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Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On February 16, 2020 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On February 16, 2020 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in northwestern Syria:


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There was a time that Abu Duhur airbase was smack in the middle of the Greater Idlib Terrorist Reservation, when there was a huge Headchopper sailliant aimed straight towards Hama, from which one Hama offensive after the other was launched. And look at the reservation now. Only 2/5ths remains, turning it into the Tiny Idlib Terrorist Reservation/Turkish border buffer zone.

And they keep on saying that Russia does nothing for Syria.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

It’s reminiscent of a balloon full of bad air slowly being released, rather than an all of a sudden pop and then a bang! Could also call it boiling crustaceans… Saving civilian lives.


I agree but Russian permissiveness regarding ISISrahell’s attacks on Syrian, Iranian forces and Hezbollah is still unacceptable and unexplainable by any means except collusion, with the offsprings of Russian genocider Bolshevik Jews, a.k.a. Zio Scum, holed up in Pissrahell!! Syria is not even allowed to use the S-300 against Zio planes!!??


It makes sense from the POV that the Russian presence in Syria is relatively weak, as Russia cannot sustain a large military presence for long, nor hope to hold out against a sustained military attack from the US and vassals. If Israel had come out against Assad and gave direct military support to the southern Jihadis it could have spelled serious trouble for the Russians, as the US takes its marching orders from Jerusalem. By letting the Israelis have their potshots at the Iranians in Syria Russia has secured Israel’s acceptance that Assad would remain in power and regained the South. Remember how swiftly that went at the time? Yeah, it sucks that Syrian air space gets violated, but its not causing damage to the SAA, as seen by its current victories around Aleppo. Only the Iranians and its proxies suffer. But Iran’s and Russia’s interests in Syria are not the same and only overlap as far as the survival of Assad’s government is concerned. Moscow is not interested in turning Syria into Iran’s forward operating base against Israel and does not feel obliged to help Iran in that regard. Just as I suspect that Iran is not interested in Syria being Russia’s main forward base in the Mediterranean and Russia’s influence with Assad.

In international politics there are no friendships or true allies. Israel seeks to bleed the US of every penny that its got and to use its military power for its own use, while US politicians seek Israel’s clout in Washington for their own gains. The UK seeks to hitch a ride on the US shoulders so as to prop up its great international power status, while the US uses the UK as its unsinkable aircraft carrier in Europe and having the UK tag along on its military adventures as its sidekick gives it legitimacy back home (hey look, we’re not doing it alone, the Brits are with us!) . France is trying to contain Germany through the EU, Germany seeks to use France to control the EU. In this regard Russia and Iran are equals in Syria. They are two countries which came to Syria’s aid and who together helped save Syria for their own reasons. Not because Iran had to tag along with Russia, or Russia needed a sidekick.

Tom Tom

Excellent analysis. Thanks.


In international politics there are no friendships or true allies.

this is lie.

the russian empire was always true ally

maybe you western colonialists are half animals and do not know what is honor!


What is the point in being a true ally when your allies hang you out to dry and face the music yourself? Or take advantage of you? At some point realism has to set and a mindset of what can you do for me and what am I getting out of this relationship. And that can be a relationship of mutual enlightened self interest, but in the end the strong will always take advantage of those they perceive as weak. Nice guys finish last because they are perceived as weak.


not nothing, but few.

stalin would send putin in gulag.


Stalin would send EVERYONE to the Gulag. Hell, he turned the entire USSR in one giant Gulag.


but he was the only. who elevated the level of russia. in the beginning of 20th century on rivers people pulled ships with ropes. the russians in villages lived in holes called zemlyanka. from that land of mediaeval ege he made a superpower.

buy and read the book children of arbat. from thois book you understand, ehy made he gulags an why sent millions of innocents there. very sad story, but without gulags such jump was not possible within 1 generation in that time.

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