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Military Situation In Northern Syria On October 15, 2019 (Map Update)

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Military Situation In Northern Syria On October 15, 2019 (Map Update)

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A brief overview of the recent developments in northern Syria:

  • Syrian and Russian troops launched patrols around Manbij;
  • The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) took control of an abandoned US military base west of Manbij;
  • A Russian-Syrian check point was established near Ain Issa;
  • Turkish forces captured the villages of Akavi Fevkani, Akavi Tahtani and Tel Ahdar;
  • A series of fake reprots claiming that the Syrian Army near Manbij was targeted by ‘unidentified warplanes’ appeared online;
  • US troops are reportedly leaving Kobani;
  • A firefight between the YPG and Turkish-backed forcesc erupted south of Azaz.


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A lot can change in a week.

Luke Hemmming

USA maybe leaving Kobani? Wow first Manbij now Kobani, next Raqaa????

You can call me Al

I am embarrassed and ashamed, a traitor to my Country as I found this and started humming loudly to it and even gave them my salute (British salute although I have never been in the forces) – see how you go – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1ca52QhGr4

PS Dear Jerry Springer, does this mean I am a Ruskie Commie traitor ?

Uncle Meat

Time to time I’ll blast this song or listen from my phone, The Sacred War, Elena Vaenga. Wish I could find the full version with her singing. Maybe they sang a truncated version at that concert but it’s an important song, surely they could have allowed it? She’s a woman I’d love to marry. Song gives me shivers or tears. Another song which does that is a song by Phil Ochs, That Was The President. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RiI2NMwJlWU

AM Hants

You cannot help but wake up to the Russian Military having a sing song. Seriously love the lyrics in your link. No doubt sending love to the Nazi battalions, over in neighbouring territory.

Meanwhile over in NATO.



Going to be nostalgic, and pay respect to those that lost their lives on Christmas Day, from the Alexandrov Ensemble Red Army Choir. RIP.

Skyfall Alexandrow Ensemble Red Army Choir Deutschland Tournee 2013… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcYOaqNETsU

Well it is October:

Red Army Choir – The Hunt For Red October… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEt41bYQBgE

A Commander in Chief, who actually cares for those who serve him and their nation.

Putin ‘cries’ at tribute concert… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYyDs-pEw9Y

You can call me Al

Yes I feel the same, very moving. As I can find, this is the full version.


I love a Russian parade, nobody does it better. The verbal command is: eyes right……salute. :)


They are very good.

Pave Way IV

No Trans-Gender Cyber Dual-Citizen Space Corps? Just what the hell kind of military is that?


Sadly its so true as well.

AM Hants

A seriously good one.

Can you imagine all the money they spend on Pride Parades, over in NATO member states, and yet, they cannot afford to train their sailors to use a pen and compass, or how to handle a control desk? Oooooops, as the USS John McCain and USS Fitzgerald, try to figure that one out.

You can call me Al

LOL. It is one of the “winner types”, the swines.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Civilians never salute servicemen and you never salute without a headdress (Baret, helmet, etc.) and if you dont have a headdress on, you straighten your back and chest up and forward and says the rank you are saluting. Remember, your salute the rank, not the person, names are not important, ranks are. Mechanics is excused from saluting in any way if they are working and troops in contact or near the enemy is also excused from saluting.


I agree that in Britain ,civilians should not salute military personnel. Civilians can show respect though by standing to attention, or just standing or sitting ‘erect’ in the right circumstances. I also agree that the British army personnel do not salute without wearing headress. There are other conventions instead.

One does not wear headress at breakfast in the officers mess for instance, with the exception of a Guards officer in his own mess where the wearing of headress is a sign that ‘ He does not wish to be disturbed ‘.

I have an amusing story about that regarding an Australian officer who was a guest, as I was , and who was not aware of this tradition. His response to the reply after asking for the butter to be passed to him is a classic, and I was quietly in fits of laughter.

Some nations civilians and military without headress do however salute each other as is their custom. The USA is one of those.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

It seems that the British and Danish regulations are the same. Perhaps we, the Danes, got it from you? I dont know.

It is also not allowed to wear headdress indoor, unless you are the guard personel and you are on your route. Funny how i remember such things, even though its 12 years since i “undressed”. I guess we where taught thoroughly.

One of our officers said: “Teaching through pain, sweet and hard work sticks the best” Oh boy was he right. (Flashback to when “someone” from our squad forgot his fieldknife on his maddress, 5km one way, 5km back again, with everything that “someone” needed for 5 days in the field)

Hint* That “someone” never ever forgot ANYTHING again :-D


Lol. The Vikings controlled much of Britain once, and also the West coast of Ireland. Particularly Dublin.

So, the tradition could have come from you Danes :)

The Australian story continued with the Guards officer saying to him, ” If an officer in the Guards is wearing his headress at breakfast, it signifies that the Officer does not wish to be disturbed , and he then continued to read his newspaper.

The Australian officer then proceeded to remove his shoes and socks and placed his bare feet on the table.

To whit the apoplectic Guards officer said, ” What are you doing man ?”

The Australian officer replied that ” Placing ones bare feet on the table in the Australian army means ‘Can you pas the butter please?’

I always laugh when I think of that :)

AM Hants

Haha, I hope he had not washed his feet first.

A story I was told, was a Burn’s Night dinner, in the Officer’s Mess. One of the Lieutenant’s, for some reason was on the top table and the Commodore was giving his speech. Bearing in mind the Scottish Officer’s would wear kilts on Burn’s Night. Sadly for the tables facing the top table, and having to listen to the CO’s speech, the young Lieutenant was wearing his kilt, but, forgot to shut his legs. Not a pretty sight, by all accounts and he had no idea that everything was on display.


He must have felt a complete prick when he found out :)

AM Hants

Allegedly they were trying to use sign language to get him to cross his legs. However, owing to the alcohol and the interesting speech from the CO, he was completely oblivious to it all. Never mind, the hangover and talk of the night before, (which was most probably entertaining for all, just not him), made sure he never sat down to dinner, wearing a kilt, with his legs wide open.


He should have worn a pair of frilly knickers. Its all the rage in the LGBT faction of the British Army now, I understand.

Its high time that military issue underwear was redesigned to conform to 21st century inclusivity standards, AM :)

AM Hants

Haha, but, he was Navy and it was back in the 90s. There again, the frilly knickers would no doubt have gone down well, with the matlows.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

As far as i know, the salute comes from the middleages, with the salute symbolising the raise of ones visor on ones helmet, saying; Im no threat to you and i expose myself to you. Perhaps thats why you salute with your right arm, the most used “trigger arm” in the world.

LOL what a story! Deserves to be remembered!


If ya wanna B a Russian Commie Al, try this…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs


Russia is are not a communist state today.

Arguably the Libtards of the USA are marxist/bolshevik creatures though.

You can call me Al

That’s all right, I’ll take that as well if you have one of those hats for me they wore.


You might be in luck Al. I think I might have a Ushanka in the attic it is faux sable or something like that. Bought in Leningrad back in March 84. Won’t be heading up there until the weekend of the 20th to collect Xmas tree and trimmings. If I do come across it, I will get in touch. R

You can call me Al

Yes please. Anyway, may I wish you and the family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let us hope the Yanks get a grip in 2020 or are eliminated, Syria eliminates the scum and peace reigns. Enjoy.


I felt immense pride myself watching this, and for the nation of Russia, Al. I have always promised myself a visit to Russia inorder to celebrate Victory Day.

Everything about the parade shows Russian ‘Professional Soldiers’ at their best.

The Queens Birthday parade is the nearest that Britain gets to the Russian parade, but the British parade is a side show in comparison.

AM Hants

Jerry Springer?????? You will be marrying your horse next.

Must admit, I like this version and just fills you with warmth. Will not say I try singing along, as cannot sing and definately not in Russian, however, body reacts positively, whenever I hear this version.

Putin and Russian Olympic Team Sing National Anthem Together… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caJso9aps14

You can call me Al

Brilliant and moving. Now compare that with the idiotic US anthem – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdl8p9akJJw

I’ll stick to mine just for the mo, whilst admiring the more manly Russia one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_F4CEjEM9Y

AM Hants

Drive one. Interesting.

You can call me Al

What is Drive one ?.

AM Hants

Do you know what, I have absolutely no idea. Must have been rabbiting on about the Russian track or just early stages of dementia kicking in.

You can call me Al

Happy new year girl; may it be healthy, happy and prosperous for you and family.

AM Hants

Well if you are one, so am I. At least we don’t have problems marrying our horses, so problem will be too easy for Jerry to handle.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

From your mouth to Gods ears :)))


All goes to plan.

The end goal (planned/backed by Trump, Putin, Erdogan and Assad) is to end the Rojava project.

One only needs to look at who is irked: France (who has 9 illegal military bases in Northern Syria), Germany, UK. The US’ symbolic sanctions on Turkey don’t count. The three Turkish officials (Dönmez, Akar and Soylu) targeted by the sanctions are irrelevant. And Turkish steel was already taxed by 50% back in May.

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