syria take back the M4 and M5 highways and call it quits, putting up either a real or invisible fence around the remaining area? Essentially turning that part of Idlib into a perpetual prison? Similar to what the US did with ISIS in NE Syria? Russia is not going to let Turkey defeat Syria, but neither is it going to get into a hot war with it. Can the Syrians with more Russian equipement take on Turkey? If not then, we will see negotiations on what to do with this last piece of jihadist rebels.

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